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London Dynasty

The Dynasties #1

Geneva Lee







Kerrigan Belmond has everything I don’t have. A name that opens doors, more money than god, an Oxford education, and rumors that she’s caught the eye of Spencer Byrd, the heir to one of England’s most powerful aristocratic families. I’m an orphan, running from a tragedy I can’t face. Being mistaken for her is flattering until her father arrives at my door with an indecent proposal.

His daughter has fled her perfect life, and he wants me to step into her shoes until she can be coaxed back to her pedestal.

The arrangement is simple. For one year, I will be Kerrigan Belmond. The perfect daughter. The charming socialite. The ideal future wife. For one year, I will do anything she would do. And for one year, I will keep the attention of Spencer at all costs.

I can’t say no, but as soon as I meet Spencer and his brother I realize the mistake I’ve made. To the outside world, the Byrds are London society and Spencer is the golden boy groomed to become prime minister. Behind closed doors, his family is as twisted and tangled as the web I’m walking into.

Spencer demands loyalty. He expects discretion. And he’s ready to claim the woman he’s been promised in every way. Keeping him happy means I might lose more than a year of my life, but I can’t turn down the proposition. Not with what the Belmonds have promised me in return.

They say everyone has a price. I know mine.

Ten million pounds.




My Book Review:


Book 1 in a new trilogy series, this was captivating from the start, lots going on in the story line with plenty of passion, lots of shocks in there too, erotic and forbidden, along with an arranged marriage…. this has it all going on!!!

Kate has always struggled to make ends meet, she has no family and only one true friend who helps her out. Kate was working in a small village bar waitressing when someone recognises her as someone else and takes her picture. The next day a man shows up at her flat with a preposition she can’t ignore; pretend to be his missing daughter for a year in exchange for £10 million.

What seems like a simple plot turns out to be incredibly complicated. The life she gets involved in his very high profile, with her having to interact with her arranged fiancé, Spencer, who happens to be in the running for the youngest ever to be Prime Minister. Kate has to step into Kerrigan’s shoes and life, acting as someone else and not letting the cat out of the bag whilst she does so. But when feelings and emotions start getting involved with Spencer and also his twin Holden, things get difficult. The scenes between Spencer and Kate and Holden and Kate are riveting, with the passion hot and erotic, the tension between these three is palpable. Spencer and Holden may be twins, but they have been raised differently and are complete opposites in personality.

A great read that kept me invested from the start and has left with me with sooo many questions!! I’m very much looking forward to reading the next book in this trilogy!

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