Claire Marta ~ The Devil’s Plaything ~ Book Review

Book Review



The Devil’s Plaything

Ceasefire #2

Claire Marta








Lust, sex, lies.
I fell in love.
l bled and broke for him.
I foolishly played his game and woke to find he’s not done with me yet.
He’s dead set on stripping everything I am bare.
I’m nothing but his plaything and he’s pulling my strings.
But things are going to be different.
I’m more than an assassin, a monster with a pretty face. I’m his undoing.
I will rise. Seek my revenge. Outwit his deviant schemes.
This time… I plan to win.

*This is a dark erotic paranormal romance and contains certain triggers some readers may not enjoy. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.*






My Review:


Book 2 in this Ceasefire series, and boy I couldn’t put this one down, talk about riveted!! Nothing is what it seems or what you expect in this one, twists and turn around every corner, shocks galore, full to the brim of violence, sex, action and suspense!! What a read!!

After the shock ending in book 1 we pick up the story to a very confused Mavi and it did take me a short while to get my head around it as it was just very unexpected! Mavi just can’t escape from the Devil who wants her heart, he already owns her soul! He wants her to kill his Generals who have turned against him and he will stop at nothing to have her.

She finds herself in a strange place, without any memory and heavily pregnant. The Generals are playing with her and her family in an attempt to win against Lucifer and Mavi is caught in the middle. Even through everything that has happened Mavi is unable to deny Lucifer what he wants, their connection is that strong, but he continues to be the Devil and stomps all over Mavi and her feelings, doing things that seem to benefit himself only. Don’t you just love a bad boy who stays true to his nature!! I really wanted to give him the benefit of doubt in the hope that he had some kind motive in there, but I have real difficulty in believing in him with everything he put Mavi through!

But Mavi is a perfect match for him, the darkness within her reveling in his, their passion is explosive, carnal and raw.

Shocks and surprises galore in this one that kept me on my toes throughout and absolutely riveted to the very end. Bloody, violent, passionate, dark, twisted…. I loved it, didn’t want it to end! Highly recommended reading for any dark PNR fans.

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