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Book Review



From Ashes and Embers

Ceasefire #3

Claire Marta








She’s forbidden.
Temptation personified in a curvy package of sugar and sin.
My one job is to obey the rules.
Keep my dick in my pants and forget the new nanny.
Be a good little soldier as the Devil himself raised me to be.
Problem is I can’t.
I care more than I want to admit.
I’m not supposed to have a conscience. Blood stains my hands and taints my soul.
There’s no escaping the chains that bind us, when duty threatens to destroy us both.



Welcome to Ceasefire, a dark twisted world of boundless love and bitter betrayal. A place where bonds are forged through blood, magic and mayhem.
Demons, Assassins, Angels and fallen Gods are only the tip in a universe that isn’t always black and white.



*This is a dark erotic paranormal romance and contains certain triggers some readers may not enjoy. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.*







My Review:


The 3rd book in this Ceasefire series, and I’m really loving this series, it’s brutal and raw and doesn’t pull any punches, the bad guys are bad and stay bad and it’s brilliant!

They definitely need to be read in order….. the story in the first two books centres around Lucifer and Mavi, being told from their POV. This 3rd book is about Lucifer’s right hand man, Raziel, and Jane, who is the new hired help and Nanny for the new royal baby of Lucifer and Mavi, Juliette.

Jane seems far too innocent and quiet to be in Lucifer’s realm looking after his daughter. The rest of the inhabitants take a dislike to her, apart from Raziel, who has an instant liking to her and her bright and fluffy rainbow unicorn ways. But Lucifer has declared Jane off limits, so Raziel knows he must not cross that boundary.

But Jane is not what she seems, she has a hidden agenda, she is keeping secrets, and if she is not careful Lucifer will fry her to a crisp!!

This one has a softer feel than the previous two books, as Jane’s personality is completely different to Mavi and her ass kicking assassin ways. When Jane is stressed she ends up baking up a storm of cookies, not quite the same as slicing someone to pieces!! But don’t get me wrong, there are some real dark moments in this one as the story progresses, parts of which had my toes curling! Lucifer keeps popping up quite a lot in this one as well, back to his old self with his devious plots and schemes, on the other hand it’s lovely to see him open up with Juliette, you see a side to him you would never thought existed!

Lots of plot twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, and the ending just blew me away! A brilliant series this one, highly recommended for you dark paranormal lovers!

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