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What would you do for ten million dollars?

I made a deal. One year of my life pretending to be a rich aristocrat in exchange for ten million pounds. Enough money to start over somewhere new. Enough money to disappear forever. It sounded simple, but being Kerrigan Belmond is more dangerous than I expected. 

Her world isn’t as perfect behind closed doors as it is on paper. I didn’t just sell one year of my life, I sold my virginity and soul to the enigmatic and manipulative Spencer Byrd. Being with him is only a temporary arrangement. My body shouldn’t tighten under his penetrating gaze. His touch shouldn’t electrify me. I should say no to his dirty demands, especially when they involve his cruel brother, Holden.

I should keep my distance from both.  Instead, I keep playing their twisted game, knowing pleasure is the prize. Plus, I need Holden to spill the secret he’s keeping, especially since he might know the truth behind Kerrigan’s absence. But if he does, that means he knows the truth about me, too.

There’s a bigger problem, though. The longer I pretend to be Kerrigan, the harder it is to remember the fortune, the fame, and the brothers aren’t mine–and that if I make one wrong move, I lose everything.





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My ARC Review:


Book 2 in this trilogy, picking up directly after London Dynasty. Soo much going on in this one, lots of plot twists and a humdinger of an ending!!

Kate/Kerrigan is still confused over her relationship with both Spencer and Holden. There are lots of revelations about both of these two in this one, which causes a bit of a role reversal for these two. Holden came across in the first book as being a player and a piece of work, yet in this one he has much more depth and as we learn about his past relationship with Kate/Kerrigan it would seem he is much more of a broken and romantic soul, and that his player front is just a facade.

Spencer is turning out to be the more manipulating of the two and very much more arrogant, he seems to have a lot of secrets that he not letting on to. Time will tell as we discover more about him, but I have my suspicions!

We’re still learning about Kerrigan’s disappearance, which is the main missing link in this story, how and why. We’ve had a few pointers along the way but the big revelation comes right at the end. I’m looking forward to reading the final book in this trilogy as all the secrets left are uncovered.





Meet Geneva:


GENEVA LEE is the New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling author of over a dozen novels, including the Royals Saga which has sold two million copies worldwide. She lives in Poulsbo Washington with her husband and three children, and she co-owns Away With Words Bookshop with her sister.

Geneva is married to her high school sweetheart. He’s always the first person to read her books. Sometimes, he reads as she writes them. Last year, they were surprised by finding out Geneva was pregnant with their third child. They welcomed a beautiful baby girl in 2020.

When she isn’t working or writing, Geneva likes to read, bake ridiculous cakes, and watch television. She loves to travel and is always anxious to go on a new adventure.

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