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Book Review


Rogue Wave

Haven Island #1

Isabel Jolie






Sometimes, out of nowhere, comes the rogue wave… You can ride it, or get pulled under.

At thirty-five, nothing in Adrian Tate’s life has worked out the way he thought it would. Disillusioned, he returns to Haven Island.

Luna Rey Fisher, a young college intern, offers her help with revamping his old cottage.

Crackling chemistry propels her forward as Tate struggles to maintain a safe distance. Only he’s been on his own for far too long, and what she offers is what he craves.

As the two become closer, and Tate heals, his past choices threaten to tear them apart.

The first standalone novel in the Haven Island series, Rogue Wave is a love story about two idealistic souls finding their way in a less than perfect world.





My Book Review:

This was my first read by Isabel and I really enjoyed it…. the first book in a new series set on a small island, it was an emotional / age-gap / opposites / angsty type read that also dealt with some serious modern day issues. Not usually my type of read but I did enjoy this one.

Tate returns to the island after being away for over 10 years, having inherited a house there after his Grandmother died, which is in need of doing up. He is a broody, world worn character, being a marine biologist by trade and having worked for Greenpeace and seen the evils that men commit against fellow men all around the world. He has lost all his fight and his spirit, having lost touch with his family and is at odds with his brother.

Luna lives on the island and is studying marine biology and takes an instant liking to Tate, regardless of the big age gap. They have so much in common with the sea and the animals, yet they are polar opposites in their outlook. Tate is very reluctant to be anything but her friend, but Luna is determined to show him that she can be more for him. Things go great until Tate’s past catches up with him and he decides to leave Luna in the hope of keeping her safe and letting her go to live the life he thinks she should have without him, all without consulting Luna.

A good, enjoyable read…. I liked the small island and the islander feel where everyone knows each other, and that the story deals with some strong issues, whilst not going into great detail it makes a certain impact. I look forward to reading the next in this series.

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