Heartbroken at the loss of my Brother



Just a quick post in order to explain why posts are few and far between at the moment.


My eldest brother passed away on Valentine’s Day….  to say I’m heartbroken and devastated is an understatement, he was such an influence in my life.


He was a wonderful, caring, intelligent, generous and protective Brother, Husband, Father, Son and Grandfather and will be sorely missed by all.


He was the life and soul of any party and he did not sensor what came out of his mouth, he told it as it was.


I have some fabulous memories of my time growing up with him, being 10 yrs older than me he was my idol with all the things he would get up to….. coming home from university and dying his hair red (wonder where I got it from?), cooking up some strange and exotic foods, playing Dungeons & Dragons with the lads in the living room on a Thursday night, buying a new Astra GTE car and scaring the crap out of me flying up the narrow lanes near where we lived while he was laughing his head off, our shared love of Fantasy and Horror books, and our unique way of dancing together.


I will be forever grateful for the time we spent in Mexico when I got married to Kev and you gave me away. I loved the bond we shared and I will miss you terribly. You were taken from this world too soon, you had so much yet to achieve! I will love you always Big Bro xx




As much as reading and blogging is keeping me sane at the moment, I cannot promise to do many posts or ARC reviews with everything I have going on.  I apologise to all the Authors and the PR companies who I have promised to do work for and hope to catch up in the near future.


Any hugs you can spare please send my way, and to everyone that reads my posts please stick with me at this horrible time, I will be back with you, thanks for your understanding.



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