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Book Review


Dangerous Web #3

Aleatha Romig





Night never had the last word. The dawn is always invincible.” ~Hugh B. Brown

The Sparrow web world is covered in darkness, yet the dawn is near.
The dramatic conclusion to the Dangerous Web trilogy is here.
The veil of safety protecting Lorna Murray’s life has been ripped away.
Can Reid Murray convince her that despite the lingering darkness, the sun will rise again?

From New York Times bestselling author comes a brand-new dark romantic suspense trilogy, Dangerous Web. DAWN, the dramatic conclusion, is set in the dangerous world of the Sparrow Webs. You do not need to read Web of Sin, Tangled Web, or Web of Desire to get caught up in this new dangerous and intriguing romantic suspense saga, Dangerous Web.

DAWN is the dramatic conclusion of the DANGEROUS WEB trilogy that began in DUSK, continued in DARK and concludes in DAWN.
Have you been Aleatha’d?



Book Review:

The epic conclusion to this Dangerous Web series, the third set of books in the Sparrow world, and what an ending it was….. full of passion, drama, suspense, emotion, loyalty and love. The Sparrow men and their wives and families have certainly wormed their way into my heart!

Aleatha and her writing had me on the edge of my seat as the puzzles unfolded and the pieces fell together as the story joined itself together.

Lorna and Araneae have gaps in their memories from their abduction and are working hard to fill these in, while the Sparrow men are chasing leads and trying to find out just who kidnapped them and why. It all seems to boil down to Lauren and her memory formula, somebody wants her and it badly.

As Lorna recovers her memories, it drags up her past and her abusive childhood, which is quite gritty. Her husband Reid and her brother Mason are determined to dole out some vengeance on her behalf. Their missing sister Missy is also mixed up in this and we learn a little more about what went on there. Everything comes to a head inside the Sparrow headquarters for a big final confrontation!

A great series, one you can’t put down when you start reading it, highly recommended.

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