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  • Release Blitz

    by Brie Paisley

  • Synopsis
  • McKenzie

    After my divorce, I needed a change in my life, so I moved to a new city, hoping to find myself again. For once, everything seemed to be going according to plan, until I met Jackson Price. Finding love isn’t something I’ve ever considered again, and my heart can’t withstand another heartbreak. Even if I want to let him break down my walls, I know that deep down, he might just be the one to ruin me forever.



    The day I met McKenzie Young is the day I knew my life would change drastically. Now, my every thought is about her, and for some reason, I can’t let her go. Even though she tries to keep me at a distance, I know for a fact that there is more to us, than she believes, and I refuse to give up on her. No matter how hard she tries to keep me away, I’m determined to make her see all the love I have to offer her.

  • About the Author
  • Brie Paisley was born and raised in a small town in Mississippi, and now, she currently lives in different locations, due to her husband being military. She wanted to write at a young age and was always filling journals with her thoughts and short stories. Brie started with an idea for her debut novel a few years ago, and with the encouragement of her husband and sister-in-law, she was able to write and publish her first book. When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading a good book, watching a good movie, or spending time with her wonderful husband and beautiful daughter.



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