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“Shantel takes us back to the gritty, addictive world of the Dark Kings and it’s as steamy, twisted, and captivating as the first two books in this amazing series.”–Siobhan Davis. USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author


Cross, an all-new dark standalone romance from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Shantel Tessier, is available now!








Have you ever stood next to a fire and felt the heat of it on your skin? Stared into the flames and thought how amazing it would be to be that free? It changes directions with the wind, destroying everything in its wake.


That’s what she felt like.


Alexa was a wildfire that torched everything she touched, and I couldn’t wait to be consumed by her.


She was off-limits. Even though I promised to stay away, I couldn’t resist. She was the spark I had been missing in my life. The fire I craved.


I knew from an early age I was destined to burn in hell, but she was born to walk through fire.




I was single-minded, focused, and independent. Just how my mother raised me. I didn’t have time for anything other than myself and work.


Funny how everything can change in an instant when you least expect it.


A King entered my life. What was supposed to be one night ended up being too many to count.


He was afraid that I’d see his darkness, but I couldn’t get enough of him.


After all, a fire burns the brightest in the dark of night. And it only takes one match to cause total devastation.


Cross is the third standalone in The Dark Kings Series. You are introduced to the Kings in Code of Silence: A Dark Mafia Romance.







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She slides in, and I make my way to the driver’s side. Starting it up, I look over at her. “Where to?” I meant it more as a “where do you live?” but what I wanted to say and the words that actually came out were two very different things.

She looks over at me. “Wherever you want to go.”

That’s an open invitation if I’ve ever heard one. Obviously, she doesn’t want me at her house, or she would have suggested that. “Kingdom?”I question, unable to keep my eyes from dropping to her legs as she runs her hands over her jeans. Her nails are kept short and painted black. She wears a silver banded ring on her right hand. It’s plain yet dainty at the same time.

“I don’t gamble,” she states.

My eyes meet hers. “Neither do I.”

What I have planned for her is much more intimate. I mean, if she’s into a crowd watching, then that’s fine too. I’m not shy.

She laughs, leaning her head back against the headrest, and smiles softly at me. Her green eyes drop to my jeans, and I refrain from groaning at the thoughts that run through my mind. My hand in her hair while she’s bent over the center console with her lips wrapped around my cock …“Kingdom it is.” Not wanting to waste another second, I take off, getting the hell out of here.

We don’t say much during the twenty-minute drive back to the Strip. I keep checking on her to make sure she hasn’t passed out, and every time, she’s looking out the window.

I pull up around the back of tower one, where the Kings and I have a private entrance. Parking the car, I help her out and up the fifteen stairs that lead to a set of black doors.

Her drunk eyes take in the white marble floor and black circle with the gold K in the middle when we enter the building. Lifting her head, she notices the mirrored ceiling and chandelier hanging in the entrance.

Nigel stands behind his black marble desk in the corner. Nigel is our right-hand man. He’s more of a father to us than our actual fathers ever were. Guess it didn’t take him and Titan very long to bury Kenneth. He looks up and smiles at us. “Good evening, Cross. Alexa. It’s good to see you again.” I’m not sure how he knows her other than maybe he met her at Titan’s wedding.

“You too, Nigel,” she tells him as I scan my key card for our private elevator. Only a King has access to it. Other than him, of course. It opens immediately, and we step inside. I have to refrain from ripping her clothes off right here and now. Just a few more minutes and she’s all mine.

It comes to a stop on the Royal level to the suite that the Kings share. But no one will be here tonight. Titan hasn’t stayed one night here since he married Emilee. Grave stays at his house with April, and Bones rarely sleeps. I’m sure he’s at Glass—one of the many businesses he owns that we all pretend we don’t know about.

Stepping into our suite, I turn to face her. “Would you like a drink?”

She places her hands on my chest, gripping my shirt. “I think I’ve had enough.”

My hands go to her hips, and I yank her to me. The thought crosses my mind that this is a mistake. That she’s off-limits to me. I try to think of my best friend and how it would affect him. “I made a promise not to touch you,” I rush out, hoping she pushes me away.

She surprises me by smiling, and it’s anything but innocent. Her pretty green eyes drop to my lips before returning to mine. “I can keep a secret.” Then her lips are on mine.




My ARC Review:


Cross is the 3rd book in this Dark Kings series and boy is this a hot one….. gritty, violent, dark, passionate….. this is not for the faint hearted.

Cross has intrigued me since the first book, with his Zippo lighter flicking, his dark untouchable aura, you just know he has gone through a lot, and in this you get his full background, which gives a great depth of understanding to his character and why he acts and behaves the way he does.

He is not one to be messed with, he destroys anyone that gets in his way, and that applies even more when he finds his Queen, Alexa.

We have met Alexa before, she is the best friend of one of the other Queen’s and as such he has been warned to stay away from her. But the attraction between them proves too much to ignore.

They were both not looking for a relationship, just a one night stand to get their attraction out of the way, but one night would never be enough for Cross, who was filled with a carnal passion for Alexa he could not shake. But she doesn’t know the monster that lives inside of him, and he was doubtful she would stick around once she found out.

Alexa is a hard worker running her own bar, not easily frightened off or intimidated, but she has suffered in a previous relationship and she is reluctant to get involved with a man again. She is a kind hearted soul, having heard rumours about the Kings, but she had no idea just what they are involved in.

Cross and Alexa work really well together, their time together is raw and passionate, both are falling for each other, but neither think they are good enough for each other. You just never realise what you are missing until it is gone.

A great addition to this series, well worth the read.





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