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Blended Families 2: Retribution

Book 2

by Kyiris Ashley

Genre: Urban Fiction





Shawn and Kim are back, but this time everyone wants payback. With Kyro in the hospital fighting for his life, Shawn and Kim are forced to take matters into their own hands once and for all. Their war with Joe Castillo has come down to two options; kill or be killed, and nobody is exempt. With the lies and secrets at an all time high, the race is on as everyone fights to be the first to receive retribution. Hold on to your seats because you are in for the ride of your life, keeping up with the Joneses.





It hurt me to hear her say that. All I wanted in this world was to give her the life she wanted. I knew that she deserved everything, but every time she was close to getting it something happened.



I slammed my hand down on the table so hard that it shook. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We had a solid plan, and I knew it would have worked because it was airtight. What I didn’t understand was how they’re sitting here telling me that it didn’t.



I then placed the other flowers along the graves of my stepfather and siblings. This was the most devastating sight to see. My entire family lie six feet under right next to each other. There were no words to describe this level of pain.





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Blended Families

Book 1





Kim is a beautiful, successful, businesswoman, and co-owner of one of the top urban publishing companies in the country. She is also an author with a host of books on the New York Times best sellers list. She is a mother of three, and has a wonderful husband named Harold. Life is great for them on the outside looking in, but Kim had more than a few secrets.

Shawn is a handsome and successful businessman, and best-selling author. Being co-owner of one of the top urban publishing companies in the country gave him a six figure salary. He also has a beautiful daughter and a loyal wife. On the outside looking in, they were the perfect family of three, but Shawn had secrets.

Shawn and Kim not only shared a company together, they also shared a son, a house, and a life. When their son is kidnapped, Shawn and Kim worked together to find him. Little did they know, they were much closer to the kidnappers than they thought. With the fear of never seeing their son again, Shawn and Kim wake up sleeping beasts that no one was ready for. Letting all parties involved know, there’s a very thin line between life and death.





“A cold chill went up my spine, and something told me that we should quit while we were ahead, but we didn’t. Instead, we sat there and ironed out a plan. Harold told Haley that he would unlock the door and disarm the alarm. After that, Don and Lavon would have about ten minutes to kidnap Superior and get out of the house.”




“There was a time that I didn’t care who I killed. If there was a price on your head, then I was coming to collet. I was the best in the business, and everyone knew it. My murder game was crazy, and nobody was fucking with it.”




“I walked into the kitchen for a bottle of water. Kenya was sitting at the kitchen table eating her breakfast, just then my cell phone rang. It was the hospital calling me in for an emergency surgery. I wanted to see my family off to the airport, but once again I had to go.”




“The day before my two weeks were over, Joe asked me to marry him. It was the most beautiful, heartfelt proposal I could have ever asked for. He took me to the beach where we went the first day we met. It was a beautiful candlelit picnic set up for the two of us.”




“My eldest brother and I were caught and tortured for hours on end. I watched a man slice my brother’s tongue straight out his mouth because he wouldn’t talk. Then cut him from ear-to-ear and gutted him like a fish.”



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About the Author

Kyiris Ashley is an international selling author from the east side of Detroit Michigan. She won her first award for writing in the fifth grade, and she knew then that she had a passion for writing. She began writing short stories in notebooks, that she would pass on to her classmates for reviews. On leave from her job in the hospitality field, due to the pandemic of 2020; Kyiris Ashley released her debut novel entitled Blended Families.

Even though Kyiris Ashley’s first novel is in the urban fiction genre; she has written other works in different genres under pennames. She prefers not to place herself in a box, and stunt her creative growth by limiting herself to one genre. Kyiris Ashley is currently working on turning her book into a scripted series and movie.



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