Claire C. Riley & Ellie Meadows ~ Twisted Princess ~ Cover Reveal



-The Bratva Mafia Twins Duet-

Book two

USA Today Bestselling Author
Claire C. Riley
King of Castleton Author
Ellie Meadows







Katya Vasiliev isn’t your typical Bratva Princess and she doesn’t need saving. 


Headstrong, rebellious, and with an insatiable sexual appetite, it has always been her brother carrying the weight of the future crown, but Katya still has her own cross to bear.

She’s expected to marry a rich, powerful man of her father’s choosing.

A man that will strengthen their family name.

She is expected to be dutiful, to become a doting wife and mother.

But Katya has her own plans.


Watching her brother fight for love has given Katya hope that she too can marry who she wants. That her desires can win over her duties.


Now, if only she could convince her body not to want the man it wants.

A man she fights with constantly.

A man she loathes.

A Bratva soldier whose life revolves around murder, mayhem, and madness.


Katya wants anyone but him.


But she can’t deny the truth. Her body craves only him, and he’s off-limits.

Yet that only makes her want him more…





Twisted Princess is the second instalment of Born to Darkness, The Bratva Mafia Twins Duet.


Disclosure: Born to Darkness is a HOT, no-holds-barred, mafia romance with flavors of suspense and DOMs that leave you gasping for more.  With graphic sex, violence and illicit dealings. This book is not for the faint hearted.










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