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NO SUCH THING AS FOREVER (This Love Series #2) by J.L. Lennon

Release Date: February 25, 2021

Cover Design: TE Black Designs
Photographer: Alison McStravick
Model: Garland F.J. Sama

Genre: Contemporary romance w/ MC elements
Trope: Friends to lovers, slight age-gap, angsty



The night Gage and Everly met there was an immediate attraction.

And a friendship began, one that rivals every other relationship in their lives, and one that is slowly breaking down walls and revealing secrets that could destroy a friendship….or turn it into something more.

Gage is willing to risk it all- for her. He’ll even try to be that prince he knows she dreams of. The need to protect her has him overstepping boundaries at every turn. He wants her to be his in every way that he shouldn’t.

She has a boyfriend, and he has another life…

Everly knows there’s more to her and Gage than just friendship. It would be easy to assume it’s just a physical thing; she’s used to guys wanting her body and nothing more. But it’s different with Gage. He believes in her and pushes her to reach for her dreams. He’s also possessive and protective in a way that she can’t deny makes her heart and body react.

Gage is a man with a life outside of the MC that brought them together in the first place. A life she might not even fit into.

They aren’t exactly star crossed lovers, but they come from two very different worlds.

Could forever be more than just a fairytale?


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“What’s up your ass tonight, man?” Owen asks. The band usually meets up at least once a week to practice and go over new tunes they might use for upcoming gigs. There aren’t any scheduled for another month though. Owen, like Gage, does a lot of session work for other bands and musicians. But he also loves playing live.

Gage used to love it too. Now, though, he prefers adding drum tracks to other musicians’ work. For him, it’s satisfying in a way playing live isn’t. It’s like a puzzle and he has to find the missing piece. He enjoys it more than playing live with the band. He’s never had any desire to be a rock star. But music is a part of who he is, and he wants to be involved in making it, on some level, for the rest of his life.

But today he’s not feeling it. In fact, ever since Everly showed up at the clubhouse to pick up Trey, he’s been in a bad mood. He saw her face and for a second he hoped… well, it doesn’t matter what he hoped because she was there to pick up Trey, her fucking loser boyfriend, the one he’d hoped she was finally done with.

He kept his word about keeping an eye on her though. He drove by the school and saw her car parked where she told him she always parks. But she hasn’t been at the gym in a few days. Or her car hasn’t. He could’ve texted or called. But he didn’t. He even stayed away from Jess’s so he wouldn’t run into her. It’s getting harder not to just say “fuck it” and do what he wants.

What exactly do you want to do?

Whatever she’ll let me.

Groaning, he rubs his face, tugging on the sparse beard. “Just not feeling it. Sorry…” he says. It’s an off day for all of them, actually.

“Me fucking either!” Ian, their lead singer, plops down in the black leather couch tucked into the corner of their practice room.

“Strip club!” Mitch, the bassist, yells, raising a fist.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Gage growls.

Mitch grins and sets his bass on its stand. “The Pink Flamingo. My neighbor, god bless her rocking body, dances there. Let’s go. Kick back, have a drink, maybe it will inspire us.”

“I’m in!” Ian says, pulling his long black hair back into a ponytail.

“Me too,” Owen says.

Gage shrugs. He’s not against looking at naked girls; he’s just not in the mood for anything remotely fun. There’s a fight later tonight, and he’s meeting up with Dax, Bud, and Jess at a warehouse on the east side of Savannah. Trey’s going up against a fighter from an MC in Marietta. It’s a fairly new one—they just came out of nowhere, which is suspicious. Not to mention the fact that Trey’s behavior lately has them questioning his loyalty.

It also has Gage thinking about Everly and hoping Trey’s keeping her away from the fights. Any reason to fuck with Trey, that’s his idea of fun tonight. And the only reason he wants to show up at the fight.

But he’ll do the strip club with the band. A couple of drinks, pretty girls, it’ll get him pumped for later. And tomorrow he’ll text Everly.

He doesn’t want her thinking that he backed off because she kissed him. After they talked, things were okay but then he saw her with Trey and it pissed him off. He has no right to be angry, and being jealous doesn’t sit well with him. Neither does ruining their friendship.

They can’t be more than friends no matter how much he wants it.

It’s still early but the parking lot of the Pink Flamingo is packed. The pink and blue neon lighting flashes on the chrome on his bike as he parks next to Owen’s beat-up Honda Civic. It reminds him of a carnival ride, and he thinks of Disneyland and Everly as he yanks his helmet off, pulling a few hairs out in the process. If he could just manage to get her out of his head, his mood might improve. But he can’t stop thinking about her.

Bass is pumping from speakers somewhere deep inside the club, and he can make out two stages. One is empty and on the other a dancer wraps her body around a pole. The woman is in the shadows and it’s impossible to see what she looks like.

He hopes like hell she isn’t a blonde.

“Let’s grab something from the bar first,” Mitch says, leading the guys in the direction of one of the bars. The sign outside said there are three. Five stages, three bars, and even a dance floor. Gage can’t believe he’s never heard of this place. Not that he frequents strip clubs; he’s only been to a couple. But this place seems pretty popular.

He puts in his order and is stepping back to let Owen by when he hears his name.

“Gage! Yo!” He glances over his shoulder and sees Jett. He’s a member of Reign but one Gage doesn’t see all that often. He’s not part of the inner circle that hangs out in Jess’s garage. Gage has run into him at a couple of fights, and he’s always at the parties at the clubhouse.

Rumor has it he’s into tying girls up and making them beg for his dick. Gage doesn’t know what the truth is, but Jett wears a knotted rope bracelet that is supposedly a symbol of the lifestyle, BDSM or whatever.

Gage hasn’t ever tied a girl up during sex and never had the desire to do so. As long as she behaves herself and does what he says, it’s all good.

And if she wants to call him “daddy”… well…

“What’s up, Jett?” Gage slaps Jett on the back.

“Not much, just working.”

“You work here?”

“Yeah, security. Gotta keep the ladies safe.”

“That’s—” Gage cuts the conversation short when a flash of blond hair catches his eye. Everly. Her long blond hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and her tight pink T-shirt is emblazoned with the word Sweet across her tits. A tiny denim skirt barely covers her ass. The only thing that isn’t overtly sexual about the outfit are the pink Converse, but they scream baby in a way that definitely has nothing to do with chronological age.

“Goddammit,” he growls under his breath as he makes his way across the bar. She raises her head and meets his eyes just as he gets close enough to touch her.


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Not A Love Story (This Love Series #1)


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