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From Author Allie Winters comes a sexy new marriage of convenience romance, Marrying the Billionaire, available now and free to read in Kindle Unlimited!






Marrying the man of your dreams after crushing on him for the last decade should be cause for celebration. So why am I crying alone in the honeymoon suite on my wedding night? Because there’s just one problem – it’s a fake marriage. Purely for appearances as part of a business deal between our fathers’ companies.

But I can’t sit idly by pretending this is only a platonic relationship, especially as sparks begin to fly between us. So what will I have to do to convince my stoic Prince Charming I want him for real? And what will I risk along the way?



The plan is simple – act like a husband in love publicly after I foolishly got myself involved in this fake marriage, and behind closed doors keep things separate. But the longer we continue this charade attending events and staging selfies, the more I’m unsure what’s fake and what’s not, especially when things start to heat up in private.

As the successor to my father’s billion dollar company, work has been my life. Focusing on my job has never been harder, though, when there’s a temptress living in my guest bedroom. What are the chances this business deal of a marriage could turn into the real thing? The last person I ever expected to fall for is… my wife.





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My ARC Review:

Book 2 in this series from Allie, this book is all about Serena and Archer, who we met in book 1. Serena was supposed to marry Gabriel (book 1) but he fell in love with the wedding planner and couldn’t go through with it, so his brother Archer stepped in at the last minute, as the marriage was arranged as a business deal for their fathers, so Archer stepped up to keep the business deal alive.

In book 1 Serena was willing to go ahead with the marriage because she thought she was marrying Archer, and in the end she did, and she is thrilled and overjoyed to be marrying the man she has had a crush on for years. Her wedding day is blissful, right up until the point the happy husband and wife make it back to their hotel room, where Archer makes is very clear that this is a fake marriage for the business deal, and Serena is crushed!

In book 1 we don’t really learn an awful lot about Serena and Archer, but they both come across as a bit cold and unfeeling, I was really looking forward to this one and finding out more about them!

Serena is a caring, loving soul, dedicated to her animal charity where she’s a board member and helps out, but is basically a pawn in her father’s life, who has provided for her to look good and marry her off in a business deal, and he literally can’t wait to be shut of her. I really felt for her throughout this, she is shy and inexperienced in life, but is determined to win Archer orver and prove the marriage is real, but she has her work cut out!!

Archer is the eldest of the 3 brothers and is a workaholic with set routines and no time for relationships or anything else for that matter. He comes across as hard, cold and unfeeling at first, until Serena starts wheedling her way into his life. I loved Archer the more I read about him and understood him and learned about why he is the way he is. He has no idea that Serena wants the marriage to work and is oblivious to her thoughts and feelings about it. He tries to be a gentleman and look after her whilst trying to maintain business limits. But the more time he spends with her, the more she intrudes on his thoughts, and his control starts slipping.

I was hooked on this one from start to finish, they are just so right for each other, but just can’t see it!! I loved how hard Serena tries with Archer, little touches that stick with him and has his mind doing overtime thinking about her! Both their fathers in this are awful people, Mr Bishop was truly despicable in what he ends up doing to Archer and Serena, I was fuming!!! I couldn’t put this one down, I was invested in Archer and Serena and those pages wouldn’t stop turning!! Loved it!! Can’t wait to see how book 3 will play out. Highly recommended reading.





Author Bio:


Allie Winters is the author of the Suncoast University series, the Bishop Brothers series, and the upcoming Lessons Learned series. She loves writing swoony, relatable romance and lives in sunny Florida with her husband, daughter, and two cats.

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