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Bite Me

Vampire Wardens Resurrection #1

Lisa Renee Jones









Eli Channing was just a man on top of the world, successful, married to Ivy, the woman of his dreams. Then one night, they’re attacked, and she’s murdered by vampires beyond salvation. Eli was saved, recruited to join the elite vampire wardens, a keeper of silence and peace between humans and other beings, but in his heart is the desire for revenge.


Nearly a century later, a woman named Ivy who writes fictional vampire novels appears in his path. This new Ivy stirs familiar feelings and dark primal passion in him. But she’s not his Ivy. Or is she?


Soon, Eli will discover what comes around goes around, and those we are connected to share a bond with us that cannot be broken. As Eli seeks the mystery of this new Ivy’s connection to him, he will come face to face with the vampire who killed his wife. And he will face the hard truth of why she died and how he might be to blame.


In a two part serial, readers will meet Eli’s new family, his vampire family, while they live the passion, danger, and power of guilt, revenge and love lost and found again. Don’t miss Bite Me, the first in what will open up a new world of paranormal excitement and romantic, eternal bonding of mates that you don’t want to miss!






Book Review:


My first PNR read by Lisa, this novella is an introduction into the Vampire Wardens Resurrection series….. this is a short but steamy read with plenty going on to keep you entertained, a bit of background about the characters, and a connection that spans time…..

Eli and Ivy were married with their whole lives ahead of them, when they were attacked by vampires, Ivy was brutally killed but Eli was saved and recruited into the Vampire Wardens, an elite force there to protect the humans.

A hundred years later and the pair meet up again in what appears as a chance meeting….. a woman named Ivy, an author who writes about vampires, coincidence? Eli recognises their connection immediately, he knows this is his wife reincarnated, but she is different as well. Ivy feels an immense attraction to Eli, but is unsure why. He is not able to help her with any memories, she must remember their connection herself.

All the while she remains human she is in danger, as it appears her original murderer is after her again!

A good read, I enjoyed their connection and the chemistry between them, with Eli having to control himself and not force Ivy’s memories. Told in dual POV’s it ends on a little cliffy with a part two of their story to be released, which I am looking forward to.








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