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Let them Eat Cake

Creatures of Myth Book 1

by Ravyn Wilde

Genre: Paranormal Romance





One night. One body. Vampire Marie Antoinette discovers a legendary monster she can’t kill–and a fated love she might die for…  (Read in order or as standalone.) 

When Vampire Sentinel Marie Antoinette slams into a new evil preying on both the human and supernatural creatures under her protection, she reaches out for help. What she finds is a scorching new love with Justin–an all-too-fragile human male. He might have muscles and attitude, but he is human!

Justin’s last military assignment took all the joy out of his life. His father has the perfect solution–introduce him to someone with that same faraway look in her eyes. Justin has been dropped into a world he didn’t realize existed and discovers an unwanted and deadly attraction to a MUCH older woman. His inexperience with this new reality is liable to get him killed, or worse!

Marie can’t resist Justin. But they don’t have any time to figure out if their attraction is more than just physical. They must hunt a thousand-year-old cannibalistic monster that can’t be killed, rescue a young girl from a pack of rogue werewolves,  and deal with Marie’s pompous ex-boyfriend. Will they live long enough to discover they are made for each other?

Let Them Eat Cake is the first book in Ravyn Wilde’s racy paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This supernatural adult romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy vampires, laugh out loud moments, and books bursting with mystery, suspense, and love–you’ll adore this!

Pick up Let Them Eat Cake today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.





Bill’s voice startled her. “I met Maria for the first time over forty years ago.”

She smiled at Bill in gratitude. He had started the discussion for her.

Justin glanced at his father with a question in his eyes. “She was an infant?”

Bill laughed. “No. No, she looked pretty much like she does now. Except,” he cocked his head to the side and focused on her, “your hair color has changed. It was red then, wasn’t it?”

She grinned. “Yeah, I think I like the black better. Thank God for hair color. It must be one of the best inventions of the modern world. I always hated my dishwater blonde—”

Justin cut in. “But what you are saying is impossible, Maria isn’t…”

She could hear Justin’s irritation as he spoke. Knew he wondered what kind of crap they fed him.

“Maria isn’t a lot of things. You’re going to have to listen, son. It won’t be an easy thing to believe but let me tell you my part of this story and then you can ask your questions in a minute.”

Bill looked at his son and waited for him to nod. “When I met Maria, I was a beat cop. I had bit off more than I could chew when I decided to chase a man instead of letting him go. I knew the man was running drugs and I wanted to stop him. The chase got turned around and he eventually cornered me in an alley. Before I could get my gun out of the holster, he opened fire with an automatic pistol. Maria just seemed to fall from the sky. Suddenly she appeared right in front of me and used her body to shield me. You got hit with what, six bullets that night?” He looked to her for confirmation.

Justin glared at his father and snorted.

She nodded and sighed. She knew this wouldn’t go well. Justin looked as if he wanted to leave them all to their little fairy tale.

Well, the only fairy tails she knew were in the other room making phone calls.

“I don’t understand,” Justin said, looking from his father to her in apparent confusion and growing irritation.

She could see his hold on the beer bottle tighten.

Maria smiled. There was no easy way to do this. “Justin. I think we were remiss with the introductions tonight. My full name is Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna Antoinette. My French husband didn’t like the name Maria—as it reminded him that I wasn’t a native of his country—so he called me Marie. I never liked that name, so since I now have a choice, I use Maria.”

Are you trying to tell me you think you’re Marie Antoinette?” Justin looked at her in disbelief and the dawning of concern. “Are you okay? Did you hit your head sometime tonight without realizing it?” He started to stand.

His father waved him back down.

“You’re kidding, right?” Justin tried to laugh.

When she and Bill just looked at him, with no hint of humor in their eyes, he became very serious.

“I’ve seen this before when people are confronted with a violent and horrible death,” he said with serious intent. “I am sure the crime scene tonight upset you. Maybe you should both lie down. Matt! Brian! Bring me some blankets. I think Maria and my father are going into shock,” he raised his voice enough to carry into the other room.

“It’s okay, I’ve been trained to handle this,” he reassured them.

Before Maria could comment, Matt and Brian came running into the room. “What? What’s happening? Don’t get your man-marbles in a twist. Maria, are you alright? What do you need?” Matt kept babbling.

“I just told him my full name and he thinks I’m in shock or in need of a straitjacket. Or both. Everything’s okay,” she assured them.

“Oh! Can we stay and watch? I love this part when people realize—”

“Brian, hush. You can stay—just sit and be quiet.” Maria watched in silence as Justin looked at his father in obvious concern.

Bill sat calmly drinking his scotch and then he looked up at her and winked. He turned to his son. “It takes some getting used to, the thought of Maria as Marie Antoinette—the legendary Queen of France. Look at her neck. She still has a faint scar from the guillotine,” Bill said smugly.

She could tell he got some perverse pleasure out of their revelations. She winced.

Justin rolled his eyes but obediently got up to look at Maria’s neck. A lightning bolt of lust hit her as he placed his hands on her shoulder. Tipping her head back slightly, her gaze caught his and held. He felt it too. Great to know they shared this mad impulse to shut out the rest of the world, lock themselves in a room, and have at each other.

She wanted him naked and moaning in pleasure. Not looking at old scars.

She knew he saw a thin line running straight across her neck. Allowing him to bend her head forward, she shuddered as his fingers skimmed the back of her neck as he lifted her hair out of the way.

She loved the feel of his hands on her skin, the rough slide of heat as he traced his fingers over her flesh. She wanted to concentrate on the forgotten pleasure, not on the fact that he could see the thin scar as it continued all the way around her neck.

Justin dropped the silky mane of her hair and stepped back. What the scar could be from he didn’t know. He had seen people beheaded or at least seen the aftermath while serving time in the Mid-East as part of a special anti-terrorist force.

What the scar from a beheading would look like he couldn’t imagine. It seemed beyond his scope of understanding. But how did you explain…

“Unknowingly, someone saved my life when they buried me. They made sure that when I was put in the casket my head was in perfect alignment with my body. I was also lucky that the beheading took place in a darkly shaded courtyard and that the viewing was held indoors, which kept almost all the effects of the sun off my fragile flesh.”

He watched the expressions on her face. She believed what she said.

“It wasn’t done on purpose, I’m sure all the revolutionaries wanted was a pretty statement for their cause. So, they were meticulous when they put the pieces of me together. They didn’t know I was a vampire, but their actions ensured I would rise again. Eventually.”

She sighed, staring at the fire. It took a few moments before she could continue, “I don’t want to discuss the months it takes to repair such damage. Suffice to say, it isn’t an immediate process and it’s a very painful one. But vampires can regenerate the blood, bone, and muscle connections if you quickly put everything back where it belongs.”

“Vampires.” Justin just shook his head. A quick glance at his father made him wonder how long it had been since his old man had seen a doctor. Maybe he was suffering from dementia? Or brainwashing might be the answer. He just couldn’t understand why Maria would want his father to believe this fantasy. Justin had seen some very bizarre things in his life. But vampires?

“Do the roof thing,” Brian’s excited voice broke into his thoughts as the man practically jumped up and down with excitement. “If anything, other than donating blood, will convince him that should do it.”

“The roof thing?” Justin asked politely. Maybe he should humor them all and quickly get his father out of here.

“Oh, yes!” his dad said with obvious relish, getting to his feet. “A feat I’ve always enjoyed seeing you perform.”

Maria shook her head but also stood.

Justin wondered at the glimpse of amusement in her eyes as she traipsed behind the group, out the patio door, and onto the roof.

“Guys, I am not sure this is a good idea. We could push Justin into a full-blown hissy fit, or scare the crap out of him,” she muttered.

“So, your choice is to sink fang into his neck? You know sweetie, alpha males very rarely enjoy being used for a late-night snack. Well, that kind of snack. I wouldn’t want you to kill the sparks—”

“Enough chitchat, Brian. We don’t need to review all the options,” she hissed.

Justin realized that at least one of the other men had noticed his fascinated interest in Maria. Well, it didn’t matter now, the woman was delusional.

He frowned when Maria moved over to the wall enclosing her patio and climbed on the ledge. Her penthouse took up the entire twentieth floor. What did she think she was doing?

He moved to hold onto her, crying out in horror as she dove off, spiraling into the night.

Justin lunged to the brick wall, but he moved too slow to catch her.

He looked over the side with dread. And saw her drifting there, floating in the air as she called up to him, “I’m okay, I do this a lot. It’s one of the perks of being a—”

“A vampire,” he finished for her. “Get back on the roof!” he demanded.

He lost what little sense of humor he possessed about this whole thing. He was furious. The adrenaline rush coursing through his body threatened to take him to his knees, now that the danger was over.

When she took that nosedive off the roof his fear for her life pushed him over the edge. In all the years he spent fighting terrorists, he never once felt the pure terror of helplessness and sorrow that he experienced in the split-second she hung in the air, just out of his reach, before dropping to what he had been certain was death.

No one mattered enough to him for that kind of panic. Not even he, himself. He didn’t matter enough to panic when someone tried to kill him. Up to this point in his life, he fought against any meaningful ties other than the ones he shared with his parents.

The realization that this might be changing, combined with his body’s overtly sexual reaction to the woman—acted as a kick to his gut.

Intently he watched Maria drift up, sail over the ledge, and land lightly on her feet. His hands were on her waist in moments. He didn’t care if she could goddamn fly. He wanted her now!

