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She must choose: her vow to the vampire king, or the man who would steal the throne and her heart…


The Mark of a King by Sloane Calder is your next unforgettable read!




A powerful supernatural king. An innocent vampire determined to keep her promise. And a seductive bargain that may save them both.


Becoming a vampire is the only way to save Lach Lennox from dying of the tripowered disease. But his potential sire wants something in return—her daughter’s freedom and guaranteed safety…until death do they part.


Rose Barclay has been entombed and sedated for so long she barely remembers being alive. Now that she’s free of her grave, she has to make a choice–honor her vow to the vampire king or join the man who would steal his throne. The man who’s slowly stealing her heart.


But as the rules of the supernatural world crumble around them, Lach and Rose find themselves on the brink of a war that could change everything and keep them apart forever.


For fans of classic paranormal romance series like Black Dagger Brotherhood, Immortals After Dark, and Psy/Changeling… with deep character development, intense relationships, and kickass action… oh, and hot sex… Dive into the Natura Elementals series…supernatural mafia romance at its hottest!


**Each book in this sexy-as-sin paranormal mafia series is a standalone romance, but to enjoy the benefits of the overarching series plot, start at the beginning with book 1, The Call of Fire.**


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My Book Review:

The 3rd book in this Natura Elementals series which has been really good throughout so far, and this one is no exception!! This can be read as a standalone, but would be better in my opinion if read in order this series, so that you understand the world and knows just what has happened so far.

This book is based around Lach Lennox, brother of Graham and Elspeth from the previous 2 books, who is dying due to the tri-powered disease. He has managed to stave off the disease and most of its effects, though his family did not know the exact details how, but he was brought home as his time was running out. It turns out that Lach is the rightful heir Fire Magus as well as Rex Sanguinis, this writing having appeared on his back.

He had been kept alive by a vampire up to this point, but with the writing appearing on his back proclaiming him to be the Vampire King, she agrees to turn him in return for her bringing her vampire daughter out of stasis and protecting her. He also has to give up his Fire and Air, in exchange for receiving the 5th element of the vampires, Ether. Lach immediately brings Rose out of stasis as promised, but for what he thinks of will be on a temporary basis.

Lach has trouble balancing his Fire and Ether, both are fighting for control within him and have to learn how to get along together. Rose is brought into this new world after a stasis of over 300 years and has a lot to learn about the new world. They have an immediate connection with each other and Lach finds himself captivated by Rose, but intends to honour his promise and let her go, but this proves extremely difficult the more they get to know each other.

Brilliant characters and lots of different sub plots keep you on your toes with these books!! In this we not only meet vampires but other supernatural beings make their presence known, and not in a good way!! The other main plot in this one is the big disappearance of the witches and their hunt to find them, which involves Flora Lennox, the big Earth natura, which is what the next book is all about, and I can’t wait to read that one. A great series this, well worth the read for any PNR fans!!







Sloane Calder has been an accountant for transformers (not the cool kind), paint ovens, and lingerie before becoming a marketer for baked goods, mincemeat, soft drinks, and fertilizer.

An avid reader all her life, she still thinks there’s no better escape than a good book, especially if hot heroes and superpowers are involved.


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