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Dragon Rules #1

Tia Didmon







Betrayal can’t be hidden from a dragon who never forgets…


Art student Mara Krane has no time for the sexy ‘dragon’ in her dreams, even if he insists she is the key to saving humanity. But as her dormant magic emerges, she can no longer ignore her immortal mate. Trusting him will make her a target in a war that has lasted for millennia and unearth a long-buried family secret, concealing the betrayal of a former life. As she faces an ancient adversary set on her destruction, will her hopes burn to the ground, or will she discover that love hath no fury like a dragon scorned? 


This series is perfect for fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, T.S. Joyce, Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan and Lora Leigh.


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My Review:

First book in a new series by Tia, who is a new author for me, featuring dragons, magic and druids. I enjoyed this, and look forward to reading more from Tia.

Legion is the leader of the Dragons, who, a long time ago, thought he had been betrayed by his fated mate, Adara. Now it is years later and his fated mate has been reborn in the form of an Art student named Mara.

Mara has always had strange dreams, none stranger than a golden dragon talking to her in her head! Mara has druidic powers that are just emerging and unbeknowingly reaches out and contacts Legion, who can then find his mate after so many years! Mara has much to learn about her powers and she has until her 23rd birthday, when her powers emerge and she is supposed to bond with Legion. But the Dark Dragons have other plans, which involve feeding off Druids they can find, and Mara is in their sights.

I enjoyed this, the story was enjoyable and flowed well, Mara and Legion worked well together when they got to know one another a bit more. There are lots of secondary characters…. other dragons and friends of Mara, who could well end up being part of further books. This could be just the tip of the iceberg for this series, Legion and Mara have the makings of a very powerful couple, but they have other druids to find before they can complete their quest.



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