“No. Don’t say another word.” Like a man possessed, he pulled her into his arms and fused his mouth to hers. He kissed her with anger and desperation, in fear for her safety, and with an instinctive need to claim her. The kiss was essential. A desperate bid to hold on to his sanity.



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Written in the Ruby

Creatures of Myth Book 2



An ancient ruby with mystical powers. A deep and passionate connection between vampire and human. Madmen who will torture and kill for their secrets… (This standalone story is part of the Creatures of Myth series.)

Nicole Martin bought an adorable bungalow nestled on a vast estate. It provides the serenity and security she needs as an erotic romance author. Estate owner Zane Patrick is a gorgeous bonus, serving as sizzling inspiration for her novels. But when two shady government agents indicate he might be something other than human, Nicky’s overactive imagination kicks in. Perhaps it’s time to get to know the neighbor…

When Zane sold the house to Nicky, he created his own personal hell–every time she writes a sex scene, he witnesses every intimate detail in his mind. He shouldn’t get involved with his luscious neighbor, but cold showers can do only so much. When he learns of the agents’ accusations, he and Nicky explore their motives…and their lust for each other.

When Nicole is kidnapped by Human First fanatics, Zane would do anything to rescue the woman who might be his life mate. Including making a deal with Vlad Tepes. Will Zane rescue Nicky? Will they live long enough to discover the ruby has chosen them as fated mates?

Written In The Ruby is an insta-love, fated-mates, hard-earned happily-ever-after story. (They work hard for that happiness.) It is the the second book in Ravyn Wilde’s racy paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This intense supernatural romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy adult vampire stories, laugh aloud moments, and books bursting with action, suspense, and love–you’ll adore this!

Pick up Written in the Ruby today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.




Don’t you trust us?

“I’m John Jackson. May we sit down for a moment?” His deep, gravelly voice may have been polite, but the tight lines around his gray eyes told her he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Nicole shrugged her shoulders. Taking the reaction as a sign of assent, the two men sat. Her innate curiosity finally kicked in. Now she wanted to know why they were here.

The Idiots Guide to Vampires, The Definitive Book of Monsters, and An Arcane Guide to the Paranormal…like Mike said, interesting reading. Mind if I ask if you’re looking for anything specific?” Mr. Jackson asked.

Nicole frowned at the broad-shouldered man. He wasn’t old and worn down. No. John Jackson kept his body in good shape.

John Jackson. Right. Did she look that stupid? Mike Maloney, John Jackson. MM. JJ. She would bet money their names weren’t any more real than her pen name.

“What kind of specific would I be looking for? I’m a romance writer, and the stories I create are paranormal and science fiction. Today I’m skimming for ideas to help me create a new world, to set the boundaries and laws of what my creatures can or can’t do.”

“Romance writer, huh?” Mike’s tone said he didn’t believe her.

Digging into her purse, Nicole squealed when both men reached into their jackets and she caught a brief, dark flash of metal in Mike’s hand.

Throwing her hands in the air, her heart skipped a beat. “Are you insane?” she screeched, eyes wide, only to be shushed by the librarian.

Feeling as if she were the lead in a very bad play, she continued in a stage whisper, “I’m just getting one of my bookmarks! It lists my web address, has a couple of my covers on it with reviews.”

After they nodded, she carefully lowered her hands. Reaching into the side pocket of her purse, she drew out the thin, rectangular piece of cardstock and handed it to John, who passed it to Mike.

“Your name isn’t Danielle Divine.”

No kidding. And yours isn’t Mike Maloney, you idiot, she thought as she bit her lip to keep her opinion to herself. After their stunt with the guns, her curiosity had quickly turned to fear-tinged irritation, she needed to work very hard to remain civil.

“Danielle Divine is my pen name,” she succinctly stated. She refused to volunteer another thing to these two until they explained what they wanted. Going for their guns in the middle of the city library…did they think she was some sort of desperate criminal?

“Ms. Martin, obviously our initial research on you lacked some vital information. I apologize. We’ll get to the point. Are you living with Zane Patrick?” JJ bluntly inquired.

Did they research her? Scary thought. Although she was happy to know that her attempt to keep her pen name unlinked from her real name was successful.

But when she focused on the question JJ asked, Nicole couldn’t keep the look of slack-jawed surprise off her face. She closed her mouth, unable to respond. Living with Zane? As much as she would like to put action to her secret fantasy life, he was out of her league.

Finally, she found her voice. “What? You’ve got to be kidding me, I barely know the man.”

“We’ve seen you enter and leave his estate at all hours, Ms. Martin. You’ve spent every night there for the last two months.” Mike’s tone made her fingers itch. She wanted to slap that, I-know-you’re-his-slut, look off his face.

“Well, apparently your surveillance sucks. Two months ago, I bought a house and three-quarters of an acre from Mr. Patrick. I live there…at my house.



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Magic & Myth

Creatures of Myth Book 3



This Creatures of Myth Wilde Trio story collection includes: Undying Magic, Uncontrolled Magic, and Unholy Magic. The De’Angel family are Druid Mages. They are intensely powerful, magically erotic, and several centuries old. They keep the human world safe and the paranormal world hidden. (This standalone book is part of the Creatures of Myth series.) 

Undying Magic In a race against time Jane and Ricardo search for mermaid scales, zombie toenails, Druid lust-sweat… You know–the usual potion ingredients to resurrect a Vampire! 

Uncontrolled Magic What happens when a were-dragon propositions a very hungry vampire? He ends up naked and chained to a wall…among other things! 

Unholy Magic Franco has loved Tehya since the moment they met. As a human woman, she could never survive in his world. Or could she?

Magic & Myth is an insta-love, fated-mates, hard-earned happily-ever-after book. (They work hard for their happiness.) It is the third book in Ravyn Wilde’s racy paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This intense adult romance is filled with snarky humor, supernatural suspense, and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy dragons, werewolves and vampires, along with a little spine-tingling terror and laugh out loud moments–you’ll adore this! 

Pick up Magic & Myth today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.




Tehya Human?


“Franco, I’m not sitting on the sidelines for this one.” Tehya glared at him.

“Yes. You are. You’re mortal, Tehya. You can be killed very easily. I won’t risk your life.” Franco ignored the narrowed eyes and questions on her family’s faces.

“What? I can be killed, and you can’t? That’s just stupid, Franco. If I can’t go, you can’t go, and I refuse to let those poor souls suffer any more torture.”

“You. Are. Not. Going. Into. That. Cavern.” He bit out each word.

For a moment, the silence in the room was thick. Then Tehya exploded. “How do you expect to get into the cave? Walk right in the front door?”

“I’ll take the passage you created with your magic!” he snapped, missing the look of surprise on her parents’ faces.

“Hah! No, you won’t. When we left, I touched the wall thanking Mother Earth for sheltering us. I asked her to erase all traces of our passage. The earth reverted to how it was before I showed up. The tunnels are gone.”

“Then I’ll take you back there, let you touch the damn dirt and you can get your wolf butt back here!”

This time it was Jefferson and Naomi who exploded.



“Wolf? Tehya, explain what he’s saying!”

Tehya’s head dropped. She played with the backpack in her lap. Jason sat back in his chair with a smug look on his face and Naomi began circling the table. Everyone waited for Tehya to speak.

Franco felt Naomi’s hand on his shoulder as if in sympathy. Surprisingly, he felt a wonderful warmth and happiness seep into his bones. Everything would work out fine.

“Mother!” Tehya said sharply.

Franco returned to being upset when Naomi moved away. Before he could question what just happened, Jefferson broke the silence.

“Who is Sasha?”

Tehya didn’t answer so Franco asked a question of his own. “When you came into the cave why did you say, ‘I should kill you where you sleep, wolf?”

“Daddy!” Tehya exclaimed in horror.

Franco reached out to cover her hands with his. “If we had a daughter and I found her the way he discovered us, I might be tempted to kill first and ask questions later, Tehya. I don’t blame him.”

Franco watched her eyes widen, her hands go to her stomach in a protective gesture and he fought to keep his expression from revealing his shock.

Shit! They hadn’t used any protection last night, something impossible to do in wolf form anyway. Once they returned to their human forms, they were so hungry for each other he never considered slowing down long enough to put on a condom.

Not now. He would deal with that later.

When he looked away from Tehya he caught Naomi’s eye and realized she knew exactly where his and Tehya’s thoughts went. She raised one eyebrow and allowed a half-smile to touch her lips.

Thank god and goddess Jefferson had no clue.

“I called you wolf because, well…” Tehya’s father looked at her, then back at Franco with a question blazing in his eyes. He didn’t know if his daughter knew Franco’s secret.

“You said wolf because you somehow realized I carry one inside me.”

As Franco said the words, Jefferson watched his daughter for her reaction to the statement. He seemed puzzled when she didn’t react.

“How is it you know of my wolf, but don’t know about Tehya’s?”

“What?” both Naomi and Jefferson exclaimed again.

Franco noticed Jason wasn’t surprised.

Tehya sighed. “The wolf came to me as a spirit totem.”

“Which is convenient, since my wolf has claimed her as his mate. And so, have I.”

“Are you telling us you have a wolf spirit totem, too?” Naomi asked.

“Nah, I’m just your garden-variety werewolf,” Franco replied.

Tehya rolled her eyes at his comment and turned her attention back to her family. “My spirit wolf is called Sasha.” She didn’t add a lot of detail.

“How long?” Naomi asked.

“Since I was twelve.”

