I tested positive for COVID-19 a week ago!



I tested positive for COVID-19 a week ago!



I thought it was the flu…..  joint aches and pains but then my temperature went up.  I went for a test as I look after my mum who has recently been diagnosed with Dementia…. it came back positive.


I thought I was doing ok…..  the aches and pains were real bad.  Horrible sharp stabbing pains in my joints and bones would leave me holding my breath until it stopped.  My temperature was fluctuating between 36.6 – 38.9 which I was trying to keep under control with over the counter flu medicine.  This carried on until Friday, when I developed a cough and my chest started getting tight.


Currently I’m having to work and concentrate on my breathing.  My chest is heavy and tight and it makes me cough a lot.  I’m propped up in bed with about 7 pillows behind me.  The paramedics came out to check me over this morning, they said I was doing ok and could stay home, which was a relief.  But I don’t like this heavy chest feeling, it’s not nice.


So posts will be few and far between, I just haven’t got the energy and patience at the minute.  But I will get back to it when I am feeling better.  Take care everyone, this is not nice, and I’m one of the lucky ones.



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