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Misadventures with a Lawyer

Julie Morgan

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 12th January 2021

Website: www.misadventures.com







In the court of love, will either of them object?

Legendary lawyer Chase Newstrom is as famous in court as he is with the ladies. His work-hard, play-harder mindset is why he’s never lost a case…or lacked a model on his arm. But a recent twist before the bench threatens to derail his perfect record.

Chase turns to law firm intern Ainsley Speire to solve his case’s problems after hours so he can gallivant around town with yet another lady friend, and Ainsley, despite being driven and focused, is none too pleased with her boss’s demands. She’s had to cancel long-standing plans at the last minute, again…and vows it’s for the last time.

Ainsley sits down with Chase’s most expensive Scotch in one hand and fancy pen in the other and pours it all out, literally and figuratively. When Chase finds the note—and a passed-out Ainsley—he’s intrigued. Perhaps there’s more to the soft-spoken Ms. Speire than he thought.

Ainsley wakes to Chase’s trademark cocky grin, and Chase sees a new spark in Ainsley’s eyes. Anything between them would be an HR nightmare, but is there a chance Chase and Ainsley are willing to work together on one more case? A case that promises a lifetime sentence of love?

Misadventures is a romantic series of spicy standalone novels, each written or co-written by some of the best names in romance. The stories are scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly sexy. They’re the perfect bedside read, a ‘quick blush’ for the reader who loves a page-turning romance.





Buy links:

Print: : https://amzn.to/2X4yDcR
Print: https://amzn.to/2BR5Hgp
Nook: https://bit.ly/2AeF8B5
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2zyR800
Google Play: https://bit.ly/2ZNTTpf
Kobo: https://bit.ly/2ZOwYK6
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/GR_MA_Lawyer





My ARC Review:

I enjoyed this Misadventures book, it was my first read by Julie and ticked all my boxes….. a fiesty, hard working but overlooked woman has a crush on her playboy boss, she ends up drunk on his whiskey in his office while he is off galavanting out and writes him a letter telling him exactly what she thinks of him and what she would like to do to him, obviously this wasn’t really meant to be read by him!!

Chase is a top lawyer and believes in hard work and has no time for relationships. His intern Ainsley helps him with a case that should have been an open and shut case, but ended up with new evidence being found that they had to dispute, thanks to Ainsley. But it should have been her weekend off as her best friend is getting married and she’s a bridesmaid, but she is stuck working while her boss is out! This is where the letter writing comes in!!

Chase returns to his office the following morning to find a drunk Ainsley with the letter which he reads, and which changes his whole perspective on her and indeed the life he is leading. This was a good enjoyable read, the characters have some real chemistry when they get together, with some laugh out loud moments in there as well.

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