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Priest #2

Sierra Simone





Sierra is one of my all time favourite writers, I love her writing style and how she tackles difficult subjects around God, spirituality, questions of faith, grief and the mythology of it all.   The beautiful erotic tales along with the spirituality of it all sets me on fire in more ways that one!  This one has been sitting in my TBR list since forever!!  I read Priest and Midnight Mass back in Feb 2016 and with Sierra having a new Bell brother book out soon, I thought I had better get on with reading this one.  I didn’t read any of the reviews or even the blurb and just went in blind.   OH. MY. GOODNESS…….






Now an Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance of 2018!

I’m not a good man, and I’ve never pretended to be. I don’t believe in goodness or God or any happy ending that isn’t paid for in advance. In fact, I’ve got my own personal holy trinity: in the name of money, sex, and Macallan 18, amen.

So when the gorgeous, brilliant Zenny Iverson asks me to teach her about sex, I want to say yes, I really do. Unfortunately, there are several reasons to say no–reasons that even a very bad man like myself can’t ignore.

1. She’s my best friend’s little sister.
2. She’s too young for me. Like way too young.
3. She’s a nun. Or about to be anyway.

But I want her. I want her even with my best friend and God in the way, I want to teach her and touch her and love her, and I know that makes me something much worse than a very bad man. It makes me a sinner.
And it’s those very sins that are about to save me…

***Sinner is a standalone companion to Priest about Father Bell’s brother Sean. You do not have to read Priest or Midnight Mass to read Sinner***





My Book Review:


Just, WOW!!!  I thought I might self combust with the heat from reading this one, talk about heady and erotic, it had me squirming in the most delicious of ways!!!


Sean Bell is a self-made playboy, he’s there to make money and have sex, not with the same woman twice though.  His outlook on life is purely materialistic for his own personal gain.  His younger sister committed suicide and he now doesn’t believe in God because of this, along with the fact his mum has cancer, and no matter how much of his money he throws her way she doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


He meets Zenny Iverson at an event and is immediately drawn to her, where he finds out she is very young, only 21 compared to his 36.  He later finds out that he knows her, but hasn’t seen her for a while, she is his best friend’s sister who he has grown up with, he is astounded by just how beautiful and attracted he is to her, and can’t seem to get her out of his mind.


Zenny had a crush on Sean growing up, and like his sister wanted to become a nun, which is where she is at now, about to start her journey with God.  But she needs to understand just what she would be missing if she commits herself to this path, and convinces Sean to spend a month with her, taking her virginity and showing her everything he knows.


These scenes with Sean talking through with Zenny what he is about to do to her, explaining it, very dirtily along the way, will have your blood at boiling point in a flash!!  Seriously, the way Sierra has written these erotic scenes are just mind blowing and so scorchingly hot they really made me squirm in my seat!!!


Apart from all the sexy scenes, this is a very thought provoking and emotional read, making you re-examine your own beliefs and shortcomings.  On a personal level it was a very difficult read when it came to Sean’s mum and her battle with cancer, her time spent in the hospital, and the poignant and soul destroying scenes as she loses her battle.  My mum died only a couple of months ago in circumstances quite similar, so this had me sobbing!  But it was beautifully done.


Loved from start to finish, unable to put down, full of emotions that had my jaw aching from laughing to tears streaming down my face, this one will also make you think and question your own faith.  I can’t wait to read her new book, Saint, book 3 in this Priest series, due out in September.

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