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Trapped in Sin

Sinner Series Book 1

by Lyndell Williams

Genre: Romantic Suspense







Whoever tore them apart is dead…

Baaz Hamdi is a criminal, but he will do anything for his wife, Rahmah. So, when a setup lands Baaz in jail, his top priority is freedom, so he can have Rahmah back in his arms and in his bed. But to protect himself and his wife, Baaz can’t tell anyone where he is, not even Rahmah. Too many people could use his family against him. All he can do is wait and dream of his wife.

Abandoned with no money and an inconsolable baby, Rahmah grieves over Baaz’s disappearance. All seems lost until she meets a handsome stranger who helps her sort out her life. Despite her love for her husband, Rahmah is alone and desperate. Without a clue whether Baaz is alive, dead, or simply gone, Rahmah decides to end her marriage and rebuild her life.

But Baaz is hell-bent on returning to his rightful place in Rahmah’s bed and her life.


Packed with moral ambiguity, intrigue, and steamy open-door scenes, Trapped in Sin will get your heart racing in more ways than one.


**No Cliffhangers & an HEA**


***Warning: This book contains strong language, sex scenes and elements of violence, and sexual assault.***








Calloused fingers touched the small of her back and pressed into a tender spot that only he knew would flick her on like a light switch. He glided his fingertips across her shoulder. The sensations racing through her and fogging her head were more than real. His caresses ignited a fire inside, made hotter by months apart. His lips hovered close to hers. She stared at them, peeking through his thick beard. He passed a tongue along the bottom. “Sala—”

She grabbed the back of his neck, smashing her mouth to his before any more words could escape. Their bodies were next. He pushed her against the cold shower tiles, feeding the prickling, racking her growing desire. Baaz was home. One hand clenched a butt cheek and the other a breast. She let her head fall back, groaning from the surges of electricity flowing from the hard nipple with each brush of his thumb. He pecked her jaw as she moaned.

“Yeah,” he said through an erotic chuckle, “you happy to see me, Babe?” He made a fiery trail of kisses and nips down her neck that even the water pouring over them had no chance of dousing. She weaved her fingers through his hair as his head descended her body. His tongue took over, teasing her nipple and her into submission. She looked down, watching him lick and suck each, then burying his face between her breasts and pinching them. “Your tits are so beautiful. I dreamed of them every night.” He continued the journey down her torso. Her lower lips throbbed between her shaky legs with each kiss and tantalizing bite. He stopped at the top of them, kneeling on one knee. He peered up, stroking her thighs with a finger. “Open your legs.”


He frowned; his ebony eyes flashed with authority. “You forgot how to listen? Now.”






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Lyndell Williams is an award-winning writer and bestselling author. She is a cultural critic with a background in literary criticism specializing in romance. She is an editor, writing coach and mentor. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals and writes for multiple online publications.


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