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Brain Storm

The Taylor Morrison Psychic Thrillers Book 1

by Cat Gilbert



Genre: Psychic Suspense, Thriller





One Woman:

Taylor Morrison – a private investigator who is suddenly gifted with a psychic ability.



Three Men:

One who has secretly watched her for years – guarding over her as he waits for her gift to emerge.

One who offers her protection, safety and hope, but at a cost she is not prepared to pay.

One who will do anything to control her and the power she now possesses.


As Taylor’s once ordered world erupts into violence and chaos, she is forced to go on the run, fighting to protect the people she loves, even as she struggles to control the power she doesn’t understand…


Brain Storm is the first book in the Taylor Morrison psychic suspense thriller series. If you crave clean, fast-paced action — full of twists and turns, believable characters, and loads of suspense —  then you’ll love this first installment of Cat Gilbert’s page-turning series.





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The Third Option

The Taylor Morrison Psychic Thrillers Book 2





Desperate. Deadly. Dangerous.


Injured and hunted, Taylor is forced to form an uneasy alliance with KOR, a clandestine group of “patriots,” in the hope of protecting the people she cares about. She soon discovers all is not as it seems as she is thrown into a world of secrets, spies, and betrayal within the organization, even as Vice President Armstrong sets a trap for her, with bait he knows she cannot resist.


Not knowing whom to trust or how to evade Armstrong, she must push her telekinetic ability further than ever before, as she fights to survive the consequences of choosing…The Third Option



The Third Option is the second book in the Taylor Morrison psychic suspense thriller series. If you like fast paced action, unexpected twists and turns, believable characters, and loads of suspense then you’ll love Cat Gilbert’s thrilling paranormal series.




They’d zip-tied my hands together with heavy duty cable ties, like the ones the police use. There is no breaking those. You struggle, and they just get tighter. Regular zip ties or even duct tape would have been so much easier, but then easier hadn’t been what they were going for.

They had run a chain around the ties, and I followed the links as they disappeared into the snow, the shadowy track leading to a metal post with a big u-bolt screwed into it. The post was three to four feet away, giving me enough slack to move around some if I got closer. Maybe I’d given them too much credit. Here I thought they were getting smarter, what with the dart gun and heavy duty cable ties. Leaving me in the snow and cold had been a good move. I hate both those things. But giving me room to maneuver? Big mistake.

I scooted closer to the pipe to get more slack in the chain and gained just enough to be able to stand without stooping too much. My bare feet certainly didn’t appreciate it nor did my sopping backside as there was just enough breeze to ramp up the cold factor a couple of notches. I glanced around to try and get some bearings. As far as I could tell, I was in a little glade with dense pine trees about 50 feet out on three sides and open to the hills on the fourth. There were no obvious landmarks, but I thought I could just make out the top of the building where they’d taken me from just over the crest of one of the hills. They hadn’t taken me far, and I hadn’t been out here for long. I could still feel my hands and my feet, so they’d delayed staking me out for a while. That was nice of them.

The thought had barely crossed my mind when the first missile hit me square in the face, stunning me with enough force to knock me back a step. My arms jerked on the chain, pulling against the zip-ties, the force biting into my wrists and driving me to my knees. I shook off the impact, throwing the ice and snow off my face, certain I was going to see blood on the snow…





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Blacker Than Sin
The Taylor Morrison Psychic Thrillers Book 3





He’s taken the girl she’d sworn to protect.
She’s been gifted with an incredible power she didn’t want.
Until now…

Psychically gifted Taylor Morrison saves children. But she didn’t save this one. Unaware that Abby, a gifted twelve-year-old girl, was still alive, Taylor executed a daring rescue of the children that Vice-President Armstrong had taken, only to learn that she has left Abby behind and at the mercy of one of the most evil men she has ever known.

Jeremy, Armstrong’s right-hand man and Taylor’s mortal enemy, has Abby and is using her psychic ability to trap Taylor, a prize he’d give anything to collect. Even if it means killing Abby to do it.