“Why haven’t you told us?” Naomi asked. Both she and Jefferson looked hurt.

“You’ve excluded me from the family secrets! I only know what I’ve been able to piece together by listening at doors and snooping around.” She waved her hand at her father. “Dad goes out into a field and makes lightning. I’ve seen him do it.”

Before her father could answer, she glared at her mother. “You touch souls—sensing goodness or evil. Did either of you bother telling me? No. I had to discover all this on my own. I still don’t know why we even have magical powers.”

Franco realized Naomi was touching his soul when she put her hand on his shoulder. He squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. What had she seen?

Jason began to speak. “In a normal Native American family, animal totems act as guides throughout your life. They’re used to help us get in touch with our feelings, to grow emotionally and spiritually. We can pray for a specific animal to guide us, or a certain animal may come to us because of our need. The wolf is a teacher and a pathfinder. His presence signifies a person needs help or guidance in his or her life. Fortunate enough to be visited by the wolf, you would go on to teach others many of life’s lessons. He can also be helpful in building personal strength, teaching us to value our inner voice.”

He paused for a moment to study Tehya. “As you’ve noticed, in this family spirit totems are much more.”

Tehya couldn’t stop the snort of laughter.



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Supernatural Speed Dating

Creatures of Myth Book 4



How do you save the world and explore the fragile–well–passionate beginnings of a new romance at the same time? (This standalone story is part of the Creatures of Myth series.)

Natasha spends every minute of her life upholding the GOTH motto, “Hurt can be fixed, there isn’t anything we can do about dead.” As Captain of the Guardians of True Humanity, there is always another paranormal bad-ass to hunt down. But Natasha’s mother and witchy-best friend think she needs a social life, so they’re forcing her to attend the Supernatural Speed Dating event. She doesn’t have time for this crap.

Dominic made a deal with the devil, or more accurately with one of his grandson’s. Now he is stuck in the hell of speed dating. His attitude changed the minute Natasha raised her head and met his gaze with laughing blue eyes.

Natasha and Dominic aren’t looking for a relationship, until the sparks fly and make them both wonder, what if? Then Natasha gets kidnapped, Dominic gets thrown in the dungeon, and the horror of missing and dead paranormal children consumes every minute of Natasha’s time.   Can they save the world and each other?

Supernatural Speed Dating is an insta-love, fated-mates, hard-earned happily-ever-after story. (They work hard for that happiness.) It is the  fourth book in Ravyn Wilde’s paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This supernatural romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy dragons, magic spells, kick-ass heroines, and nail-biting suspense–you’ll love this! 

Pick up Supernatural Speed Dating today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.




Let me be your big, bad wolf…

Natasha shuddered in disgust, barely resisting the urge to lean over and beat her forehead against the small table that was the only thing separating her from her worst nightmare.

If she started, she wasn’t sure she would be able to stop.

“I brought special outfits, you know? A red cape for you, and a nightgown and nightcap big enough to cover me in partial wolf form.” The man actually giggled.

Outwardly composed, she watched as he nervously thumbed the notebook in his hand. Eyes narrowing, she considered leaping over the table to rip out his throat.

Nah, he wasn’t worth the paperwork she would need to fill out, to justify her actions. She would wait to kill him until he left the room, so she could hide the body.

She didn’t bother trying to hide her irritated glance toward the front of the room. The large round clock hanging on the wall showed she had less than a minute left. Thank Goddess!

“And a script if you don’t remember the words to the fairy tale,” his voice raked over her nerves like ragged fingernails on a blackboard. “Most of your lines are short sentences, you know? Like…What big eyes you have?” the man’s voice trailed off as a loud buzzer sounded in the room. He looked at her hopefully.

Rather than killing him in several imaginative ways, she shook her head. Hell, no.

He had told her his name when he sat at her table. Jonathon? Jacob? It didn’t matter.

She had no intention of hooking up with someone who wanted her to play Red Riding Hood to his Big Bad Wolf. Literally.

Even worse—his groveling was punctuated by ‘you know’ every second or third sentence. She didn’t bother to watch him walk away. A werewolf should have more pride. Umm. Lion’s had pride; wolves ran in packs. Damn this sucked. Her mind had turned to mush.

Rubbing her temples in the attempt to fend off a growing headache, she wondered how many men she had already interviewed. At least a hundred.

Glancing down at her watch she groaned. Only forty minutes had passed, which meant the number was closer to four. There would be a break after two more rounds, then another hour of hell before she could call it a night without Andrea tattling to Tasha’s mother.

Dominic St. Ives wanted to reach his hands across the table and choke the woman in front of him. Good, God! What idiot had turned this bimbo into a vampire? Stem and all, she popped a maraschino cherry into her mouth after trying to generate his interest by licking it suggestively. He stared at her in horrified disbelief, watching her face contort as she attempted to tie the stem in a knot.

He wasn’t sure…but he didn’t think she was supposed to do that with the cherry still attached.

“See, I can do amazing things with my tongue,” she said and pulled the knotted stem from between her lips. She left barely chewed cherry bits stuck in her teeth. He glanced at the small jar of the offending fruit sitting on the table. The woman brought props with her.

Did she seriously think her antics would turn a man on? She was a vampire, which meant she couldn’t swallow the bits of fruit in her mouth. If she was several hundred years old she could take small sips of any liquid, but there was no way this idiot was a centuries-old vamp.

Dominic almost gagged when she picked up the trashcan beside her chair and spit the masticated pieces into the receptacle.


It was difficult to keep from gouging out his eyes in an overzealous attempt to get the visual out of his head.

I’m going to kill you, he mentally pushed the thought to Raul. The man had been his best friend for almost five hundred years. That friendship ended tonight since he forced Dom into this disaster.

He glared across the room when the dark-haired daemon laughed in his head. No more. Raul was his ex-best friend from this moment on.

Dom bolted from his chair when the buzzer sounded. One more. He foolishly promised to accompany Raul to this nightmarish social event in exchange for the private cabin the demonic spawn of Satan had pre-booked.

Next year he swore to plan at least six months in advance of the summit. Hell, he might even book a cabin before he left this one. He forgot this year until the last minute, and with several thousand attendees the only thing available was a small room at the resort—a situation that was not acceptable to his inner beasts.

This meant Raul had a bargaining chip he could use to force Dom’s participation in the speed dating fiasco. Shuddering, he mentally promised his ex-friend dire—to-be-determined later—retribution for the excruciating experience.

Coming to a stop before the next table, he looked down at the woman sitting there. Her head was bent forward, waves of gleaming red hair partially hiding the face she covered with her hands. She seemed to be sobbing uncontrollably.

Dom looked around the room, wondering if he should just leave. No. Raul would call a forfeit to their bargain if he didn’t do the entire two-hour stint. He rolled his eyes and sat in the chair. If he kept silent, she might not notice him.

No such luck. Her body stiffened, and she shifted in her seat.

When the redhead lowered her hands and looked up, Dominic realized two things. Her brilliant turquoise eyes were laughing—not crying—and he wanted a taste of the fire he saw burning in their depths.

“Hi, I’m Natasha. And if I need to say that one more time tonight, I’m likely to kill someone. I’ll make you a deal. You promise you won’t ask me to wear a red cape or use a whip on you,” she paused, titled her head to one side and considered him for a moment before she continued, “Hell. Maybe for you, I’d consider either option. But for now, I need a drink. Several drinks. Then I never want to see this room or hear that buzzer again. For the remainder of this summit, I’m offering you freedom from this insanity. In return—you must swear to my friend that you can’t live without me for the next couple of days. If you don’t say yes… she’ll make me do this again tomorrow night. Please, have mercy upon my immortal soul!”

Dom laughed at the mock terror in her voice. Her husky tone seemed to stroke his flesh, making the small hairs on his body sit up and take notice—along with things that weren’t so small.

Without hesitation, he stood up and reached for her hand. When their palms met, the sensual jolt he felt down to his toes forced him to take a deep breath. But it didn’t stop him from pulling her out of her seat and around the table in one quick move.

When she stood, all long legs and curves, he grinned. At well over six feet in height, he rarely met a female whose head came to the top of his shoulder. Natasha’s did. With his hand in the small of her back, he guided her toward the door.

He liked that she wasn’t dressed in a ball gown, as some of the women tonight. The tight, well-worn jeans were a testament to a woman who felt comfortable in her skin. Whatever type of skin that might be.

The thigh-high boots hinted that she was a woman with a sense of adventure, of daring. They left him wondering what she might look like if she were dressed in nothing but the boots and corset.

Leaning over, he whispered conspiratorially in her ear, “My name’s Dominic, Dom to my friends. I agree with your bargain. But no matter what happens or doesn’t happen between the two of us, you have to swear to my friend that all the time we spend together is horizontal and naked.”

Raul was very specific in his bargain. Dom could only have the cabin if he went to the Speed Dating sessions every night…or until he met a woman and had sex.

“Did you get talked into this, too?” her voice still low, secretive.

“Oh, yeah. I made a bargain with the devil you might say.” Dom laughed. “I thought it might actually be a good idea, arranging the room by power. But holy hell what a nightmare.”

Tasha nodded as they stepped into the long hallway leading to freedom. “Can we go outside for a minute before we head to the bar? I need a breath of fresh air more than I need alcohol, and I need alcohol pretty bad.”

Dom nodded. With Natasha beside him, he could relax for the first time tonight and forget about his ridiculous promise to Raul. His demonic friend never understood how Dom could go for decades without a physical relationship. That there were other things besides women to hold his interest. With most women, Dominic had to be so careful of his size, strength, and innate powers. The effort was rarely worth it.

