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Little Doll is the first in the Queens of Chaos series, which centres around a group of young women, living in London, and navigating their turbulent love lives and friendships.

Little Doll is British author LJ Findlay’s debut novel and is a dark, suspenseful romance. It tells the story of Xanthe and her fight to break free from her controlling childhood sweetheart. This story is full of suspense, heartbreak, love, and hope. It will pull you in and leave you desperate for the next book!


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Xanthe had been happy to watch life go past. To be Xander’s Little Doll, as he had always desired her to be.


She had not planned on breaking the constraints of his control.


She had not planned on falling in love again on the heady night of her freedom.


Blaise wanted her. Wanted to keep her. Wanted to break free of his prison to pursue the mad love that had ensnared them.


Blood in. Blood out.


He was unable to rescue her and Xander would stop at nothing to lock his little doll back up in his doll’s house.


Could she be so daring as to break free? To seize the opportunity to indulge in their reckless desire for each other? To claim Blaise for herself?



Author Note – Little Doll is a dark romance and features scenes of sex, drug taking, and offensive language that are not suitable for anybody under the age of 18. This book also contains scenes that may be a trigger for some people; including references to mental health issues, physical and emotional abuse, sexual coercion and blood play. These are mild and integral to the story, but may not be suitable for all readers.






At that moment, her eyes lifted up and held mine with unwavering confidence. Fuck me, she’s stunning. I sighed. I was turning into such a pathetic sap, just like Delacourt. Pining over some random girl with big, soulful eyes the most remarkable shade of forget-me-nots, the colour as deep and rich as a summer’s day. Despite this being the worst fucking idea ever, I felt like I was electrocuted and from the rapidly rising chest of the girl I could see that she liked what she saw as well. 

            My gaze zeroed in on her generous chest, barely constrained by her velvet, corset-style black top. I felt myself growing hard at the thought of her delicious-looking body, trapped and writhing in pleasure below me. I closed my eyes briefly and breathed in. Control yourself, de Vere, I mentally commanded. Giving into my basest desires was not part of the plan. If anything, that’s what could tip us over the knife-edge and force us into a freefall of chaos. 

As if she could read my depraved thoughts, the girl, still holding my gaze, tilted her head up in defiance. Her whole manner screamed a challenge, a dare pulsating in sharp relief across her features. Fuck me, I thought despairingly. Defiance was an incongruous look on her submissive, doll-like features.



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About the Author:

L.J. Findlay is a romance author based in London, UK and has been dreaming up stories for as long as she can remember. Since graduating Liverpool uni, she has moved back to London to start a career in media sales but, in true lockdown style, has found the time to put pen to paper.


Other than writing dark and twisted tales, and confusing her family as to how she has imagined such plotlines, she loves reading other stories and loves a good romance. L.J Findlay also enjoys spending time with her friends and exploring different bars and markets around London. Occasionally, if she’s feeling good, she’ll go to the gym but she’d much rather have a gin. She also loves to travel and see as much of the world as possible.


Thank you for taking a chance on this newbie author! She hopes that you enjoy this story and come back for more. 



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