Desperate and haunted by guilt, Taylor is forced to embrace her powers as she attempts to turn the tables on Jeremy and rescue Abby before it’s too late. Will Taylor succeed in keeping one step ahead of him in this deadly game of cat and mouse?

The hunter becomes the hunted in the action-packed thriller Blacker Than Sin, book 3 of the Taylor Morrison Series by Cat Gilbert.




I SLIPPED INTO the shadows of the doorway and pressed tight against the wall, just as the guard came around the corner and headed straight in my direction. I held my breath as he passed by, oblivious to my presence. I stayed there, watching his back as he walked away, going about his duty completely unaware that the compound had been infiltrated. We were in. We had found Abby. Now it was time to go get her and take her home.

I stepped out quietly and looked around for the rest of my team. We had all come in together but had been forced to scatter when the guards had made an unexpected change in their routine. Now, they were nowhere to be found. I keyed my mic and waited for a response, but none came. Either they couldn’t answer or something was jamming our communications. I was on my own. At least for now.

Staying close to the wall, I made my way further down the building toward the door that I knew was about 30 feet away. It was a back entrance and only one of many. Vice President Armstrong had done well choosing his hiding place for Abby. They had a lot of options for escape, should it come to that, but we were ready. With any luck, my team had deployed as planned and were watching the other doors. It spread us thin, but there was no help for it. If things went south, we couldn’t afford for them to make it out of the building with Abby. It had taken us too long to find her, and I was afraid we might not be able to do it again.

I came to the door and paused, listening for any movement inside. There was none, and I tried my mic again, hoping to get a different result. Silence was all that I heard. I closed my eyes, prayed my team was in position and grabbed the door handle. It turned so easily, my heart nearly stopped in my chest. It wasn’t locked.

I froze, convinced that someone must be coming through from the other side, but no one came. No alarms rang out. I took a deep breath and pulled the door open, amazed as it swung silently toward me. This was too easy. Something was wrong. Whatever it was, it didn’t matter. This was my chance. Maybe my only chance, to get Abby. I wasn’t going to stop now. I took another deep breath and stepped inside, pulling the door closed behind me.

I was in a hallway. A tight one. The walls close enough on each side to make me uncomfortable. There wasn’t room to maneuver much less to hide should one of the doors along the way open up. My only option was to move quickly and get to some place with better cover. The lights were out, but I was able to see. Not well, but enough to get by. I listened, waiting to move until I was sure there was no one around. Then I went down the hall, opening doors as I went by, making sure that Abby wasn’t here. Making sure I didn’t leave her behind. Again. Remembering what had happened at the Agency sent shivers down my spine. I had missed her then. Let them take her. That couldn’t happen again.

She wasn’t here. Wasn’t in one of these rooms. But she was close. I could hear her. Hear the hum that she gave off. I had heard it at the Agency but hadn’t known that it was her. I had thought it was Timothy or Theresa, but it had been Abby behind that locked door and by the time I’d discovered the truth, it had been too late. The hum had stopped. She was gone.

It was back now though. I could hear it, and I went toward it, intent on my goal. As I moved through the building, passing one empty room after another, the humming got louder, until it was nearly a roar, bouncing off the walls around me. She was close. All I had to do was find her.

I made my way down the hallway until I reached the final door. The intensity of the hum coming from behind it made it vibrate, and I reached out to touch it, feeling the pulse that made it seem as if it was a living thing. She was here. Just on the other side of the door. I braced myself, turned the knob, and pushed the door open.





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The Taylor Morrison Psychic Thrillers Book 4





She thought it was over, but she was wrong. The nightmare had only just begun…

The unthinkable has happened. The very people Private Investigator Taylor Morrison has fought to protect are suddenly gone. Vanished, without a trace.

Refusing to believe that her friends are lost forever, Taylor launches a desperate mission to find them, discovering that not only has she been betrayed by one of her own, but that an enemy she thought vanquished is searching for them too.

