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Alpha’s Claim #5

Addison Cain


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“Prepare to fall in love with the villain. To obsess over every interaction, and to read the book from cover to cover, over and over again!” –NYT bestselling author, Anna Zaires


One claiming mark on her throat, another at her shoulder, Brenya Perin stands amidst the soft breeze above the glittering city ruled by her mate. And trembles.

She’d tried to run from her fate.
And failed.

Punishment came in the mania of her mate’s obsession, in the Commodore’s constant need for her.

In what he did to her. Twisting a pair-bond meant for two, chaining a third—a dangerous adversary with the power to destroy and desecrate her city.

Ambassador Jules Havel has committed atrocities beyond imagining, and now that she is bonded to her mate’s enigmatic prisoner, only Brenya grasps that nothing will contain the foreigner from claiming revenge against his deceitful host.

Revenge against the Commodore who thought to chain him. Revenge against her people for existing in a Dome ruled by a despot. Revenge against her for tempting his attentions, even if it was unintentionally done.

So she stands in the wind, aware that all who live under the Dome will suffer if she cannot supplicate the soulless monster calling to her from below. Unsure how to please him.



“Better than a dark lover running their thumb across your bottom lip. Get on your knees and read.” –USA TODAY bestselling author, Myra Danvers


CORRUPTED is a full-length novel by USA TODAY bestselling author Addison Cain. These pages are raw, exciting, and riddled with complication and emotion.


“Unconventional, passionate, thrilling! You’ll be hooked from the first page!” –USA TODAY bestselling author, Alta Hensley




My Book Review:

So, this book was a long time in coming, over a year since the last one in this series, and I struggled to remember the plot to be honest after reading so many different books. It’s not a very long book either, it was read in one day, but it did definitely keep me hooked in the story line, as I wanted to know what was happening with the characters, especially Claire and Shepherd, who’s previous books I have just loved.

This book has a split story line between Brenya/Jacques/Jules and Shepherd/Claire, well it reads like that to me anyway, and I loved the Shepherd/Claire parts!

Brenya I feel truly sorry for, she is stuck with a dual bond between Jacques, the Commodore who thinks he loves her but is nothing short of wholly abusive and downright nasty to her, and Jules, Shepherd’s right hand man, who is now imprisoned by the Commodore. She feels everything these two are feeling. Brenya is a genius in her own right but has no idea of what an Omega is or how she should act.

Shepherd has so much on his shoulders right now, trying to reform his followers and get their Omegas whilst trying to live as near as normal a life as possible, but is willing to do anything to protect Claire, what she doesn’t know doesn’t hurt her type of thing. Claire is still terrified of leaving her home and interacting socially with anyone, frightened of the consequences and effects this will have on Shepherd and how many people he would kill if someone glances at her the wrong way! Shepherd understands that he has caused this in her and is trying everything he can to try and help her combat it. Claire knows he manipulates her, he never does anything without a reason or cause behind it.

This one ends in a cliffhanger as well with more books to follow at some stage. It is an omegaverse read, so very graphic and dirty. It was a little too short for my liking, but I look forward reading the next one when it becomes available.



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