Lee Savino & Tabitha Black ~ Brutal Mate ~ Book Review

Book Review



Brutal Mate

Planet of Kings #1

by Lee Savino & Tabitha Black







One minute I’m walking back home from a nightclub. The next, I’m waking up in a cage.

Abducted by aliens. Given to an alien race. Put up for auction. But instead of being sold to the highest bidder, I’m rescued by one of the Brutal Ones: the biggest, baddest bullies in the universe.

But it’s not a rescue. Not really. My rescuer makes it clear he wants something in return for saving my life…

…an Omega.





My Review:


This was a good and interesting start to a new Omegaverse series, it’s a hot and steamy read, full of the Alpha dominating the Omega, please keep this in mind if you’re up for reading this, if this is not your thing then don’t read it.

Emma is abducted by aliens, given an injection to turn her into an Omega, and it put up for auction.

Khan has heard that there may be an Omega up for auction and has gone to investigate. His planet has no Omegas left and as such are unable to have children, so having an Omega is a big thing for him. His race is nicknamed the Brutal One’s, as he demonstrated when he gets Emma’s scent, and decimates the rest of the auction room to get to her.

Of course Emma is terrified, to find herself in such a situation, to be captured by such a huge brutal alien, but also of her new feelings towards the Alpha male, who she now craves the scent of and has all her lady bits tingling at an alarming rate!

I liked Khan and his desire to do what it best for his people but also to look after Emma in the best way he could. Emma of course does not want to be a brood mare and is decidedly against having children, which is the whole point for Khan. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop and the battles they fought, especially as Emma learned about Khan’s world and how she would fit in.

I’m looking forward to reading more from this series.

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