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The Bookworm Beauties Book 2

by Dawn Edwards

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: October 13, 2021

Cover Design:

Lou Stock @ LJ Designs

Genre: Contemporary romance

Trope: Hate to love, satire, celebrity romance


Dylan Voss – actor, sex symbol, alpha-hole

He has spent years moving away from his teen idol image, building his name and distancing himself from his ex’s public affair.

His misguided trust has left him jaded to people and relationships.

Acting was one of his only solaces and worth the uncomfortable attention and fame.

After filming, he has traveled home to London to sulk further – only to find his place occupied by a fierce little bombshell.

When the world suddenly shuts down, they are both getting more than they bargained for.

He just wants the universe to give him a break, for once!

Cassy Beard – author, survivor, eternal optimist

She has finally received a clean bill of health.

After years of hospitals and treatments, she kicked cancer.

This best-selling author is ready to take on the world.

Using her international promotional tour for motivation, she’s checking cities off her long bucket list – including London.

Being stranded is one thing…

Sharing a flat with a perfect stranger is entirely another.

Could her smart mouth be just what his brooding heart needs?

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Fame was a serious blessing and an evil curse. For me lately, it was leaning towards the latter.

I peeled myself out of bed, turning on the shower as I trimmed my beard further. I knew my make-up crew would be pissed, but there was no way in hell I was about to keep this attached to my face for a month when I wasn’t shooting.

When I was satisfied it was even, I jumped in the shower. My stomach was growling as I was drying off, indicating that I was in serious need of something to eat. I hadn’t worked out how I was going to train. Hopefully, I’d still be able to access the building’s gym, as I was contractually obligated to maintain my body to be ready to film again on short notice. My physical body was a huge selling point in the show. Whoever said that unrealistic body images in Hollywood was a female problem, hadn’t heard the male perspective. It was just as strenuous and hard to maintain. Although, to be fair, I enjoyed working out and looking a certain way, so it wasn’t so much of a hardship for me.

With a towel around my waist, I left my bedroom in search of some food to tide me over until I was able to work out and make a decent breakfast when I saw a sight that made me instantly hard, despite having just jacked off less than five minutes ago in the shower, and once before sleeping last night.

My roomie was doing yoga with not much more than a few stripes of spandex paint on her body. Okay fine, it was clothing, but just barely.
‘What are you doing?’ I snarled, making her falter as I stepped behind the counter so my dick didn’t salute her.

She changed positions, not bothering to look at me. ‘Baking a cake,’ she breathed out, sarcastically, before turning her head to eye me.

‘Yoga, what the hell else?

‘Why?’ I asked, not able to look away from the brilliant show she was putting on, mainly noticing how she was able to bend so well. It was conjuring up all kinds of deviant debauchery in my mind.

She stood up, giving me a side view, and pointed to that perfect ass she had. ‘This doesn’t just happen you know.’

‘Same goes for these.’ I pointed to my abs, hoping she would notice, but she didn’t care to look my way. ‘But why don’t you have any clothes on?’

‘Asks the man wearing nothing but a towel,’ she noted, bending over to a position I knew was called downward facing dog; I only remembered it as it was similar to another favorite position of mine, also with ‘dog’ in the name.

‘This is my flat.’

‘For which I remember paying you a rather large sum of money to rent from you, so it’s safe to say that for the next six days, it’s mine as well. It will be good for you to recall that. And for your information, this is a sports top and shorts.’

Yes, I remembered that large sum of money also – it paid my mortgage for this month. I wondered what she did to afford it, or more likely, what her father did.

I had to force myself to look away and find food. If I stood watching the unintentional show she was putting on, I didn’t know how long I’d be able to physically restrain myself. I was confident she wouldn’t appreciate a pearl necklace to go with her athletic paint.

I needed to get a handle on this situation. I was meant to be pissed at her, but she was like this sassy ray of sunshine, her warmth catching and sexy as fuck.

She was hot. I hadn’t noticed it yesterday as my fury of not being able to be left alone clouded anything else. Last night, when she walked to the bathroom in a cute matching nightdress and cover, I couldn’t help but see her light blue eyes, golden blond hair, and sun-kissed skin. She really was beautiful and carried herself in a way that showed she wasn’t intimidated by me or who I was. Otherwise, she was a much better actor than I – which was likely.

Settling for some cereal and milk, I sat at the island to eat it while I waited for the kettle to boil for tea. The food and drink didn’t distract me nearly enough, and she caught me looking at her a few too many times.


Channeling my brooding self, I laid into her while making my tea. ‘If I remember correctly, last night you said you’d be in your room unless eating or in the bathroom. How about we stick to that? And while you’re at it, please wear some clothing.’ Her eyes hardened when they looked up to me from her position on the floor in the middle of my living room.

‘How about we pretend you’re not a hypocrite, and you follow your own rule of clothing being mandatory.’ She ran her eyes over my body to make a point, but it didn’t seem it did much to her. ‘You were sleeping, and I’m not going to jump up and stop what I’m doing just because you’re clearly uncomfortable that you can’t control yourself from sporting wood in front of me.’ She raised an eyebrow. ‘That towel isn’t doing much to protect the sliver of modesty you still have left. Besides, it’s not like I can go out for a run or surf at the moment. Yoga is the only thing I like and can do at home. That room is too small to stretch out like this.’

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About the Author

Dawn Edwards is an author of contemporary and new adult romance. A lover of all things romantic, Dawn will forever be a reader first.

By day she works in public health – policy and planning. By night she stays sane through writing sexy words, spicy scenes and sassy heroines. Her books have a dash of suspense, because who doesn’t love a good twist?

When not living in her daydreams, she resides in Ottawa, Canada, enduring her husband’s never-ending dad jokes, her daughters unlimited chit-chat, and tending to her plants who don’t talk back – yet!

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