In the back of his mind, he entertained the idea that this speed dating thing might be the answer. Raul certainly thought it was. That small hope was shattered at the sound of the first buzzer.



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Luke & Jezebel

Creatures of Myth Book 5



When the sparks fly between Luke & Jezebel in the middle of a Human vs. Other race war, they are both singed by the outcome. Will they discover they are fated mates before it’s too late? (This standalone story is part of the Creatures of Myth series.)

In the year 2203, the tenuous truce between humans and Others straddles the line between hate rhetoric from the fanatical One Racers, and acceptance by more liberal humans. Angry cracks appear in this diplomatic accord when human children are kidnapped from their beds, and the Fae are blamed for their disappearance. Hired as the public relations expert for the Others, Jezi Longtree is excited to help the paranormal community restore its image among humans.

Her eagerness turns into intense aggravation when she meets her contact, Luke Skylord. As Sentinel for the region, the man is infuriating, arrogant–and sexy as hell.
Luke appreciates Jezebel’s creative talents immediately–as well as her luscious body.

Determined to make the voluptuous redhead his temporary bed-mate, his pursuit of the intriguing woman is relentless. When he finds himself on an unprecedented emotional roller coaster, Luke discovers there’s more to Jezebel than Double Ds. 

Their passion may kill them if the One Racers don’t do it first!

Luke & Jezebel is an insta-love, fated-mates, hard-earned happily-ever-after story. (They work hard for that happiness.) It is the fifth book in Ravyn Wilde’s racy paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This hot as Hades supernatural romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy vampires, mythical Fae warriors, kick-ass heroines, hilarious family drama, and nail-biting suspense–you’ll love this! 

Pick up Luke & Jezebel today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.



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Adam & Eve: A.D. 2203

Creatures of Myth Book 6



There’s a wolf at the door! To prevent being scented and claimed by a werewolf, Eve has never forgotten to lock herself into her safe-room when the moon is full. Until now. (While this story can be read as a standalone – it is better when paired with book 5 in the series so you can discover what happens to Eve’s sister.)

Werewolves have one genetic breeding mate. During Lupine Moon they can scent and claim her. Eve refuses to allow an alpha male to dictate her life.

Adam has searched for his mate for years. As pack leader, his most important responsibility is managing volatile human/were relations. But his human mate has just been catapulted to the top of the One Racer’s Hit List.

This fanatic human purist group will stop at nothing to destroy Eve’s work and take her life. Can Adam convince Eve that being his mate is not a fate worse than death? More importantly–can he keep her alive? 

Adam & Eve is an insta-love, fated-mates, hard-earned happily-ever-after story. (They work hard for that happiness.) It is the sixth book in Ravyn Wilde’s racy paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This supernatural adult romance is filled with snarky humor intrigue. If you love sexy werewolves, laugh out loud moments, and books bursting with mystery and love–you’ll adore this! 

Pick up Adam & Eve and fall in love with something Wilde!

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.



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Midnight’s Mystery: Dragonkynd

Creatures of Myth Book 7



When a Dragon Lord kidnaps her fledglings, Midnight kicks his ass and gets the girls back. But then the Lord surprises her, overwhelms her with the help of a mysterious dragon-male, and hides her from her coven. (Can be read as a standalone or an alternate starting point for the series.)

Matei wants Midnight to become his ideal women. All she needs to do is wear more clothes, stop saving humans, and quit using her magic. She is going to kill him. She has no interest in staying home and playing house!

Midnight is overwhelmed fighting eco-terrorists and three fledgling Dragon Witches who want to stretch their wings. Realizing dragonkynd is almost extinct–she is now forced to search for a male of her species. But she doesn’t want one for herself, another member of her coven can breed the next generation.

Matei wants a submissive mate, just like his mother. But when his brother is kidnapped, he
discovers he needs the warrior in Midnight to save his brothers. These Dragon Witches don’t behave anything like what he was taught to believe a true female of their species should act. 

Will Matei give up his dream of finding a submissive mate, and realize the depth of his feelings for Midnight? Can Midnight teach the overbearing, out-of-touch Lord how to survive in the real world? Even more important, will anyone live through the evil plot to annihilate the dragonkynd race? 

Midnight’s Mystery is an insta-love, fated-mates, hard-earned happily-ever-after story. (They work hard for that happiness.) It is the seventh book in Ravyn Wilde’s paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This ménage romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy dragons, magic spells, kick-ass heroines, and nail-biting suspense–you’ll love this!

Buy Midnight’s Mystery today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.




At Dragon Home…


Startled awake by Jade’s tentative voice in her head, Midnight stretched for a moment and tried to get her thoughts together before responding. Her three fledglings had finally convinced her they could handle themselves on a summer trip to Europe. Before she agreed, she had insisted on updates about their welfare and location every couple of days.

The girls had been gone about a month and stuck to their bargain. She heard from Jade yesterday and wasn’t expecting another check-in this soon. Up to this point, Jade was careful to calculate the time difference between Europe and North America so she wouldn’t disturb Midnight’s rest. Something had to be wrong.

Standing, she started throwing on clothes. She couldn’t put her hands on her leather pants, so she settled for the thong she was wearing and her midriff armor. I’m here, Jade. What’s wrong?

Do you want the good news first, or the bad?

Midnight could sense laughter in Jade’s voice, so that meant no one was hurt. You know, I’ve always hated conversations that started with that question. But I’ll play. Give me the good news first.

Well, my little Tulip spoke today. But before you get excited about my dragon talking—we seem to have found a Dragon Lord. Or, I guess more to the point, he found us. Tulip spoke when she saw him…she distinctly said, “He’s not ours.” And then went back to her incessant humming of Eensy Weensy Spider.

Jade wouldn’t have shocked her more if she said the fledglings somehow landed on the moon. Not at what Jade’s baby dragon said, that was typical for newly awakened dragons…but a Dragon Lord?

For several seconds, there was nothing but dead silence in her mind.

Dragon Lord? You found a…where are you? she demanded.

Well, you see that is the bad news. We’re in Romania. In the Dragon Lord’s castle, in a little town called Hunedoara. And he won’t let us go.

With that pronouncement, Midnight stood to her full height and narrowed her eyes in lethal concentration. Very softly and succinctly she asked, What do you mean he won’t let you go?

She could feel Jade’s amusement and sense of anticipation when she started to explain. Without going into details about how we met him, he invited us to lunch. We didn’t know he was a Dragon Lord, but he knew about us. A few minutes after we got to his castle, he told us he knew that we’re fledglings. Then he informed us that he is prepared to make the supreme sacrifice and look after us for the rest of all time. He turned deaf when we told him we didn’t need a dragon-sitter. Seems he has a couple of brothers as well. As he explained it, his plan is to train us to become proper dragon-mates…whatever the hell he means by that. And then when we “mature” he and his brothers will somehow figure out if they can mate with us. Isn’t that gross?

Midnight growled, Did you tell him you belonged to a coven and are already under my protection?

Nah. We thought it would make a bigger impression if you told him. With that, Jade mentally giggled.

Oh, yeah. I’ll make an impression all right. Hold on.

By this time, Midnight had dressed in her fighting leathers and gathered up just about every blade she had. Leaving her room, she strode down the long hall and loudly beat on Winter’s bedroom door. “Winter. Are you in here?”

“Sleeping. Go away.”

Midnight rolled her eyes. Winter loved to fight. There was no way she would sleep through this. “Okay, I just thought you’d like to help rescue the fledglings from a Dragon Lord that wants to keep them and train—“

Before she could finish her sentence, Winter threw open her bedroom door, and a blast of cold air interrupted Midnight’s ramblings.

“What! Did you just say a Dragon Lord has our fledglings?” Winter scowled.

Quickly Midnight threw up her hand and covered her eyes. “Jeez, Winter! I do not need to see you naked. But, yes, I did say that. Get dressed and ready to go to Romania and kick some dragon’s ass.”

Sifting through the different time and space lines that circled the Earth, it took less than a half-hour before Midnight and her friends were gathered below a very impressive castle. Surrounded by high battlements, they eyed the closed drawbridge. Midnight counted three huge, pointed towers in this gothic monstrosity.

She snorted, and sent her disgust mentally to the women, A working drawbridge? How utterly medieval of them.

Winter smirked. Bullshit. You’ve always wished our castle had one. You just couldn’t get the magic to agree.

Midnight ignored her friend’s irritating truth. This time speaking out loud, “I want Dawn to take the girls to the European safe house while we deal with the Dragon Lord. Jade said the idiot has brothers, so I don’t know what we’ll be dealing with.”

Midnight felt Lushy shudder inside her. I want out, her dragon demanded.

Not now, Lushy. I need to concentrate. She knew her dragon loved to fight, but she wasn’t about to let her out until the fledglings were safe. She didn’t want them hurt if this turned into a battle.

But it isn’t just the Dragon Lord, you will need me…

Hush. I’ve got this handled. I’ll let you out if I need you. Midnight could feel her dragon roll her eyes and sulk. Not now, Lushy.

You’ll be sorry…

Midnight shrugged off her dragon’s warning and looked at her sister. “Are you okay with getting the three of them to Paris?”

Dawn nodded.

