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Brace yourself for the power of desire.

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The wickedest of warlocks. The noblest of Naturas. A sensual bargain built on lies. And a love that won’t be denied.


Flora Lennox is in love with the enemy. A man who sees her as a means to an end. A man she should despise. A man she should want to destroy — until he gives her the very thing she’s always desired and will do anything to keep.

Samael Byrne’s search for his wife ended in soul-searing tragedy — finding her dead in his driveway. Now, he’s turned his back on his coven, his family, his beliefs. And he’s fallen in love with the very thing he hates — Natura power, and the woman who gave it to him: Flora Lennox.

The woman who should repulse him…except she doesn’t.

The woman he should use and toss aside…except he can’t.

The woman he should never fall for…except he has.

But with their world on the brink of a supernatural showdown, can Flora and Samael risk their troubled hearts to bridge centuries of distrust between two bitter enemies before pride and the relentless pursuit of power destroys them all?


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My ARC Review:


Wow, book 4 in this Natura Elementals series and this one really blew me away!! Enthralling from start to finish, this is the best of the series so far, yet it can still go so much further!!!

This book focuses on Flora Lennox, the Earth Natura powerhouse, who is sent to basically sleep with the enemy by Elspeth, under contract for a month, to stay with the Ivy Born witch Samael Byrne, who in an earlier book attacked Elspeth and Aleron in his desperate search for his missing witch wife Ursula.

They end up communing together in order to up Samael’s power from that of a witch to a Beta Natura, due to the amount of power that Flora possesses. They should hate each other….. he is having to be with another woman apart from his beloved wife in order to try and build his power up to find his missing Ursula, and Flora has been sent against her will really to the enemy camp. Yet they both find themselves falling for each other, though Samael shows none of this to Flora.

Vampires are still a hot topic of conversation in this one, but the main problem to solve is that of the disappearing witches….. Flora decides to take a big step by getting herself kidnapped to try and find out where the witches are being taken. It’s not until he has lost her does Samael realise just how much Flora means to him, enough to make contact with the other Lennox’s to try and find Flora.

I loved these two!!! Flora and Samael on the surface are the most unlikely pairing, yet they turn out to be the most compatible of all, with the deepest of all loves, chemistry off the chart, burning hot passion….. yet none is this is simple, it takes time and involves and lot of heartbreak. Very compelling reading from start to finish, lots of plot twists, drama, magic and battles! It was also great to see many of the other characters from previous books, their story also progressing in time with this one, so again with this series I would advise they are read in order to fully get the most out of these books…. you won’t be disappointed, its a fantastic world with so many more possibilities, I can’t wait to read more!!! Highly recommended reading!!!







About The Author:

Sloane Calder has been an accountant for transformers (not the cool kind), paint ovens, and lingerie before becoming a marketer for baked goods, mincemeat, soft drinks, and fertilizer.

An avid reader all her life, she still thinks there’s no better escape than a good book, especially if hot heroes and superpowers are involved.



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