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Are you a fan of Enemies to Lovers? How about Brother’s best Friend? Or maybe Mafia Romance with a forbidden edge?  How about a mix of these tropes but a story that keeps the romance front and centre? Then Twisted Princess is the book for you and it is AVAILABLE NOW and in Kindle Unlimited.



The untamed rivalry and heated tension between Katya and Nik is playful with a vicious edge to it that’s explosive. Twisted Princess is a book I cannot recommend highly enough and I will stand and shout about it from the rooftop  –



I found myself gripped, tense even a little heart broken in places as this sucked me in and held me to the end. – Wendy, Goodreads Review.




If you want a taste of this world by Claire C Riley & Ellie Meadows then download Deviant Prince  for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription now!






Katya Vasiliev isn’t your typical Bratva Princess and she doesn’t need saving.

Headstrong, rebellious, and with an insatiable sexual appetite, it has always been her brother carrying the weight of the future crown, but Katya still has her own cross to bear.

She’s expected to marry a rich, powerful man of her father’s choosing.

A man that will strengthen their family name.

She is expected to be dutiful, to become a doting wife and mother.

But Katya has her own plans.

Watching her brother fight for love has given Katya hope that she too can marry who she wants. That her desires can win over her duties.

Now, if only she could convince her body not to want the man it wants.

A man she fights with constantly.

A man she loathes.

A Bratva soldier whose life revolves around murder, mayhem, and madness.

Katya wants anyone but him.

But she can’t deny the truth. Her body craves only him, and he’s off-limits.

Yet that only makes her want him more…





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About the Authors:


Claire C. Riley


Claire C. Riley is a USA Today and International Bestselling author.


She lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, three daughters, and ridiculously naughty        rescue beagle, Dogface. She loves clothes with pockets in (especially dresses) avocados and is     obsessed with 80’s movies.


She is represented by Lane Heymont of The Tobias Literary Agency


Gryffindor. Targaryen. Zombie slayer.


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Mafia Romance:

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Shut Up & Kiss Me – co-authored with Madeline Sheehan


Post-Apocalypse/dystopian romance:

Odium The Dead Saga series

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Red Eye The Armageddon Series – co-authored with Eli Constant

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Paranormal Romance:

Limerence. (The Obsession Series)

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Available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook, and almost all in Kindle Unlimited!




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Ellie Meadows


Ellie Meadows also writes under the pen names Eli Constant & Eliza Grace.

A diverse speculative fiction author, steeped in heady flavors of horror and the paranormal, Eli isn’t afraid to be a bleeding-heart nonconformist & she supports the LGBTQ community, equal rights and treatment for minority communities, the importance of the arts in education, a woman’s right to choose, free speech, and more.

She lives in the States with her loving husband, three daughters, and whoodle pup Miles. Also, if there’s good sushi around, don’t get in her way.



Twitter – Eli Constant

Facebook – Eli Constant

Facebook – Joint Fan Page

Instagram @Poe.Some.Sugar.On.Me



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