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Day Dreamer

Undeadly Secrets Series #2

Aaron L. Speer







Book 2 in the Golden Stake Winning Undeadly Secrets Series.

In this, the sequel to the 2017 IVFAF award winner, Night Walker, Aaron L Speer delivers readers a fresh, scintillating take on an age old rivalry.

Werewolves have secretly infiltrated Sydney, a silent yet unmistakable challenge to the vampire monarchy.

Combining heart pounding action and sweat inducing sex scenes, Speer draws you deeper into the fascinating Sydney underworld and does not let you go!

Stand alongside Alexandra Hensley and Dante Delavega, as they try desperately to mount a defence, before the invasion that threatens to annihilate all they hold dear.

Alex’s very survival still depends on her ability to keep the paranormal secret. Just when Alex believes she has a grip on her new life, Nicholas, the teenage son of her estranged cousin shows up unannounced, and gives her a chilling note from his mother, begging for asylum on his behalf. Though kind and softly spoken, Nicholas has secrets of his own.

Son of the fallen British Alpha, yet never having turned himself, Nicholas had hoped to start a new life and a new school to finish his last year, away from the civil war that destroyed his family. Little did he know when he meets a stunning member of staff, his life would change forever. She unwittingly awakens the beast inside him. But which side will it be on? Where does Nicholas’ heart and loyalty truly lie? Is it with Alex, or his own kind?

BUY NOW to find out who will be victorious in the Battle of Sydney…and who won’t make it out alive.


“5 stars! A complete edge of your seat page turner!” Nerd Girl


“5 stars! No vampire book comes close to this” Laid Back Book Bitches


“5 stars! Holy Hell! That ending!” Minxes Love Books





My Book Review:


Book 2 in this Undeadly Secrets series, this picks up straight after book 1 so make sure you’ve read that first!

Another fantastic read by Aaron, in this book we are introduced into the world of the werewolf. New characters Nick and Nicole are introduced, who take over the main part of the story as we learn about Nick and his family (pack).

In his family the werewolf has run for generations, his father being the Alpha leader of the pack, except the wolf seems to have skipped a generation and at 17yrs old Nick shows no signs of being a werewolf. He has resigned himself to not being what is father is and wants, tension in the pack is brewing as they expect their King to announce who the heir is going to be. His father is holding out hope that Nick’s wolf will appear, but the pack are unwilling to wait and take the pack to war. Nick is sent away by his mother to Australia, to where she has remaining family they have not seen since before Nick was born, to Australia where werewolves are not welcome.

It turns out that Alex is Nick’s family! She takes him in and sends him off to school. This is where he meets Nicole, they have an instant connection, but she is reluctant as she is technically school staff and does not want to risk her career. But Nick is not one to take no for an answer, even with all his British manners, he is persistent, and the wolf inside him recognises this fact and knows this is the catalyst for who Nick will become.

Nothing is straight forward in the vampire world, and they have made a new drug called Dream State in order to let the vampires dream, but this gets out into human hands, and there are lots of deaths attributed to it. The King, Vincent, is hiding quite a big secret here!

Alex and Dante have taken a bit of a back seat in this one really, it’s mostly about Nick and the werewolves, which was a fab new side to explore. Alex is not happy that Dante won’t take their relationship further than her just being a blood donor, she feel inadequate to Michelle, who can no longer feed Dante. I do feel a bit sorry for Michelle in this one, she seems very lost and gets herself into trouble, which is a shame after being such a hero in the first book!! I really need Alex and Dante to get their freak on, but it’s not happening in this one!!

Melina and Lauren have quite big parts to play in this book, along with Matt in a way. Matt has been cured by the werewolves and has become a hunter of the vampires. Lauren is sent to track his gang down by Julian. Melina and Dante end up working together and we get to see a different side to Melina in this one – I still don’t like her though!!

The vampire and the werewolf stories cross over and mesh really well, eventually turning into one big story and an all out war!! Julian has made himself a new nasty vampire, Miller, who was one of the bullies Nick had to put up with at school – he is one nasty piece of work! Nick shows his true colours eventually and has the potential to be one hell of an Alpha! I loved how Nicole took him for what he was and did not run, but embraced his other form.

Everything is up in the air at the end of this one, with the story being able to go anywhere after that, so am very much looking forward to seeing what happens next in this series. A fabulously enjoyable read for PNR fans, highly recommended.







About the Author:

Welcome to the Speerverse. If you are into vampires, werewolves, demons and all manner of deathly creatures, I encourage you to check out the Undeadly Secrets Series. Night Walker won the 2017 Golden Stake Award at the International Vampire Film and Arts Festival held in Transylvania annually.

The fourth Undeadly book released in early 2018 and I followed that with my first Contemporary Romance (MMA) release Undisputed in August of 2018 and it was awarded Best Book Of The Year. The second book Unbroken found its way onto kindles everywhere in 2019 before the 5th Undeadly released early 2020.

My favourite activities include spending time with family, dragging my forever patient wife to watch my beloved St George Illawarra Dragons, popping into the movies for the latest blockbusters, going to the gym for my dream body. Or just a body. Anything, really.

My beautiful wife and I welcomed our first child into the world in 2017. My fans declared him the Prince of Speerverse and claimed he seemed to take after me in his want to build the tension as high as possible… making us and our loved ones wait 3 long days for him to make his entrance. My wife and I live with the love of our lives in Sydney, Australia: the setting for the majority of my works.



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