When Midnight woke her sister earlier, Dawn had quickly dressed and grabbed a bag of her healing herbs and ointments. She was prepared for just about any injury. Midnight couldn’t help wishing that Summer had been home, but the other third of her Trinity was half-way around the world. She had to trust Dawn to handle this.

While Winter and Midnight took care of the man or men…Dawn would get the girls to a safe location and make sure they hadn’t been harmed.

Jade told her no one was hurt, but Midnight wanted to be sure.

Concentrating on the castle, Midnight considered her options. Jade had said the three fledglings were sitting in a large room called the Knight’s Hall, on the main level. The Dragon Lord was seated in front of them, intent on watching their every move. He was trying to get them to talk about where they came from, why they were in Europe, or if they knew of the existence of any other Dragon Witches. Her fledglings would never talk, they had been taught well.

But he was about to get the answers to his questions.

“So. Any idea of how you want to do this?” Winter drawled.

Painfully, comes to mind. Dragon Lords are almost impossible to kill, but then so are we. And really, do we want him dead? No. To capture him I think the element of surprise will work best, so that cancels out just knocking on the door. This castle hasn’t been protected by blood-rite, which is good for us. Give me a minute here, let me see if I can use Jade for a moment. She’s never sight-swapped before, but I think I can walk her through it.”


Oh, goody. You’re here.

At this pronouncement, Midnight smiled. She could hear the eagerness in Jade’s voice. This girl was going to make an excellent warrior someday.

Yes. I need you to relax for a moment. I want to use your eyes to see the layout of the room and figure out how we’re going to do this. If you don’t resist me, I can use your vision and see what you’re looking at. I want you to do a sweep of the room without drawing attention to yourself.

No problem.

And try not to look directly at the Dragon Lord. I don’t want him to see your eyes change color. If your eyes are suddenly russet instead of green, he is going to know what we’re doing.

Matei. His name is Matei. Jade transferred the information helpfully while she scanned the room.

Midnight shook her head as she concentrated on seeing into the large chamber. As far as she was concerned his name was mud.

The room the girls were being kept in was huge, with marble columns standing about four feet from the wall. Perfect. When Jade’s gaze passed quickly over the dark-haired man seated a few feet in front of her, Midnight held her breath. Dragon’s-blood the man was gorgeous. And very, very big. For a second she just stared, relieved when Jade looked away. This was so not the time to snag her thoughts on a pretty face.

Breaking her connection with Jade, she turned to see Winter looking at her with a question on her face. Evidently, she noticed Midnight’s sharp inhale. Shaking it off, she explained the setup of the room to both Dawn and Winter.

“Let’s do this,” she said, and the three of them waved a hand and transported through the solid rock walls.

“What in the dragon-hell!” The Dragon Lord jumped to his feet in a battle stance as soon as the three Dragon Witches appeared in the hall.

Midnight didn’t wait around to see if the man had any weapons. Instead, she threw up her arm and sent a blast of power toward him.

Unprepared for the assault, he went sailing across the room to slam into one of the marble pillars.

Winter followed with a binding spell, wrapping the man in witch-chains. He wouldn’t be going anywhere.



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UnDuplicated Magic: Children of the Dark Mage

Creatures of Myth Book 8



A Dark Mage intent on world domination. A binding love spell. Can Jason and Gypsy break their magically hot connection and save the world? (Can be read as a standalone – or part of the series.)

Jason Dark Eagle is a Native American Shaman. For centuries he has protected the innocent from the malicious world-altering attentions of a demon. Until an old friend demands he honor an old debt. When Gypsy walked into the Devil’s Boardroom, she took his breath away. The stunning woman looked like heaven and tempted him to forget all the reasons women like her weren’t a good idea. They were sweet, kind, human.

Gypsy Royal is a Romani Traveller, an undercover operator, and weapons expert trained to take care of herself. Some would call her a witch. But when her sister Rose disappears, she needs the help of an elite tracker. An old family friend sends her to Jason. Just looking at Jason was pure pleasure. And when he spoke, chills of desire danced down her spine. The man was trouble. But he was supposed to be the best man for the job. She needed his skills, in more ways than one.

Neither expected the immediate and magically enhanced attraction they had to each other. Can they break the magic spell? Do they want to? Both need to be able to think clearly when they discover there is more at stake than Gypsy’s sister.

The entire world is at risk from the evil plotting of a demonic Dark Mage. Can they survive long enough to unravel the mystery?

UnDuplicated Magic, Children of the Dark Mage is an insta-love, fated-mates, hard-earned happily-ever-after story. (They work hard for that happiness.) It is the eighth book in Ravyn Wilde’s racy paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This intense adult romance is filled with supernatural suspense, alternate history, and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy shamans, gorgeous gypsy’s, and a host of dragons, and vampires–not to mention a little spine-tingling terror and laugh out loud moments–you’ll adore this! 

Pick up UnDuplicated Magic today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.




She put one hand on her hip and said, “Look, you big idiot! It wasn’t me. For one thing, I just flat out wouldn’t do this to myself. For another, I have never played with love charms. Whoever did this is strong, maybe a little wild or untrained, but they are extremely powerful. The spell doesn’t feel finished. And don’t ask me how I know that, I just do. I’ve lived around this shit all my life.”

When he shook his head and began to say something, she cut him off.

“For the love of god and goddess, I can see the tie the spell made between us, you Jackass. There isn’t a touch of delicacy. It is like getting hit over the head with a brick of lust and heat. Any Rom over five years old could do better than this,” she insisted.

All the blood rushed out of Jason’s head and he swallowed hard. Dawning horror teased his mind. “You said love charm. What would someone use to create a charm or love spell?”

“Shit. I don’t know.” She looked up as if seeking answers from the stars. “The usual stuff. A coin or button. A shell or a small rock. For a potion, they would need to use bits and pieces of us, like hair or fingernail clippings or something. Because you need the essence of the couple you are targeting. I have been trained since birth not to leave hair in my brush and to bury my fingernail clippings. Love potions and crazy curses are why most Traveller women wear fake nails. It’s difficult to get to the real nail through the acrylic.”

But he left her talking to herself. He wasn’t listening anymore. Jason turned and walked away, taking out his link.

She shouted after him, “If you find out who did this, let them know I will come for them and make them pay!”

Jason groaned. He knew it wasn’t an idle threat. But it wouldn’t matter. He didn’t listen to any of the stuff she muttered about potions. Besides, neither of them took so much as a sip of anything but water and beer since they met.

But a love charm. He wasn’t sure. He told himself it was a wild stretch of his imagination. She couldn’t do this. She was too young. She wouldn’t know what passion was. But when Gypsy had said the love spell could be transferred with a charm, something like a shell…

He touched the shell in his pocket and shivered. Tried to reassure himself that he was jumping to conclusions. It made more sense if Gypsy was doing something or if the spell was directed at Gypsy. This couldn’t be his fault. Maybe the person who came to take her bike gave her the charm. Maybe Rose was taken by someone who wanted both women and the charm was meant to incapacitate her. He clutched at that explanation for a moment and then remembered that Gypsy also said the spell was done by someone who was untrained, but extremely powerful.

And that a magical Rom over five years old could do better. Shit! He was very afraid he knew who did this to them. Or him. She had done it for him. Wanting him to have his light.

He figured he was far enough away from Gypsy that she wouldn’t hear him make a call. Wouldn’t get close enough to snap the attraction back to full power. Because he didn’t think he could walk away again. The attraction was growing even though he’d put distance between them. Holding the shell Ahna gave him when they were at the beach, he looked at it, and then at his link. Hesitated. Surely not… but right now it was the only explanation. He slowly slid the shell back in his pocket and ran his hand through his hair. Frustrated and worried.

He didn’t call Tehya, nor did he call Franco. While they were loving parents and had their own powerful magic, what he needed right now was the best damn magic user he knew.

“Hey, Jason. What’s up?” Ricardo answered.

Jason didn’t waste time. “At the family reunion, Ahna told me not to worry that my light was coming. I put it down to some precog and empathy. But I think she wished on a seashell for me. A seashell she gave me that I’ve been carrying ever since.” He took the small white shell out of his pocket. Flipping it over so he could rub the slick, pink underside. Like he had done at least a hundred times since Ahna gave him the shell last week.

“I see, and what do you think she wished for?” Ricardo asked, his tone serious.

Jason sighed. “I think she asked for my light. I thought she meant because I’ve been in a dark place chasing this damn demon, but I believe I ended up with a love spell attached to me, that connects my libido to my new client. That love spell has turned into some type of intense enthrallment, one you can almost see. When we get within a few feet of each other, all we want to do is have sex. And before you tell me to stay away from her, I’m driving her truck to Colorado to help her find her missing sister. I still have at least eight hours in the damn vehicle!”

“Take a walk, preferably away from the woman. Let me go see Ahna for a minute and I’ll call you back.” Ricardo advised.

Jason knew he wasn’t joking when he said he would go see Ahna, even though they didn’t live in the same state.

Franco was married to Jason’s niece, Tehya. During the spring and summer, the couple with their tiny daughter lived in the family cabin at Christmas Meadows. Jason’s family had owned the legacy cabin in the high Uinta’s for centuries. The cabin and five others had been in the middle of the mountain range for several hundred years. No one else could build a cabin in the protected spot at the edge of the wildlife-filled meadow, but if the six families kept their cabins in good repair, they would remain a legacy inheritance forever.

Ricardo and Jane lived on a tropical island in Florida. But the Druid Mage could pop in anywhere he damn-well pleased.

