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by Traci Hall

Publication Date: January 11, 2021

Genres: Adult, Entangled: Bliss, Contemporary, Romance





Free-spirited Grace Sheldon is used to living on a tight budget as a freelance photographer. But nothing short of a miracle could produce the thirty thousand dollars she owes on the house she’s inherited. Without steady employment, the bank refuses to give her a loan. Working a temp job won’t give her nearly enough, but she’ll take any little bit she can get until she figures out a solution. Her first day, though, she realizes this is no ordinary office—and her handsome new boss is no ordinary man.


After Sawyer Rivera’s well-planned career in Seattle officially imploded all he’s looking for is a small beach town where he can open a dog training facility and start a simple life. Except, his new office assistant is anything but. Grace is carefree, artsy, and doesn’t know a thing about dogs. The woman has pet chickens! She’s also funny, kind, and the best part of his day.


Grace is his complete opposite—and completely refreshing. But when her month of temp work is over, she could disappear from his life for good. Sawyer realizes he has just one chance to try to change their fate.










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She shifted on the blanket, the scarf revealing tan skin at her knee. “Where did you move from?”

When they’d met this morning, she’d been in coveralls and sneakers. Then her sundress. He liked this look better—less was more in Grace’s case. “Seattle. Originally, L.A.”

Grace laughed, the sound husky. “So, Kingston might be a culture shock.” She glanced at him. “Lottie told me that you’re here to start a new business?”

“Yeah—service dog training, using my patented system. I just bought a place. Plan to start ripping it up tomorrow.” Getting in there with his bare hands, just as he had when he’d started in L.A.

Her face paled. “That wouldn’t happen to be the property off Fiftieth, would it?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, still pleased as hell by the bargain. “Got the building and five acres.”

Violet dropped her shovel with a splash and turned toward the square brown house.

“That must be Lottie.” Grace stood in a fluid motion, but he got the impression she wanted to continue the conversation. “Kid’s got superpower hearing when it comes to her mom’s Corolla.”

Sawyer rose. “I should go.” He didn’t want to. They were neighbors and could see each other all the time. Swim, kayak. Cocktails on the beach. He grinned. “I’ll bring the camera over once it arrives.” He had the perfect bottle of red wine in mind, damn glad to have a reason to see Grace again. He got the feeling she might be elusive as the wind.

Grace tilted her head, her black curls spilling to the left, her expression serious. “Watch Bert, okay?”

“I will.” He whistled, and the dog leaped up as if prodded.

Violet ambled to the blanket, avoiding Sawyer by going the long way around to Grace’s side. “Mom’s here.”

“I know, sweetie. Why don’t you go on in?”

Violet marched resolutely toward the back of the house.

Grace’s mouth thinned, and he wanted to tease her lips open with a kiss. His curiosity to taste her, to know her, burned, and his throat grew parched. He drained the water she’d given him and put the cup on the blanket.

“See you later, neighbor?”

She held his gaze as she folded a beach towel in front of her body. “I’ll see you in the morning. Boss.”

His sensual thoughts of her skidded to a halt. “I’m sorry?”

She held out her hand to shake, keeping the towel between them. “I checked my work orders from the temp agency, and that’s the address I have to start work tomorrow. To set up your office.”

His gut reaction was disbelief. “No.”

“Yes.” Grace lifted her hand in a wave, silver flashing from her rings and bracelets, as she turned toward her house.

What a cruel twist. He had a strict policy on not dating his employees—the lesson had been drummed into his skull after his older brother Juan had made that mistake, almost ending up in a lawsuit.

Sawyer left her property, glancing back once more at Grace in her purple bikini. His heart skipped a beat or two before finding its rhythm. He blamed his reaction on the chocolate he’d had earlier rather than Grace’s crystal-blue eyes.






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With an impressive bibliography in an array of genres, USA Today bestselling author Traci Hall has garnered a notable fan base. She pens stories guaranteed to touch the heart while transporting the reader to another time and place. Her belief in happily ever after shines through, whether it’s a romantic glimpse into history or a love affair for today.










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