Caught in a web of lies, deception, and danger, Taylor must draw on all her psychic abilities, resources, and cunning as she races to find them before it’s too late…

Get your copy today and join the adventure in Gone, book 4 of the gripping Taylor Morrison Psychic Thriller Series.




It was a dark and seedy place. Full of smoke and drunks. Everywhere you looked, there were men looking for a good time and women willing to provide one if the price was right. Mac and I stood out like a pair of missionaries, which wasn’t ideal since we were trying to blend in.

“This isn’t working,” Mac mumbled into his beer as our mark racked up the balls for yet another game of billiards. “If he doesn’t leave soon, I’m going to be out on the floor.”

“He’s winning. He isn’t about to quit now and leave money on the table.” I took a sip of my root beer, which I’d asked to be served with no ice. It was warm, but it was dark and foamy so it looked like beer, and unlike Mac, I wasn’t about to slide off my stool. “How many of those have you had, anyway?”

“Too many. I’m going to be paying for it tomorrow.”

“Nobody said you had to drink. That was your decision.” I watched our guy line up behind the cue ball and draw back, taking careful aim.

“I’m just keeping it real,” he said with a lopsided grin. “One of us has to smell like they’ve been tossing them down. I figured it would be better if it was me.”

“Is that what you figured?” I said absently, as our shooter cut loose with a powerful strike, sending the cue ball hurtling into the mass of balls. They scattered across the table, bouncing off the bumpers in reaction to the impact. Our guy smiled as two balls fell neatly in pockets, already lining up his next shot as the cue ball rolled into place near the corner pocket. Then I smiled as I gave it a little mental shove to keep it rolling. Right into the corner pocket.

“Scratch!” his opponent yelled out merrily before realizing the error of his ways. The threatening glare he got, stopped his laughter almost before it was out of his throat.

“Our guy’s one scary dude,” Mac noted, slowly taking a sip of his beer. “He was born angry, and that little move there did not improve his mood any. You sure you want to poke this bear?”

Yeah, I was pretty sure. Thomas J. Brinkmann needed poking, and I was just the one to do it. If he kept on winning, we’d be here all night, and time was moving against us. Tommy, as he was known to the few friends he had, needed to lose, pack up his toys, and head home. I had no problem helping that happen. In fact, I had a feeling I was going to enjoy it.





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The Sword

The Taylor Morrison Psychic Thrillers Book 5





She’s embraced her power. Accepted her destiny. Now, she’s a force to be reckoned with.


PI Taylor Morrison has been gifted with an incredible power. Known on the streets and in back alleys as The Sword of Justice, she wields her unique ability to help others — protecting the innocent and defending the weak. But that is all about to come to an end.

Taylor’s base of operations has been discovered by Jeremy — the man who has been seeking to destroy her and all those she cares about.

In a desperate attempt to end the war between them once and for all, Taylor takes the battle to D.C., praying she can stop him before he succeeds in his deadly vendetta…




“Is everyone in place?”

“All present and accounted for.” Jace’s voice entered the conversation. “We’re in position. Ready when you are.”

I grunted, knowing my second-in-command had things under control. Whatever happened, whether I succeeded or not, whether my powers worked or they didn’t, my team would be there to back me up. The admission eased the tension that was gripping me, and I felt a sudden tingle of energy ripple through me as I relaxed. I hadn’t lost my powers. They were there, lying dormant just under the surface, waiting for me to accept them again.

“I’m going in.” I smiled, feeling my power surge as I turned the knob and quietly pushed the door open. This was going to be fun.

I slipped in, silently closing the door behind me as I waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. There were no windows, no outside light to help illuminate the offices — only the dim light from the hallway that stretched out before me. My objective was in the office at the end of that hallway. All I had to do was get there.

