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In Silence She Screams, an intense dark romance with off-the-charts chemistry and captivating emotion from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amo Jones, is out now, and we have an excerpt just for you!






Love will never die if it exists on the lips of death. I often thought about this while I was locked inside my Doll House in Patience. Groomed every second of every day, they made sure to cover all of the darkness lurking in my soul with the false guise of perfection. The soul is fickle. Naked to the public eye and only visible to the owner, a soul bleeds every time it’s put through pain. But when that’s hidden, it spreads. The trick is to protect it from reaching your brain.

It was too late for me.

Until I met them.

One was an Elite King.

One was a Brother of Kiznitch.

Both were liars.

I’m Lilith Patience, The Sorcerer of Death and daughter of one of the most feared organizations known to man. After being thrust into the notorious world of Midnight Mayhem, I found myself coiled around a past that I want to forget and a future that could destroy me. I love two men, and they love me as much as they love each other, but when the demons of my past tighten their grip around my throat, will I finally let them strip away the layers of perfection to get to my rotten, withered soul? Maybe.

Or maybe they’ll die trying.







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He has all that pretty going for him on top of lips that looked pretty fucking good wrapped around my dick. Consider my attention piqued. I was bored with my usual fucking months ago.

I wrap my hand around his chin, directing his eyes up to mine. He doesn’t flinch, completely unfazed. He’s either seen some shit or he’s crazy as fuck. Both work for me. My fingers find their way to the back of his tatted-up neck and over the collar of his shirt.

I squeeze. “You think you’re up for it?”

I watch as something passes over his eyes. I expected him to be confused because that was my intention, but instead I got intrigue? Fear? No. What I got was undiluted mischief.

“I know I am.”

He leans forward, that smirk still on his face. It’s not until his lips touch mine that I realize we’re still standing in the fucking lobby and I need to be on my bike for the triple ring of death. His tongue slips out and swipes my bottom lip. That was pretty much the stupidest shit he’s ever done because now I fucking want him. You can suck my dick and mean jack shit to me. I can not want you but still enjoy seeing my cock choke you to the brink of death.

“What are you thinking?”

Eli’s eyes flick over my shoulder, and I don’t have to see her to know that she’s there. Since my eyes first landed on Lilith, she has let out a kind of frequency that my body is annoyingly attune to.

“Thinking why not make it a party?”




My ARC Review:


Wow, that was a big mind f*** by Amo, a stunning read that will leave your mind reeling!! Book 3 in the Midnight Mayhem series, make sure you’ve read the previous two book for the best reading. This is also a crossover with The Elite Kings Club, which was an awesome part of this book for me!! If you loved Eli in EKC then you will absolutely love him in this!!

Lilith is a stunning character, what she has been through and what she has had to endure is seriously heartbreaking. I loved her though, she comes across as cold and unemotional, calculating and wild, yet she is so broken.

Kyrin is totally unpredictable, chaos at its best, moody and magnificent. When you put him together with Eli or when they are together as a threesome, expect things to heat up rather rapidly. Wow!

A very intense read, raw and thrilling, you think you know what is happening, think again!! Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to have to pick your jaw up off the floor with the ending Amo throws at us!!! Seriously WTF!!! I can’t wait to read more from this series.






Meet Amo Jones

Amo Jones is a USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author whose books have been translated in multiple countries.


She resides in the tropics of Australia with her family, though she’s a born and bred Kiwi who more often than not, misses New Zealand.


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