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Afterlife Box set consisting of books 1-4 in the series:


The Two Kings

The Triple Goddess

The Quarter Moon

by Stephanie Hudson





Afterlife Saga Box Set offers great savings and ease. Vampires, Demons, Werewolves, Shifters, Angels and a whole host of other supernatural being can be found in this epic series.
The two Kings
The Triple Goddess
The Quarter Moon
60+ hours of reading, 2346+ Pages, Over 1.1Million Words!

Afterlife is an opulent Gothic nightclub that belongs in a big city, not in the small town of Evergreen Falls…Just like its forbidding owner does, Dominic Draven.
Keira is a shy girl running from a horrific past, a girl who belongs in the shadows of a small town, a place where she can start a new life. However, this new life she craves so badly isn’t the one she is expecting. Not after Draven gets one look at her and quickly decides her fate.
But which fate will Keira choose, a willing slave to the darkness inside him or a prisoner in his arms for all eternity?
After all, Dominic Draven, isn’t what he seems and Afterlife isn’t just a nightclub…No, for Draven, it’s a castle he rules from.
Warning: This book is amazingly addictive, with its dark mystery, haunting horror, seductive twists and one sexy dark lord that has the reader drooling every time the name Draven appears on the page!

What some of the 400+ 5 Star Reviews Say:

Danielle McKeen 5 Stars Epic series starter.
“I asked on a reader group for recommendations on something to read that took more than a mere few hours to read, and I wasn’t disappointed, this wonderful book has held me captive for 3 nights until the early hours of the morning and having to reluctantly put down to sleep.”

Nicola Pearce 5 Stars My new addiction
“Loved Afterlife. A real page-turner.
Fantastically written, brilliant characterization. Can’t wait to dive into the next installment.”

Chantelle-Emma Harvey 5 Stars If Twilight had a big badder brother….
“This is where the obsession started and I became a lifelong Dravenite!”

Grab some snacks and beverage of your choice, curl up and get comfortable you are in for one epic, emotional, adventure!





My Book Review:

Wow, this was an epic read in more ways than one!! I loved the story line revolving around a human girl, Keira, who finds herself immersed in a Prophecy, involving Angels, Demons, Fate and goodness knows what else!!!

Dominic Draven is the secretive owner of a nightclub called Afterlife, his reputation precedes him…. no one really knows much about him or his family, they tend to turn up for a couple of weeks here and there and they have like a cult following.

Keira is new to the town, having moved from England to live with her sister to try and restart her life after an horrific past experience, but one look at Draven and she is captivated with him, and vice versa, but she has no idea just what she has let herself in for!!!

Wow, these are long books, really long, very descriptive, which sometimes lost me I must admit and I ended up skimming some of the really detailed parts, but the story line was brilliant and captivating, very in depth. The world is very creative and I really loved how well this read.

I am definitely late to the table reading these, they are not new, there are lots more in this series and others for me to read after this, which I very much plan on doing, but will be taking my time with the length of the books and the time it takes to read them. But read them I will, I loved the story line, and am very eager to find out what happens next.

Definitely worth the read if you love a good PNR!

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