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Release Date: November 30th



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Featured authors:

L Wilder

Jordan Marie

Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels

K.L. Savage

Cassandra Robbins

Lilly Atlas

Serena Akeroyd

Verlene Landon

Teagan Brooks

India R. Adams




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My ARC Review:


This anthology appealed to me a lot – I don’t always find a lot of time to investigate new authors, so when this came up and I saw all the lovely authors in here, none of which I have managed to read before, I knew this one was for me!! I have read all the stories in here, all of them are very good, of course some I found I liked better than others – having not read any of these before I found some of them very intricately tied with with books already released, so found myself not being able to always keep up with what had happened in these books, nevertheless, I enjoyed every story and would definitely read all of these authors again!


Jagger’s Choice by L. Wilder:
Jagger is sent to prison when his sister’s boyfriend gets abusive with her and Jagger steps in to help her, only accidentally he gets killed! Whilst in prison Jagger has to meet with an anger management specialist, Sophie, who brightens up his days in there. They have an immediate attraction which Jagger plays with pushing her buttons, as Sophie knows there is no way they can have a relationship with him being her client….. but that doesn’t stop her feelings for him. Of course when he is released the last thing she is expecting is for him to turn up on her doorstep! A swoony story with some fantastic attraction here!


Unwilling Protector by Jordan Marie:
Train and his brothers are sent on a mission to find their missing brother Ghost, who turns up in a coma in a hospital bed, the only lead they have is a name on a piece of paper. Drew is Ghost’s sister, and it’s her trouble with an ex-boyfriend that’s landed him in hospital. She knows who Train is when he turns up at her stripper joint trying to sniff out some info, but she is determined to solve her own problems and not get anyone else hurt. But Train has other ideas and can’t get Drew out of his mind, and is determined to claim her no matter what! Wow, this was a steamy hot read full of Alpha growly protectiveness and lots of claiming, a great read!


Montana Lights and Mistletoe Nights by Sandy Alvarez and Crystal Daniels:
Gabriel and Alba are due to have their latest baby anytime now. The girls are at the bar having a night away from things, everything is fine until another MC club rolls into town and makes a beeline for the girls. Gabriel and his crew are there in double time to take care of the trouble, but the club retaliate and so things must get straightened out. A bit of a heartstring tugger this one, I really liked it.


Elle’s Mischief by K.L. Savage:
I struggled with this one a little as its more like an epilogue ending to one of the authors books. Elle is the teenage daughter of Poodles, only recently reunited with her father it seems. The story centers around her, learning to ride a bike, and learning about responsibility within the MC. This one does make me want to learn more about the other members of this MC club though.


Clubhouse Christmas by Cassandra Robbins:
Another one I struggled a little with as its centered around a few different couples and what they’re getting up to in the run up to Christmas in the Clubhouse. I did enjoy reading about the different couples, it does definitely get steamy in this clubhouse, so would like to catch up with these a bit more.


Maverick and Mistletoe by Lilly Atlas:
I did enjoy this one, centering around Maverick and his ex-FBI wife Stephanie. Reading this it seems they have been through a horrible ordeal together in a previous book, which still has Stephanie having nightmares and panic attacks, but that broke them both. This past returns to haunt them as they head to Florida for a much needed get away! Wow, their connection together is super strong and I loved how Maverick was willing to do anything for his wife, the same as she would for him. Some hot steamy scenes, heartbreak and suspense as well, a really good read!


Filthy Sinner by Serena Akeroyd:
I loved this one! Seems to be a cross over from two different series, and I can’t wait to read both of them! Mary Catherine is being forced to marry an older man by her father in the Five Points Mob, but she’s not having any of it and reaches out to her half-brother Sin for help. Sin is out on a job when MaryCat arrives at the Clubhouse, where Digger is on patrol. They both have a quiet thing for each other, having seen each other once previously, that chance meeting making such an impression. Digger comes up with a plan to help MaryCat escape! I loved Digger and his predilection of helping those in need, but he goes above and beyond for MaryCat, who is strong and determined in this, yet innocent in her outlook, I loved their connection! Fab read!!


Trip by Verlene Landon:
I loved this one too! Trip has never been the same since the love of his life cheated on him and they broke up. Jessica is his sister’s best friend and again she left Jessica behind that night and became JJ instead. Trip’s sister sets them both up under the pretense of meeting up with her and her kids for Christmas, when all of a sudden she can’t make it, leaving Trip and JJ together for the first time in years to sort out their problems. Hot, steamy, swoon and heartbreaking, a brilliant read!


Bear by Teagan Brooks:
Bear has been in prison for a long time, and a chance meeting at a cemetery introduces him to Mackenzie and her young daughter. Both have lost their spouses, he is old enough to be her father, but they have a wonderful connection together along with her little girl, who is a bright spark in his life. A touch of drama in this and plenty of swoon.


Hostile Miracle by India R. Adams:
Another great read! Lynx is the young VP who has just rescued Elle from a horrible, evil, rich, powerful and abusive Italian mobster who used and broke her. They’re on the run from him, but he keeps tracking them down. They have a wonderful intense bond together, not really knowing one another, but unable to help their reaction, its very raw! Lynx is the hero bike full of passion and protectiveness for Elle, who is surprisingly strong for everything she has been through. An angsty read that will have you on the edge of your seat!!

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