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The Introvert’s Guide to Online Dating by Emma Hart is LIVEEEEEEE!!!!





Online dating: the act in which you try to avoid the catfishes and D pics. And try not to get caught hooking up with your best friend’s brother.

With all my best friends off the market, it’s time that I, Tori Sussex, join them.

So where better to find my future husband than the internet? It’s great. I can get all the awkward stuff out the way and already know if I’m going to like the guy before we meet in person.

It’s a shame nothing is ever that simple.

My relationship with Colton Lane is the very definition of complicated—dirty little no-strings-attached hook-ups we’ve somehow managed to keep secret from all our friends for the past six months. We’re bound to get caught, and if I’m serious about dating, I only have one choice.

Call it quits. End our little covert booty calls for good. Tell him that this garage is closed.

It should be easy. It should be cut and dry.

And I’m sure it would be… If only I wasn’t in love with him.





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My ARC Review:

This was a good, entertaining and witty read…. I thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish, an enemies-to-lovers read, full of sass, banter and one liners that will have you howling…. of course some of Emma’s crazy trademark characters make the cast adding an extra layer of craziness to the story!

Colton and Tori have grown up together in a ‘family’ friends, but they have always pushed each other’s buttons and wind each other up sideways at every opportunity. Until they end up getting with each other, enemies with benefits if you will, secretly, with no feelings involved and each knowing just where the other stood and that they were using each other for just one thing. That is until those pesky things call feelings started to intrude! But they have been enemies with each other for forever, neither of them talking to each other about things, so neither knew where the other really stood, until their friends wanted them to start dating other people!

A fab funny read with lots going on in the background with plenty of side characters with some unusual shenanigans going on that will keep a smile on your face as you read this. Well worth the read.



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