Jason walked around the wagon and truck. He noticed that Gypsy had disappeared. He wondered where she went, but at the same time, he was glad she wasn’t hanging around trying to overhear his conversation. He heard what she said when she promised retribution on the person responsible for the love spell attached to them. A faint noise caught his attention and he had to grin. It was Gypsy, down by the river, ranting about making someone pay. Her choice of cuss words made his eyes water. Motherlickin? That sounded vile. But shit. He was never telling her who did this. He didn’t think she would hurt Ahna, but he didn’t know her well enough to know what she would do.

Jason’s communications link beeped.

Ricardo didn’t waste time with hellos. “I went to see Tehya and Franco. After I explained to them what we think might have happened, I spoke with Ahna. She said that she wanted you to find your light. To her, the woman represents your light. She WAS holding the shell when she wished that for you, so her wish is probably attached to the shell. It would be a hell of a lot harder for her to just send something like that out into the universe and have the spell find a home. So, we are going to hope the spell is attached to the shell. We know Ahna is strong, just not how strong. And to complicate matters she was standing in the ocean when she found the pretty shell. Saltwater for a Druid Mage works to increase the power of the incantation. Ahna didn’t know that what she was doing was an incantation, this child has a magical presence that is off the charts. For some reason, we all thought she was a Shaman and held some magic from Mother Earth, along with some healing abilities. Your flavor of magic is very powerful, but not really threatening. It’s more for the good. The destructive quotient is about in line with a Molotov cocktail.”

He let out a quiet breath. “I think with Ahna, instead of a Molotov cocktail we got the atomic bomb of magical ability. This is going to take all of us to contain and train. All she did is hope that you would fall in love with someone like her daddy loved mommy.”

Dear god. Out of the mouth of babes—Tehya and Franco couldn’t keep their hands off each other for five minutes even after more than a century of time together. They had an insatiable hunger for one another and an extremely powerful sex drive. Since Ahna wished that type of love onto him, he could well understand why the love spell had morphed into a stalking, uncontrollable Sex Magick spell that ramped up their erotic appetites.

He thought about the kind of power Ahna would someday control. “You need to re-evaluate our Shamanistic abilities. Tehya could bring down a city the size of LA with a thought. It would just shake itself right into the ocean. My sister’s ability to touch and soothe souls means if she wanted to, she could agitate them to hatred and war. Naomi could raise an army in seconds. You don’t want to know what I could do if I turned to the dark. Not all Shamans are the loving, peaceful people you know. Ahna’s abilities are probably a blend of magic. Not just Shaman or Druid. And think about this for a moment Ricardo. Both her parents are shifters. Both have chosen the wolf. But the Shaman in Ahna’s soul is what will choose the form she shifts to. What type of children does she spend the most time with? What kind of shifter do you think Ahna’s soul would like to be?”

A clear picture formed in his mind of his niece, standing in the sand and looking wistfully at the sky. She wasn’t looking at eagles, that was for damn sure. Thank god he wasn’t going to be responsible for training her. He would help because that was what families did, but his role in her magical upbringing would be small.

Ricardo cursed. “The dragonlings. She watches the dragonlings all the time. Damnit. We need to watch her very carefully and get her around some were-bunny children or something. I think Tehya and Franco should go live on the island for a bit. Give Ahna some room to grow. I’ll talk to them tonight and then see if I can find some less deadly playmates for her.”

“What are you going to do about her power?” Jason asked. Because Ricardo would be her main teacher. Tehya and Franco had different flavors of magic and wouldn’t know how to handle this. Ricardo would.

Ricardo sighed. “It isn’t just going to be me. I need to do some evaluation. After what you said the thought occurs to me that besides strong Druid magic, there is another flavor entwined in Ahna’s soul.”

“The Shaman from our family,” Jason stated.

“No. I already understood that, but there is actually a third. It’s a little confusing and at the same time makes perfect sense. In our family, my maternal grandmother’s heritage is usually drowned out in the DNA pool when a child is created. I’ll just have to see what it might mean if Ahna also has Syeira’s abilities added to the mix.”

Jason considered what he knew about Syeira Volantine. Basically, he found her to be a demanding, loving woman. A force to be dealt with. And he knew the woman was Romany. He wasn’t sure about her magical heritage. It wasn’t something he ever talked to her about. He frowned, realizing that Syeira could have been one of the magic users that Hitler had tried to wipe out. He wondered if she was old enough to have lived through that time. He’d known her for two hundred years, so her family’s makeup was strong enough to make her immortal. It was something to ask her at the next family gathering.

“One more thing Jason. And this is important. Ahna wished on a shell, she wasn’t consciously casting. Her thoughts were not for you to fall in love with anyone you saw, but to find YOUR light. The mommy and daddy stuff would have ramped up the passion because of the intensity of Franco and Tehya’s physical attraction. But—it wouldn’t create a link between you if the woman you are with wasn’t your light. And I have a question. Is the woman a gypsy? Ahna keeps calling her a gypsy.”

What the hell… “Crap Ricardo. The woman’s name is Gypsy. And yes, she is Rom, like your grandmother.”

Franco chimed in, “Hey Jason. I’m on the call too. I think I can help with the reference to the light. Ahna said that when her mother and I are together, we glow. Alone we are dark. So Tehya is my light. She said Jane is Ricardo’s light too. You told Tehya at the family reunion that Ahna said your light was coming. It wasn’t the light within you, Jason. But what Gypsy would bring you. She didn’t want you to miss it.”

“Shit you guys. I arranged to meet the woman my old army buddy wanted me to help—at the Devil’s Boardroom in Vegas. I thought the location would intimidate her. Forcing her to leave me the information and then she would get the hell out of dodge. Instead, the minute she walked in the door I went all caveman, practically beating on my chest and snarling at every tatted-up biker in the place. I wanted to fight everyone in that bar, just for looking at her.”

Ricardo whistled. “Is that hell hole still there? Geez. I’m picking the next date night. Jane would love that place. For that matter, so would Tehya. Wanna double date, Franco?”

Franco laughed. “Sure. And since it seems like Jason now has a wild woman of his own, we’ll wait to go until they’ve worked things out and can join us.”

Jason remembered the look of reluctance on Gypsy’s face when the fight broke out at the bar and they had to leave. Yeah, she would love going back. And both Jane and Tehya would love not only the bar but Gypsy. “She is not my woman.” Jason insisted.

Franco snorted. “Not yet. So, work on that. You might as well give in, Ahna wants you to have her.”

He had to get them to understand how dangerous the spell was. “Besides acting like an animal at the Boardroom, I have been sitting in the truck with her, wanting to pull over and jump on her. Another hour or so and I might have hurt her to get what I wanted. And Franco. I didn’t figure this shit out. I didn’t have any idea that something was wrong. Gypsy did. She said she could see the threads of the spell connecting us. And she is pissed and wants to make the one responsible for the spell—pay.”

“Oh, for hell’s sake. She is not going to blame a two-year-old.” Franco insisted.



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Autumn’s Awakening – Dragonkynd: Children of the Dark Mage

Creatures of Myth Book 9



Save the Children. Rescue the Clones. Kill the demon. In order to do those things Autumn needs to wake up the cranky, old-fashioned Dragon Lord, figure out who the HECK the dragon-male is… and get them to help. This Dragon Witch is going to rock their world!  (This story can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.)

Let sleeping dragons lie – wasn’t an option for Autumn. She had to wake a hibernating Dragon Lord to save the humans. The entire world is at risk from the evil plotting of a demonic Dark Mage.

Nicholae woke to a different world. One where everything he’d been taught – and punished for – wasn’t true. Now if he could convince the Dragon Witch who woke him that she was his mate, he might live long enough to help her.

Autumn’s Awakening – Dragonkynd is an insta-love, fated-mates, hard-earned happily-ever-after story. (They work hard for that happiness.) It is the ninth book in Ravyn Wilde’s paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This supernatural adult romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy dragons, magic spells, kick-ass heroines, and nail-biting suspense–you’ll love this!  

Buy Autumn’s Awakening today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!  

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.




Nicholae was quiet as they went up the stairs from the dungeon. The Dragon Lord was right behind her as they wound through the kitchen and pantries and climbed two more flights of stairs to the main floor. Just before the last stairwell, she turned to him and groused, “You need a damn elevator in this monstrosity.”

He looked at her and frowned. “Why?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. He wasn’t really breathing hard but there was a bead of sweat over his upper lip and a faraway look in his eyes. She frowned and waved up the stairs. “You go first.”

He didn’t question her choice, just started up. She stayed a stair or two behind him and tried not to get lost in the motion of that tight ass in pressed black pants. She needed to ask him how long he’d been asleep. Did he even know about jeans or lightweight, breathable fabric? Those clothes had to be killing him. His body was ninety percent covered.

Autumn kept her sigh to herself. He didn’t look like he felt well. She had no idea what hibernation did to dragonkynd because her coven didn’t try to sleep away their freaking lives. Did a sleeping dragon wake up and eat once and awhile? Or hydrate? She thought about animals that hibernated. One of the first things they did when they woke—was to eat. Nicholae had been playing with her for over an hour and then was thrown against the cement wall of the dungeon by her dragon.

When they walked into the main hall, she smirked and guided Nicholae to a chair at the table. She was a little worried that he didn’t react to the vampire who had made himself right at home in Nico’s family castle.

It didn’t surprise her that it was Vlad and Veronica upstairs. It explained why no one came down into the dungeon to find them.

