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The Broken Queen

by Harper Ray

Genre: Dark New Adult Romance





When I was a little girl, I used to dream. I visualized having wings and thought that I could escape the harsh sins buried deep within the walls. The truth was, they couldn’t be wiped. They were ingrained into my memories, sucking the breath out of me every time I dared to remember.


Then came him, my dark prince. We were intricately woven together so that we were never torn apart until he couldn’t handle the burdens placed upon his shoulders. Suddenly, I’m being forced to walk down the aisle to a man I don’t love all because my prince decided he wasn’t strong enough to fight.


Time was running out and I was ready to succumb to the darkness. I’d heard rumors that he was coming back, but I was about to be chained to another. I trusted that my prince was ready to finally take his place upon the throne. I only hoped he was ready for war.







My Queen,


I’m not who you think I am. We’ve known each other our whole lives, but you didn’t know of the demon that rested inside. I tried to give you what you needed, but that man was breakable, frail and a broken prince.


That all changed the moment I thirsted for blood. I broke free of my father’s reign on that dreadful night, but the truth is, I was born to be this. A King. A demon. A fighter.


You want me to come back, but  you don’t know what you’re asking. I claimed you as mine long ago, and while I’ve been locked in the deepest pits of hell, I’ve thought about claiming you all over again. The taste of your cherry red lips wrapped around my c*ck. The feel of your hardened nipples rubbing up against me as I make you come with just a touch of my hand.


You want me to take my rightful place on the throne, but I won’t come back willingly. I’ll make you beg. I’ll make you crumble. And I’ll make damn sure you never forget who you belong to. Who my daughter belongs to.


As you read this letter, I know it will strike fear and excitement deep in your bones. But alas my love, the battle has only begun. Relay the following message to your fiance, and expect the unexpected.


The wrath of hell is just the beginning. The King will return and those who are damned will be shown no mercy. You’ve declared war and I accept. Justice will be served. And the broken Queen will be mine once again.





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About the Author

As an author of young and new adult romances, Harper has a passion for writing stories that readers enjoy reading over and over again. Her imagination is the creative tool that helps her come up with several intriguing story lines that she hopes to share with the world. Her fans call her the “page turner author” because with each story she sucks the readers in, instantly hooking them from page one.

If Harper’s not busy writing her next book, she’s either digging into a sappy romance novel, binge watching Harry Potter or going to school full time.



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