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Royal Blood by USA Today & International Bestselling Author Claire C. Riley



Release Date 22nd April



Royal Blood – The Brotherhood (a reverse harem mafia romance) – the first book in a new mafia romance series




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Natalia has always known that she was promised to a man of her fathers choosing. She’s 25 years his junior, & she’s been promised to him since birth. However, after the Novello brothers, come to the aid of her father Frank, everything changes.

Frank is king of the underworld. The Don of NYC. He has money, drugs, guns, thriving businesses and half the police force under his belt. So when he offers the brothers payment for helping him, he’s surprised when the only thing they demand is Natalia.
Unable to refuse their offer, Frank reluctantly hands over his only daughter to the Novello brothers and a war breaks out between the three families.

When duty and jealousy collide, the flames of temptation are fanned and the only thing standing in the way of bloodshed and war is the promise of seduction from the virgin daughter of Frank Costello.

Can there ever be life after the Brotherhood take their payment from her? Or does the ultimate betrayal lie in her own blood?





My ARC Review:

A quick, hot and steamy RH mafia read, with plenty going on to keep you entertained!

Natalia is the daughter of the mob boss who has been promised to someone much older than her since she was born.

The Novello brothers are on the hunt to find out who murdered their father and get their revenge. They just happen to be in the right plan to save Natalia’s father when he has a heart attacked. Their payment for this is Natalia.

She is shocked to say the least, after being promised to someone she hates, she finds herself with 3 brothers who are completely different, but is unsure of her role and who she belongs to. Little does she know she is to be shared between all three of them!!

Natalia is not the submissive little wife, she has fire in her blood and is strong and caring. She comes alive under the care of the 3 brothers, and by the end of the book she took me by surprise and turned out to be a true Queen with a plan all of her own!

The 3 brothers, Dominic, Sisco and Joey, are very different, completely different in character and actions, but they are completely loyal to each other and work together perfectly as a team. Once they have have had a taste of Natalia they have no plans of letting her go!

Good story progression, it doesn’t just jump right into the steamy scenes, it leads there and does it well, although I would’ve liked more of a connection with the brothers and maybe some chapters from their POV not just from Dominic. Looking forward to book 2 to see how this will play out.





Meet the Author

Claire C. Riley is a USA Today and International Bestselling author.

She lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, three daughters, and ridiculously naughty rescue beagle, Dogface. She loves dresses with pockets and is obsessed with 80’s movies.




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