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Capturing Fate
Abbie Roads
(Fatal Truth #2)
Publication date: January 28th 2021
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Thriller

Can love untangle a web of lies and expose the truth?

A loner with a mysterious childhood…

FBI agent Dolan Watts is no stranger to pain. From his childhood spent in foster care to his daily grind of hunting down hardened criminals, pain has been the one constant through the years. Confronted by a malicious new enemy who revels in mind games, Dolan begins to doubt his own perceptions.

A woman haunted by a secret…

Psychologist Daughter Dawson sabotages her own safety the moment she accepts Dolan as a client. Still, she feels compelled to help him. Dolan’s past mirrors many of the questions about her own. When she makes the mistake of confiding in him, both their lives are thrust into unimaginable danger.

Find out why people are up all night reading bestselling author Abbie Roads’ chilling, emotional novels. You might want to read with the lights on and box of tissues.

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My Book Review:

This was my first read by Abbie, and I must say it was a captivating read from the start, once I had got my head around what was going on! This is a PNR / suspense read with a twist of sci-fi/psychotic killer to go with it…

Dolan is an FBI agent who goes to Daught for counselling. They have this immediate connection, are drawn to each other, she knows there is something different about him, but he was her patient and so off limits, for the next two years.

Two years pass and they stay away from each other, but they are never far from each other’s thoughts. Then tragedy strikes for Daught and her family is murdered, her first reaction is to call for Dolan. They reconnect and learn about each other, but their togetherness is short lived as Daught is taken from him by Ferol.

Ferol has been unknowingly controlling their lives for a long time. His aim is to create the perfect human, taking Daught to an island where his experiments live, 19 men that all look like Dolan but are completely different. They are just experiments to Ferol, a means to an end, and he never took into account the humanity that Daught would have for these men, showing them there was more to life than being an experiment.

A thoroughly enjoyable read that kept me on the edge of my seat, with plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep you engaged. Well worth the read.




Author Bio:

Seven Things about Abbie Roads:
1. She loves Snicker Parfaits. Gotta start with what’s most important, right?
2. She writes dark emotional books featuring damaged characters, but always gives her hero and heroine a happy ending… after torturing them for three hundred pages.
3. By day she’s a mental health counselor known for her blunt, honest style of therapy. At night she burns up the keyboard. Well… Burn might be too strong a word. She at least sits with her hands poised over the keyboard, waiting for inspiration to strike. And when it does–the keyboard might get a little warm.
4. She can’t stand it when people drive slowly in the passing lane. Just saying. That’s major annoying. Right?
5. She loves taking pictures of things she thinks are pretty.
6. She lives in Marion, Ohio with her favorite fellow and two fur babies.
7. Being a published author is a dream come true for her.

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