Stocking Stuffers: A Five Story Christmas Anthology ~ ARC Review



Stocking Stuffers

Christmas Anthology

by E.J. Darling, K.M. Rives, Maira James, Melissa Ivers & Siby Matilde

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A cold Christmas in Aspen. Five steamy stories.

In this shared world anthology, five couples have their worlds upended when love comes knocking, but it isn’t all Christmas wishes and reindeer kisses.

Get twisted up in the sheets as you dive into these heated love stories. Just in time for your holiday.

Snowbound with a second chance at love, Cami and West have an opportunity to begin anew after fifteen years apart.

Jaime and Valerie must break down the barriers of their boss and employee relationship to see who’s been right in front of them the whole time.

The building tension with his best friend’s sister has Nashton unable to escape his feelings for Julia, despite the promise he made. This year, their sordid past isn’t enough to keep his eyes or his hands to himself.

It was meant to be a merry little hookup with a long lost secret crush, but a steamy Christmas Eve reveals so much more than Virginia or Ty ever expected.

Tucker and Evin are two strangers holding on to the darkest parts of themselves. Fighting the tension seems impossible.

Hate and love run high with these five page turning stories. Stay cuddled up this winter flipping through your favorite tropes all in one place, and fall in love again each time.

Authors included in this set: K.M. Rives, Maira James, Melissa Ivers, Siby Matilde, and E.J. Darling.




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My ARC Review:

Who doesn’t love a hot and steamy Christmas Anthology!! There are 5 great stories here in this one anthology and I enjoyed each one. The connection between all 5 stories is that they are all set in Aspen. All five authors are new to me so I took a bit of a chance with this, which paid off greatly as I would definitely read more from any of these authors! Not to be missed to get you a little hot under the collar and in mood for Christmas!

Finally Home by K.M. Rives
Cami and Weston have history, but he walked out and left her broken hearted years ago. Cami got on with her life and made her own little business work but never got over Weston. Now he’s back in town, in her shop, as good looking as ever! An avalanche on the mountain causes his car to crash forcing Weston to spend Christmas with Cami in her cabin. Their attraction is still there, more than ever, but circumstances have changed between them.

All in Aspen by Maira James
Jamie is the hot loaded boss who Val works as a PA for. When her boyfriend cheats and her heart gets broken Jamie steps in and takes her to Aspen for Christmas for a few days. Little does she know that Jamie has been attracted to Val since they met, but has kept his feelings to himself. Now he makes his move proving just how much she means to him in the few days that have in the cabin.

Mistletoe and Mischief by Melissa Ivers
An enemies-to-lovers / brothers best friend read, loved it! Sebastian and Nash grew up together and now work together as lawyers. They have come to stay with Julia, Sebastian’s sister in Aspen for Christmas. Nash and Julia have always pushed each others buttons to get a rise out of each other. Little does Julia know that Nash does this due to his attraction to her, but has promised Seb not to touch his sister. But when another man hits on Julia at a party Nash steps in and is unable to stop himself making a move on her.

Merry Little Hookup by Siby Matilde
Virginia works at the local bar in Aspen when a former school friend walks in, the boy she had a crush on, but she hasn’t seen for years. Ty was in the military but has just broken up with his girlfriend. He always had a bit of a crush on Virgina at school, with her goth look and ripped tights, but never did anything about it. Now he’s back in Aspen and determined to do more than just talk with her. A hot a steamy little number this one!!

Christmas with Evin by E.J. Darling
Evin works as an escort to pay for her dad’s medical bills, she’s not happy about it but will do anything for her dad. She has a booking over the Christmas weekend that will go a long way to paying her bills. Tucker is the client paying for her over Christmas, but is not looking for her to do what you think. He has a complicated story to tell, one you won’t guess!! I enjoyed this one a lot!

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