My fingers twitched, itching for my gun. In the past, I’d always had it with me, only using my psychic abilities as backup when needed. Not the case this time. Silence was of the essence. I had to get in and out without anyone noticing. Gunfire had a way of attracting attention, and setting off the alarms would be a dead giveaway of my presence. If I came across trouble, which I knew I would, I’d need to draw on my powers to get me out of it.

Eyes adjusted, I glanced through the small reception area to the hallway and closed doors along the way. Light showed at the bottom of two of the doors, indicating the possibility of people inside. I tossed these aside as decoys, knowing that if they were waiting for me, they wouldn’t announce it. It was the darkened doors that I needed to worry about.

I eased past the desk and the potted plants along the wall and started quietly down the hall. I paused at the first door, which had the light shining through. I placed a hand softly on the wood entrance and felt… nothing. Not that I was surprised. I’d only felt vibrations once before — when Abby had been on the other side of the door — but I thought I’d check, just in case. My powers had a way of changing and adapting lately, so I never knew exactly what to expect. Dismissing the door, I moved on to the second lit door, resisting the urge to throw it open and rush into the room. This creeping about in a eerily quiet, dark hallway was tedious. My power was ramped up and straining to be released after being tamped down for so long, and here I was teasing it, waiting for something to jump out at me.

I shook my head and headed for the office at the end of the hall, figuring it was better to just get it over with. If they were lying in wait, I’d deal with it, but there was no sense in prolonging things. I was at the end of the hallway before I knew it, having made it there without incident. I grasped the handle on the closed door and pushed it open, expecting to find the welcoming party. Instead I found something much worse.

Across the room, in a small, well-lit alcove, was the item I’d come for. The dagger was on display, mounted securely on the far wall, along with a number of other parts of the collection, well protected by a set of steel bars. It was a look-but-don’t-touch type setup, leaving the prize yards beyond my reach.

I eyed the knife and its deadly sharp point, fully aware of the seconds ticking by. I needed to get the knife and get out, but this… this was not my forte. I might have telekinetic power, but pulling things toward me was something I had yet to master. Controlling speed with my mind was difficult. I’d practiced it with my team — an effort that had led to much laughter, some fast ducking and bobbing, and a number of bruises when the ducking had come too late. My guys had joked that I was purposely trying to hit them, convinced I couldn’t possibly be that bad, but they were wrong. I was that bad, and I had a feeling that my hiatus from practice hadn’t helped improve my skills any.

The knife on the wall was displayed without a sheath, making it all the more dangerous. The cold smooth steel on the business end of the blade practically twinkled as it reflected the spotlight above, while the jewels in the hilt shone with a deep glow of color. It was a beautiful piece, and as I focused on it, I prayed it wouldn’t end up buried in my chest.





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About the Author

I’m Cat Gilbert, and I write the Taylor Morrison Psychic Thrillers and the Molly McMurray Mysteries. In both series I try to give you, the reader, that experience. Characters you can connect with, a gripping plot chock full of action, danger, and enough twists and turns that even I have a hard time keeping up.

The The Taylor Morrison series centers around Taylor Morrison, a private investigator whose life is turned upside down when she suddenly develops psychic abilities. We’re not talking X-Men, comic book, mutant type stuff here. Instead, this is the kind of thing you’ve always wondered about. Or at least I have. The idea that maybe we aren’t utilizing our brains to their fullest. That maybe if we tried hard enough, we could do stuff and if we could, what sort of ramifications that would have.

The Molly McMurray Mysteries is a new series. The main character is, of course, Molly McMurray. There’s a psychic ‘twist’ to this series as well, and his name is Kaegan. Who he is, and the role he plays, I’ll leave to you to discover.

Having moved over 32 times, Cat Gilbert now makes her home in Arkansas with her husband and their dog, Clancy. When she’s not writing, she spends her time trying to figure out a way to keep the deer from eating her blackberries and fig trees, experimenting with new Paleo recipes, and attempting to convince Clancy that playtime has to wait until she finishes the chapter.


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