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It’s a routine mission. Hunt down the ones who dared – dared – steal our sacred procreation metal from us, the rulers of the empire.


The Arrisans conquered Earth in a day. They smashed into our helpless planet like a wrecking ball, and overnight, everything changed.

That’s what our history books say.

The truth is, I’ve never seen an Arrisan face-to-face. But when my lone medical ship is attacked by ruthless pirates, the nightmare that hunts them down is no hero.

Cloaked in assassin’s gray, metal scythes fused to his wrist-bones, he is the grim reaper of the conquerors. The Arrisan elite special forces. A blade.

Luckily for me, he’s in a good mood now that he’s the last man standing in the blood-soaked ruins of my bridge, so he lets me live. After all, I’m just a lesser. Clearly I’m no threat.
Until his body starts reacting to mine…


*** From the author of the Lords of Atlantis and Onyx Dragons comes a dazzling new series full of unique alien shifters, fierce passion, and loyal warriors who find their fated mates in the stars. Each full-length book is a complete romance with an epic happily-ever-after. Claim your conqueror today!






My ARC Review:

This was my first read by Starla, the blurb had me very intrigued and boy am I glad I read this one, gripping from the start, I loved it!!

The first few pages will drop you right in at the deep end, and it’s like what am I reading here?! But plough on and you get the story behind it.

Catarine has an illness that compels her to mate with any male, a fog within her brain that doesn’t lift until she gets her relief. She’s on her way in a space ship with some other females who have the same type of problem to see if there is a cure. But their ship is attacked enroute…..

Sithe is a Blade for the Arrisans, rulers of the empire. He is tracking down pirates who have stolen their precious metal that allows them to procreate. He decimates the pirates on Catarine’s ship, leaving just her……. a lowly human, a lesser.

So this is where the role reversal happens, a bit of dubious consent but this actually works well with the story line. Catarine can’t help herself due to her illness and makes a beeline for Sithe. He is an emotionless assassin, only there to follow orders, but he can’t help but react to Catarine and what her body is doing to him. Catarine can’t believe the effect Sithe has on her, the fogs clears and she can think for herself again, and is not compelled to mount any male walking by!

The more time they spend together the more his body reacts to hers and he starts having weird feelings about her. He shows her all the advanced technologies of his race and she sets about teaching him about emotions and how relationships work.

There’s a lot of action and fighting in this with many different side characters along the way with it being the start of a new series. I loved the connection between Sithe and Catarine and how their bond develops and how they both change over time. Gripping and intense throughout, I was rooting for them the whole way! Definitely worth the read for any Sci-Fi fans, I can’t wait to read more of this series!!






About the Author:


USA Today bestselling author Starla Night was born on a hot July at midnight.

She hikes, scuba dives, and swims naked in the ocean.

She writes about smoking-hot dragon-shifter billionaires and steamy alpha merman-shifters at

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