Vlad simply made enough noise to let her know he was here—expecting her to handle any issues and get upstairs to report.

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Hey Vlad, hello Veronica. So glad you could come.” The Supernatural Council leader was sitting at the head of the big dining table in the main hall. He was obviously in a chair meant for the lord of the household, irreverently slouched back with his legs draped over one of the large arms on the chair. He looked perfectly at ease. And if you didn’t know him, you would think he was harmless.

Which was probably his intent. Autumn turned so Vlad couldn’t see her roll her eyes.

She glanced at Nicholae who was ignoring the vampire. He acted as if he were thinking of times past, glancing around the room and looking a little lost.

She waved her hand and conjured a couple of water bottles and some jerky and handed them to him. When Nico stared at the bottle, she took it back and unscrewed the lid, handing it back. “Drink it,” she ordered.

He didn’t ask her why or give her shit, he just raised the bottle to his lips and drank.

Autumn looked at Veronica and grinned. The tall, leggy blonde looked like a model no matter what she wore. She had beautiful skin and eyes, perfect hair, and if you didn’t notice the sweet soul peeking out from those eyes, you’d hate her for being so well put together. The woman was watching them carefully and smiled with relief at Autumn’s attitude. The way Ronnie acted verified Autumn’s thought that the others had paid attention to how long she’d been gone and that she didn’t answer their mental check-ins.

Veronica frowned once more at Nico and then turned her eyes to Autumn in question. Autumn knew Veronica had been a nurse in the Victorian area. When she became a vampire, her natural abilities increased and eventually, she became one of the supernatural community’s strongest healers.

Autumn shrugged. “Nicholae has been hibernating a long time. I’m not sure how long.”

Nico looked at her then. “What year is it?” His voice was a little weak.

Vlad had long black hair swinging to his shoulders. He was a stocky, muscular, fireplug of a man who was a little under six feet tall. He turned his dark brown eyes on Nico and frowned.

Autumn shivered a bit. She’d had those eyes turned on her and they made her feel as if the man could see every one of her secrets and misdeeds. Then he made her feel like they were insignificant. That she wasn’t mean enough, crazy enough, interesting enough to suit him. It was weird. Throughout her long life, she had met lots of people who could make her feel like she didn’t measure up to their standards. Vlad made her feel as if she honored too many rules and regulations and wasn’t wicked enough for him to really notice her.

It made her want to tell him all her evil deeds.

Maybe that was the point. And how the hell did you impress someone who used to put their enemies’ heads on a pike? She didn’t think she had that in her.

In a deep voice, Vlad answered Nicholae’s question, “It is 2205. How long have you been wasting away?”

Nicholae didn’t respond to the dig. He frowned and lifted the bottle of water to his lips. His hand was shaking a bit. He took a small sip and said, “I think over a hundred years. Maybe a hundred and ten? It feels like too long.”

Before Vlad could say anything else, Veronica walked over and put her hand on her mate’s shoulder. Effectively silencing the man.

Yeah, it was becoming pretty apparent that Nicholae was sinking fast.

So, Vlad changed the subject. He scowled down the table at them while Veronica went back to circling the room, trying to look out the windows and poking in drawers. Vlad bounced one leg on the chair arm and grumbled, “This place is depressing. I don’t know if it can be fixed. There are centuries of pain and unhappiness in the walls. Maybe you should burn it down.”

Autumn thought he wanted an argument, but she grinned at him and agreed, “I know right? I could feel the same thing. Although I think burning it down is a little much. Your castle had to be worse when you met Veronica. How did you exorcise your demons, Vlad? You can give Matei and his family some pointers.”

Vlad glared at her and Nicholae reacted enough to lift his head and scowl at the man. Autumn realized that the very tired and little bit broken dragon would try to protect her from Vlad if he needed too. Wasn’t that sweet? He’d probably get killed, but it was sweet.

Veronica looked back from one of the windows, laughing. “She got you there, sweetheart. Your castle was a lot worse in the creepy vibes category. Although this one is right up there. Is it just me, or is there something evil moving in the walls of this place?”

Vlad’s body jerked upright, he lowered his legs and immediately zipped to Veronica’s side. “What do you mean? You need to go home, or back to Dragon Home. Get away from that wall and into the middle of the room.” He used his body as a shield—crowding Ronnie to the center, close to the table.

Veronica shook her head at him. “I don’t think the evil in this room is targeted at us. It feels…specific.”

Autumn nodded. “I felt the same thing. Something has been done to this place. To the castle. To make it, well… I was going to say uninhabitable but that’s not it. I think whatever it is wants people to live here so it can ruin anything that makes them happy. It is as if the castle feeds on misery.”

Vlad took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Within a few moments, Ricardo and Jane popped in. Vlad pointed a finger at the Druid Mage. “Veronica and Autumn think there is something in the walls of this place feeding misery. Do you feel it?”

Jane pulled her long blue-black hair over her shoulder and fastened it in a ponytail. Once that was done, she shifted her hands to her side and slid the leather off the short sword hilt, so she could draw it quickly. She moved a few steps away from her husband to give herself room to fight. Then she rolled her vivid blue eyes at the man at the head of the table and smirked, “Hi Vlad, hello girls.” She turned those big blue eyes on Nicholae, batted her lashes and let out a cheery, involved wolf-whistle, “Hello big buff, hunk. Who are you?”

Autumn laughed at the expression of concern on Nico’s face. He scooted closer to her and again, the movement was kind of sweet. Jane was irreverent and a vampire hunter. She’d been a very effective one even when she was human. As a magical slayer, she was incredibly lethal. Vlad loved her. Which was kind of weird.

Her husband Ricardo had blonde hair down to his shoulders, lots of muscles for a man who spent a great deal of time in his lab, and spooky moss-green eyes that always seemed focused on another world. Ricardo was a Druid Mage. He was Vlad’s expert on all things mystical and magic.

He spent a few minutes looking at the walls and walking around the room. He didn’t ask any questions, nor did he complain about Vlad interrupting his life to have Ricardo check out the walls in the castle.

Autumn also noticed he didn’t touch anything.

Within moments Ricardo let out a wolf-whistle that was an exact replica of his wife’s notes. “This is that dark mage, that demon Darcy Ifrinn. He did something here. Some magic.” He frowned and shook his head. “No. What is in these walls is more like a demonic presence.”

He snapped his fingers. “That’s it. He left something in the house, watching. It is waiting for someone to be happy so measures can be taken to ruin that happiness. I can feel it waiting to push out the fear and hatred, loneliness. It’s definitely not safe to be here and if you’ve touched anything you need to be cleansed.”

Vlad glared at Nico. “What if you’ve been asleep in this place for over a century?” he demanded, moving even closer to his wife. He laid his hands over Veronica’s arms and pulled her against his body.

Nico lifted his head to glare at Vlad.

Autumn was a little relieved that he made the effort.

Ricardo frowned and looked at the Dragon Lord. “Were you sleeping in this room?”

When Nicholae didn’t answer the Druid Mage, Autumn shook her head. “No, he was in the dungeon. It has some suppression stuff in the walls, but I think the magic down there is targeted to Witches, kind of like the Dracovin Mountain Home. That means the spell would have been done by Nicholae’s father. Winter and I fixed the little house after we rescued Midnight from Matei and then dealt with Darcy the first time. So, I have a pretty good feel for their father’s magic. We stripped the spell and added safeguards so the magic in the mountain house can’t be used against a Witch ever again. Something similar will need to be done to the dungeon here. I’ve walked through the castle and most of the dungeons. I can tell you the evil presence seems to be concentrated in this room. I felt a touch of madness in some of the other areas but to a lesser degree.”

Nicholae offered, “We all had to meet in this room for breakfast and for dinner. Every day, and we were never excused from that duty even if we were sick. If you wanted to target the entire family this is the room you’d use.”

Vlad shook his head and sighed, “This family has some serious issues.”

Autumn nodded and grinned. “Yes, they do. Their only saving grace is they are so pretty.” She ran a hand down Nico’s arm and laced her fingers with his for a few moments. She smiled at him and turned back to Vlad. “We also know that the damn demon played with their dad’s mind. So really the issues aren’t their fault. Unless they don’t learn from their mistakes and keep doing it.”

Nicholae frowned. He didn’t understand much of what they said or why there was evil in his house. However, now that they mentioned it, the walls of the room seemed to press in on him. The presence was taunting him, letting him know he couldn’t have the Witch. There was a voice telling him that these men would take her from him and lock him away.

His body was hot, and he was sweating. Having his dragon-tats covered for so long always made him feel sick. He understood why Autumn didn’t cover hers.

He turned and looked at her body, at all that luscious skin exposed to the air with the blue and red fighting dragons entwined around each leg and covering her ass, her back, her stomach and part of her chest, and her arms. He drank more of the water as he eyed the men in the room. The man who had been sitting in The Father’s chair was mocking him. Watching him with those deep brown vampire eyes while he hid behind one of the women.

A voice in his ear said it wouldn’t matter. He could kill the vampire and the woman. He could kill everyone.

Nico blinked and looked over at Autumn. Well, not her. He didn’t want to kill her. She smelled like peaches. Flame. Autumn. His. Even if her body was exposed to the room, exposed to the men. She shouldn’t be dressed like this. Father said the Witches were to be covered and chaste.

He needed to take Autumn and run, kill the men. Hurt them for trying to take his Dragon Witch. He would take her back to the dungeon. No. No, he didn’t want to go there.

