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Ash: Guarded Hearts Book 7 by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell



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On the run from her mobster stepfather, Ashlee Gabrielli knows to trust no one. When Ash stumbles through the gates of the Citadel looking for a place to hide, she has no idea the men here are shifters.


Tobias Santini is the leader of The Order of the Phoenix. The cadre’s superior has guided his men and protected their women since the first fated mate was found. With everyone else in relationships, Tobias remains alone, serving as guardian to them all.


When he discovers Ash hiding in the garden, everything changes. She’s the image of a woman he loved and lost a lifetime ago, and she’s in trouble. Taking her under his wing, Tobias vows to protect her—even from himself when attraction sparks between them.


Ash is inexplicably drawn to the silver fox superior. Eventually, he reveals their past life connection, but he’s still keeping secrets. She has one, too, possessing a dangerous gift that no one foresees. With forces unfolding their insidious plans and a final showdown brewing, the men of the Citadel will need every ally they have to survive the wrath of the vampire Etienne. Yet even that might not be enough this time.


This epic Season One finale has BDSM, consensual power exchange, dark themes, and potential triggers, including a history of child abuse. The first DD/lg book of the series is written for Ages 18+.


Guarded Hearts Season One features The Order of the Phoenix. Season Two will feature members of The Order of the Dragon, Hell’s Fury MC, who appear as secondary characters in Season One. Hell’s Fury MC: Dangerous Curves (Guarded Hearts Book 7.5/Season Two Prequel) debuts in the Twisted Steel 2 MC Anthology out 13 April 2021.






Tobias stared at the angel before him. Skin still flushed from her bath, she was a vision of beauty and so startlingly like his Francesca, he almost forgot she wasn’t.

“What?” Ash questioned, looking at him like he’d gone mad.

Catching himself, he realized he’d been staring like a besotted fool. Moonstruck by this enigmatic young woman.

Tobias cleared his throat. “Forgive me, I should have set out a brush and comb for you to use.” Ash still had questions to answer and could easily be a threat to his home if she was working for their enemies. Showing her kindness was one way of putting her at ease.

Ash shrugged a slim shoulder. “I used a bunch of other stuff, but it would be nice to brush my hair before we eat.”

Tearing himself away, Tobias quickly fetched the items and brought them back to her. When she reached to take them, he could smell the subtle scent of his favorite soap on her hair and skin. Why it pleased him, he wasn’t sure. He was desperate to know why she looked so much like the one woman who had meant so much to him, one he’d lost centuries ago. Coincidence? Or was something darker and more nefarious at play?

He watched her turn, quickly returning to the bathroom to brush her locks and bring order to the messy blonde mop.

He had planned to work on the carousel phoenix today but he didn’t dare leave her alone. One unguarded moment and she might disappear as quickly as smoke. Remembering the way the air had rippled around him when he’d caught her by the wall, he frowned. He needed to know who she was…, what she was, and what powers she possessed.

Perhaps it was time to call Father Xavier over for a visit. The priest was the acting head of the Guardians of the Sacred Light cell in the city. Although the secret organization had no real love for supernaturals, Xavier had many he called friends. If anyone would know what this woman was, it would be him. Tobias wondered if she was some kind of changeling or shapeshifter. That would explain why she had Francesca’s face. Perhaps she had picked up his thoughts which had been so heavy with the past lately and used an image from his memories.


The sound of her voice dragged him from his musings. Standing before him, she stared up at him, her expression a mix of innocence and nervousness. Tobias remembered her earlier fear when he’d grappled her to the ground and felt a surge of protectiveness toward this female who had come so unexpectedly under his care.

Whether she was his prisoner or his ward remained to be seen.





My ARC Review:

WOW!! An epic climax to this series from Claire and Nia!! I have thoroughly enjoyed this series from start to finish, it’s a different type of PNR / Sci Fi / Erotic read that has drawn me in from the start, the story was well done and believable in the world that they created and always left me wanting more at the end of every book. This was no exception, but being the finale of the series I was expecting something of epic proportions, and they certainly delivered on that!! I loved it!! DD/LG is not always my thing, I like it depending on how its done, and this was done brilliantly, not too OTT, nothing that turned my stomach, but done really well and was natural and believable in the story that was told.

Tobias is the head of the chapter, looking out for all of his fellow gargoyles and the mates that they have found and the children that have resulted from their mating. He has no mate and does not expect to have one. The love of his life died hundreds of years ago and nothing can replace her. He has other things to concentrate on anyway…… nothing like an evil vampire with mafia connections trying to kill everyone to take the edge off!!!

Ash is just 18 yrs old and on the run from her evil SOB step-father who has abused her for years. He happens to be the head of the local mafia family and is in league with Etienne and plans on offering Ash to him. Ash stumbles across the Citadel and finds a place to hide and sleep rough, helping herself to bits and pieces of food and whatnot to keep her going. Tobias stumbles across her and offers her the Citadel protection, food, a bed, etc., but she must work to earn her keep.

Tobias is stunned when he comes across Ash, he sees his former love in her and his attraction to her is off the scale. He knows she is very young and tries to resist the temptation to be with her, but struggles when Ash offers herself to him.

Ash cannot understand the connection she has with Tobias, she has never had this kind of connection or understanding with a male after all the abuse she has suffered, but she wants Tobias and sets out to get his attention.

Tobias’ past is quite heart wrenching when you learn what has happened to him and his lost love. He must work out if his connection is with Ash or his past lover. Ash turns out to be a very special person, with a magic ability of her own, very unique in its type but also very dangerous. She must learn to control her power or be killed by it.

A brilliant read this from the start, I couldn’t wait to read about Tobias and his story and this did him justice. It’s certainly not as dark or dirty as some of the other books, there is plenty of steam don’t get me wrong, but it is done in a different way. There is a major shocking moment in the story that left me gasping and hoping that this is not how it would end for this series. Should have known how evil authors work!!! Dramatic and action filled from start to finish, but mostly centered around the DD/LG romance of Tobia and Ash, I thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to the spin off series featuring the MC chapters in the next series. A utterly enthralling series that has held my attention from the get go. Thoroughly recommended for any dark PNR readers out there.












Ash (7 Mar 2021)



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Nia writes erotic romance as Nia Farrell, historical romance as Erinn Ellender Quinn, and erotica/romantic comedy as Ree L. Diehl.  Her three pen names share a webpage at, where you can see tantalizing teasers and read steamy excerpts.  As one reviewer puts it, “If you love sensual, emotional and powerful romance with a definite D/s dynamic, you should be reading Author Nia Farrell.”







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