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Two Marks Series #1

Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale






We see a female, we want her.

But she’s a wolf biologist prepared to expose us to the world.

We scent a female, we claim her.

Except we can’t claim the one who could destroy our pack.

We touch a female, we give her two marks.

Yet we can’t mark her without sharing everything.

Because in the Two Marks pack, shifters share.

Two cowboys for every mate. If she can ever be ours.

Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale are back with more steamy shifter cowboys! Be sure to read the Wolf Ranch series, then swing by Two Marks, Wyoming because you know it’s going to be hot. Possessive. Wild. Times two. Everything you want in romance… and more.





My ARC Review:


The first book in a new shifter MFM series, I would suggest reading the prequel, Untamed, as a great start to this.

Caitlyn is a wolf biologist and is writing a paper to track wolves and help their numbers. She has heard reports of wolves within the Two Marks pack territory and has requested permission to study the wolves, of course this was denied, but this hasn’t stopped Caitlyn, who is determined in her plan to tag the wolves to help her studies.

Wade is sent from the Two Packs to check Caitlyn out, he immediately recognises his mate, which throws his job out the window. But he does find out she is determined to get on their land, and so him and his scent mate Landry just have to wait for her to arrive.

So there is quite a challenge going on here, especially with Caitlyn being human and she knows nothing about their shifter ways, especially with 2 male mates instead of just the 1, she has a lot to learn. Wade and Landry also have to figure out how to make this work with a human, who is still determined to study the wolves not realising the danger she is bringing to the pack, whilst being protective of her, trying to keep her dream alive, trying to keep their Alpha happy and their pack safe, and successfully branding her with both their bites without killing her, once she has accepted them as her mates!!!

This was a great read with a good storyline with does some good world building for this series. These 2 writers really know how to write a steamy scene, especially with the MFM content, hot enough to melt your kindle! I’m really looking forward to reading more of this series!!






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Two Marks Series #0.5








Two Marks Pack Rule: Always mate in pairs.
I caught her scent when I was on enforcer business.
Knew she must be the one. I brought my alpha back with me.
Because our bloodline mates in pairs.
Two males for every she-wolf.
The one we’re going to spoil and protect.
Carry off to make a home together.
Just as soon as we convince her she belongs to us.

* This short story is a prequel to the Two Marks series. It originally appeared in the Dirty Daddies Anthology!




My Book Review:


A quick and hot read introducing a new shifter pack, Two Marks, who are quite unique in their mating, which is 2 male shifters to their one female mate.

Gibson is an Enforcer for the pack, and caught his mate’s scent whilst on a job. Weeks later he’s back with their pack Alpha, Gibson, to find their mate. Shelby is a female shifter working for extra cash in a strip joint, which does not please the 2 males in the slightest. But Shelby has some issues has some issues which you will find out about that need sorting before she can even think about being with her mates.

I enjoyed this, a good introduction to a new shifter pack, looking forward to reading more from this series.




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