He would take her and run. Maybe to the Dracovin Mountain Home. No. He couldn’t go there. They said it had been stripped of the magic used to bind the Dragon Witches. He needed to talk to Matei. But his head hurt so bad he couldn’t make it work.

He pushed back his chair, getting to his feet, intending to kill them all and take Autumn with him.

Starting with the damn vampire.

Before he could make a move toward the men, Fire popped in and blasted him with dragon fire. The dragon’s deep red scales looked so pettable. Nico reached out a hand, wanting to stroke the smooth, bright orange skin on her belly. The two little horns on the top of her head were so cute. And yet the row of sharp spines running along the backbone to the tip of her tail were deadly. Cute and deadly, all in one package. Just like Autumn.

The fire felt good. It cleansed his skin and stopped the nagging voices in his head.

He looked over and smiled at the Witch he wanted for a mate and crumbled to the floor.


Vlad looked over and frowned at the man on the floor. “He wanted to disembowel us.”

Veronica started in his arms. She turned and pushed him. “Thanks for the charming visual, Vlad. Couldn’t you just say he wanted to kill us?”

Vlad shrugged. “It would have been a lie. That look was all about torture. I know that look,” he said almost sadly.

Veronica turned and rolled her eyes.

Autumn had to keep from laughing when Fire popped back into her body. Her dragon immediately let her know what had been going on with Nico. Evidently, Vlad was right. Nicholae had wanted to kill them all in the most painful way he could think of. By roasting them in dragon fire.

“My dragon says that he did want to kill us. That he was hearing voices that told him to kill everyone, that you all would take me away and keep me from him. Fire also said that he was feeling really sick and he kept fighting the voices, but he didn’t have the strength.”

Ricardo came over and put his hand on Nicholae’s head. He closed his eyes and stayed still for a few minutes.

Autumn noticed that both Jane and Vlad had taken up space close to Nico. They could overpower the Dragon Lord if he regained consciousness and threatened Ricardo.

She didn’t think that would happen anytime soon. Fire said he was really sick.

Before she could suggest they move him, Ricardo opened his eyes.

“It is the demonic presence that was left here. We need to get him out of the castle. This evil is targeted directly at the Dragon Lords. None of them should come here, including Maricara. Because I think there is a family element to what feels a lot like a curse. Until I can see if the dark magic can be traced back to Adramelech, we won’t be able to cleanse the castle of this evil taint.

Vlad pushed a finger toward him. “You don’t come alone. You bring your warrior wife and someone with magic to work with you or to just be here if the thing tries to attack. Franco would be good.”

Autumn thought it was telling that Ricardo didn’t try to argue, he just agreed. What the hell was in this house?

Vlad turned and pointed that finger at her. “Leave Maricara’s things. Ricardo needs to look at it all and burn or save it. Don’t bring something of this evil place to Dragon Home.” He looked down and toed Nico on the floor. “Except this. This you bring.” And he disappeared with Veronica.

Autumn had no intention of arguing.



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Vlad & Veronica: Children of the Dark Mage

Creatures of Myth Book 10



Is their love enough to save the world from the insane plot of a megalomaniac demon?


Veronica has been kidnapped – again. It’s up to Vlad to find her, save her, and then they can focus on finding the demon and destroying him before his clone army takes over the world.

While this story can be read as a standalone – it is better when paired with books 7, 8, and 9 in the series to follow the secondary plot – Children of the Dark Mage.

Vlad & Veronica, Children of the Dark Mage is an insta-love, fated-mates, hard-earned happily-ever-after story. (They work hard for that happiness.) It is the tenth book in Ravyn Wilde’s paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This supernatural adult romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy vampires, magic spells, kick-ass heroines, a dragon or two, and nail-biting suspense–you’ll love this!

Author note: This paranormal book contains lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. This includes rough handling and violence. The book deals with mature situations and has adult language. It is intended for those readers 18 and up.




Vlad let his paranormal senses search the building while Marie explained.


“The eight gargoyles who protect this city are granite monstrosities that can be called upon to guard the innocent. With a little blood and great need, a stone being can be brought to life. I’ve never known all of them to wake at the same time,” she offered.


“There is a lot of blood. And it circles all the pedestals. Whoever pleaded for help, woke them all.” Vlad had never spoken more than a few words with the Guardians. For one thing, he’d never been innocent. For another, not many believed anymore so there wasn’t anyone asking for help. Which meant the stone creatures spent a hell of a lot of time asleep. They weren’t awake for him to talk to, so he didn’t know much about them.


He spoke again, “I don’t sense the demon, nor do I feel that there was a death up here. I believe the Stone Guardians were awakened and they’ve taken their charge or charges away to care for them. The demon couldn’t wake them from their stone sleep as he is not innocent. In a sleeping state, the stone protectors couldn’t give the demon what he needs, which is their blood. I don’t fear for them, but we should make sure they are aware of the demon’s threat. The demon would love to capture one of these ancients.” Vlad hadn’t been thinking. Asleep, these ancients didn’t bleed. He didn’t believe the demon had them. But that meant eight ancients were running around the world. Ancients that hadn’t been awake for centuries. Shit. Another problem to deal with.


He looked at Marie. “See if you can find them. Later tonight I’ll send you a list of the few ancients in your territory that would tempt Adramelech. And I’ll put together another list of the top twenty worldwide for Brian and Matt. They can work their magic and get the other Sentinels searching. Be alert, aware, and watch over your people. The demon has had some success with his plans. He’ll be more determined now than ever.”


* * * *

Back at his castle, Vlad called out to his mate. “Veronica! I’m home. Where the hell are you?” As the leader of the Supernatural Council, he’d gained the ability to shift time and space. With Others all over the world, he needed to be able to pop in and out of continents within moments. He always took Veronica with him, and sometimes Igor.


But the strips had given him the luxury of going alone. Igor had followed under his own steam. This was the first time since he’d mated Veronica that they had been separated by so many miles. The hours had gone by fast, but he’d missed his mate.


The sublingual strips had been created by Eve to allow vampire True Bond mates to spend time away from each other. Without the strips, vampire mates needed to remain close. Like in the same room. It was frustrating when Vlad needed to do things that might put his mate in danger.


But the modern drug had a time limit. The drug wasn’t wearing off yet, but Vlad could feel the need for his mate, creeping up on him.


Veronica didn’t answer his call, so he set out to search all one hundred and twenty-two rooms of the castle. Rooms Veronica had painstakingly decorated to meet their combined personalities. Which hadn’t been easy. She was sweet, caring, and lived to help others.


Vlad was none of those things and didn’t have a problem admitting it.


Contrary to misguided history, his castle had never been Bram. He hadn’t even had a castle until he’d been a vampire for some time. Vlad had preferred life on the road. Pillaging and fighting didn’t require a home base.


It was also a misconception that he had killed to acquire the castle. Vlad snorted. No, he did it the old-fashioned way. He paid money for it. For one thing, Veronica wouldn’t allow him to do anything else.


Being head of the Supernatural Council required a home base. Having a mate that he loved and wanted to protect, made it even more important. It wasn’t the love of a good woman that kept him in line. Kept him from solving all his problems with mayhem and murder. It was Vlad’s love for Veronica. He snorted. The love of an unbelievably bad man for the flickering light in his soul.


He frowned when he stepped out on the sun deck at the very top of his castle. Veronica wasn’t here. She wasn’t anywhere within the castle walls.


Gazing over the calm fields and watching the sunset, he pulled out his com device to check for messages. There weren’t any. But he noticed the home communicator had been answered by Veronica several hours ago. She’d talked to Autumn. Maybe the Dragon Witch knew where he could find his mate.


As he waited for Autumn to answer, Vlad pictured the Witch in his mind. She had dark black hair with thin white streaks running through it. The other Dragon Witches often teased Autumn that the slivers of white were caused when lightning bolts of knowledge hit her brain.


She had taken every bit of digital information out of the cave in Greece, where they had rescued many clone babies and a few women incubators.


Vlad knew she was looking for clues. Trying to find other locations they could search for the demon.


He wondered if she’d discovered anything.


“Hey, big guy. Did you get the message?” she asked instead of greeting him.


Vlad frowned. “You left me this message?” he asked.


“I did. And now I’m confused. I called this morning and talked to Ronnie. I told her about a place that we needed you to inspect. It appears there might be a training school or military camp there for the clones. It’s not far from your castle. Veronica said she would tell you as soon as you got home. She told me you went to test one of your theories on who might have been held captive in the last cave.”


“I went, I saw nothing. It is not this morning—it is the night. Veronica is not home where I left her.”


Autumn gasped. “Oh shit!” she muttered.


Vlad couldn’t help but agree. His heart raced in fear for his mate.




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About the Author

Ravyn Wilde is the author of the Zylar’s Moons, Creatures of Myth, and Out of THIS World series. She writes Hot romance filled with things that go bump in the night! Get Wilde with a werewolf, or vampire, maybe a dragon or two…or let an Alien hunk take you away from all your troubles. But keep track, because one and a while a story-worthy human comes along. These books have strong, capable women and happily-ever-after endings. Ravyn is a firm believer in escapism, preferring to read and write stories that have little basis in the real world.

Ravyn is passionate about her family, the beach, and the hammock in her backyard where she stares up at the treetops and formulates her books. Oh, and coffee…she’s very passionate about coffee. She has lived all over the western United States and in a few exotic places like New Guinea and Singapore. She is married with three grown children and a fabulously fun, expanding hoard of grandchildren.

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