Melanie Moreland ~ Harvest of Love ~ Release Blitz / Teasers / Excerpt / ARC Review

Title: Harvest of Love
Series: Insta-spark
Author: Melanie Moreland
Genre: Contemporary Romance Standalone
Release Date: September 23, 2021
Cover Design: Karen Hulseman of Feed Your Dreams Designs
Cover Photgraphy: Regina Wamba of Exclusive Book Stock

Danica Rawlins


She’s a career woman, constantly busy, under pressure, and in demand. But the job that once seemed like a dream to her now feels more like a nightmare.
When the stress gets too much, she escapes the office and drives, discovering beauty in the wide-open spaces that surround her in the country. Leaving the worries behind, if only temporarily.
The last thing she expected to find was him.
Noah Edwards
He left the big city behind him long ago and forged a different path. One of earth and sky instead of steel and smog. Acres of plants instead of thousands of people.
The day she stumbled into his life, everything changed.
He saw his former life in her.
And when he looked in her eyes, he saw his future.
He was determined to save her.
Show her a life she never dreamed existed—and a love that would enrich them both.



“And what do you do, Noah?”

He grinned. “I pick vegetables and help out pretty ladies in distress.”

I shook my head.

He sighed. “I do a lot of things, Dani. I work in the store, the restaurant, the fields…like I said before, I wear many hats.” He turned to me, his eyes serious. “You thought I was just a stock boy.”

“You sort of let me think that.”

He smiled. “It was rather endearing, to be honest. The way you kept getting worried about me being in trouble.” He lifted his hand, wrapping a long strand of my hair around his finger and tugging it. “I kinda liked that.” His voice lowered and he shifted closer. “I liked the fact that you came back, even if you thought I was just a stock boy.”

“I couldn’t stay away, Noah. I think—” I swallowed, my voice sounding husky even to my ears “—I think you’re too special to be ‘just’ anything.”

He slipped his hand around my neck, his long fingers warm on my skin. “Dani,” he whispered. He ducked his head, his breath blowing over my face. He was so close, his hair was a brilliant kaleidoscope of color around his face, dancing in the breeze. He hesitated, then pressed closer, and my eyes drifted shut as I felt the heat of him against me.

His lips touched mine. Brushed gently, teasing me with his tenderness.

Once. Twice. Then again.




Another nugget of gold from Melanie, seriously I can’t get enough of her characters, they pull you in from the start and won’t let go!!

Dani is only 28yrs old and is the VP of the company she works for, number crunching for business takeovers. Work is all she knows, she has no family to speak of or friends, just work either at home or late at the office. But the stress is getting to her, she starts to have some explainable physical symptoms, to what she puts down to just needing a break from the office, and so goes out for a drive, getting a bit lost and ending up in the country at a farm shop.

Noah and his family run the organic farm shop where they sell produce and products made by the family, and also run small restaurant full of their own products. He spots Dani in the car park and can immediately see she needs some help. He fetches her in and feeds her, being there for her. They have that immediate connection together, one where Dani feels safe and protected.

Noah knows only too well what Dani’s symptoms are, but again knows that only she can do something about them, he can only be there to support and comfort her.

Their feelings grow quickly and Dani is a different person when she is at the farm, and finds all the things in life she didn’t know she was missing…. family, love and acceptance. But Dani thinks this is only temporary and must go back to her office life….

Hooked from start to finish, I loved Noah and his family and how well they all got on together, and how accepting of Dani they were. Noah was so caring and protective of her, loving her and letting her bake to her hearts content, and fill his stomach at the same time lol! She was the missing piece of the puzzle in his life and he was determined not to let her go.

Of course there are some epilogues from Melanie at the end, which are the icing on the cake for me with her books, they complete them perfectly. Not to be missed.


When you want a bit of naughty along with the nice. From NYT Best Selling Author M Moreland are complete standalone reads with one thing in common – lots of sweetness and a guaranteed HEA. Instant attraction, little angst – love and happiness abounds.

While addicted to coffee, and challenged with computer-related and technical thing, she relishes cooking. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys traveling, but finds coming home is always the best part of a trip.

Melanie loves stories, especially paired with wine. She’s learned happily ever afters, even bumpy ones, are all in how you tell the story.


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