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Blood at Dusk

The SoulBlood Series Book 1

by Brenna Harlow

Genre: Vampire Paranormal Romance







Will she forgive him of his sins, or fight their bond until her last dying breath?

Kora was left alone when the world crumbled, and the bloodsucking monsters invaded.

The vampires killed her family, her friends; everyone she had ever loved.

She waited for the moment they would enter her hideaway and snuff out her miserable existence for good. They never came though, and the revelation that she would be alone was too much… until she saw him.

Aldeon finds himself in a world that isn’t his own.

A place filled with so much of the crimson liquid that keeps his species sane, that even he cannot resist feeding.

Dhampirs have been ravenous for eons, delving into madness as their minds grew weak with hunger. But now he is full again, left to await the time when the others return to their senses and join him.

A single scent dissipates all of his newfound revelations, and suddenly the tantalizing aroma is all that he can think about.

Everything changes when he gazes into the terrified eyes of a human woman, and another instinct takes hold.
Protect. Serve. Mate.


“Adult fans of Twilight and Darklight by Bella Forrest will love this new Vampire Paranormal Romance.”


Content Warning: This book does contain mature themes, such as but not limited to; sexual content, suicide and suicidal ideations, violence, and strong language. Not suitable for ages under 18+.





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A very good debut from Brenna with a refreshing and creative take on the vampire genre.

Dhampirs have invaded Earth from their own world and have decimated the human population due to blood lust from hunger. Only when they are full does their blood lust recede and they regain proper consciousness.

Aldeon finds himself on Earth like this, his past a blur of crimson and little else. Until he picks up a scent on the wind, one that calls to his very soul.

Kora is one of the human survivors, but who has lost everything including her family to the dhampirs. Surviving in a cave and only venturing out for supplies, waiting for the day that the dhampirs would find her also.

Once Aldeon comes across Kora he knows he has found his one true mate, but she is a human and is terrified of him. He must learn more about the ways of the human life and gain her trust and becomes her protector.

I really enjoyed this, quite a different take on vampires, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the origins of the dhampirs in this and I can’t wait to find out more in the next books.





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Brenna Harlow (if that’s even her real name) lives happily in her own fantasy land, drinking way too much coffee and reading an endless amount of smutty paranormal romance. She joined the land of the living only to share her love for the creatures of the night, and henceforth has claimed her throne at the Kingdom of Vampires and Fated Mates.

You can find Brenna in any coffee shop that provides free Wi-Fi, drinking her triple shot espresso and stabbing her keyboard to death.



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