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Barbarian Clans of Xavren Box Set
Books 1-3
by Luna Kingsley


Genre: Science Fiction Romance









Barbarian alien warriors will be tamed by love in this thrilling steamy sci-fi romance collection!

This three-book box set includes the following titles:


Untamed Alien (Book 1):

It was my new beginning. Until they gave me to the alien barbarian.

Marion can’t believe her luck when she secures a spot on the first transport to Xavren. It’s like winning the lottery when the Intergalactic Colonist Association (ICA) pledges to provide her with everything she needs to succeed as a founding member of the human colony.

Once she sets foot on Xarven, she realizes there’s more to the bargain. The council expects something in return for their kindness.

Brotak carries the future of his clan on his broad shoulders. With no females, their people face extinction. He does the unthinkable and strikes a deal with the Xavren council. Human women in exchange for his tribe’s rich land.

The first woman is delivered, and all his doubts, plans, and good intentions are discarded in a moment. He’ll claim her, breed her and enjoy every minute of it.


Fierce Alien (Book 2):

He’s forbidden from claiming her.

Lana’s become good at keeping secrets until she meets the barbarian with the searching brown eyes and quiet, watchful ways. With him, she can’t hide anymore. And strangely, she doesn’t want to. She deserves a protector after everything she’s been through.

For Dhacar, there are rules that are not to be broken sent down by the council. He has his eyes on the one who is worth risking everything for. But actions have consequences in this unforgiving place.


Savage Alien (Book 3):

The barbarian is the only one who can save her.

Vrihith will do whatever he needs to do to protect his clan. He’ll put his life on the line and take on any mission—including chasing down a feisty human. Diana doesn’t listen and her choices could mean disaster for the clan and the fragile peace they cling to. So when she sneaks off to the city, he follows her for her own safety as well as the clans.

He should hate her for the trouble she causes but her fire awakens the savage inside of him. Will he be able to break down her walls when he decides he wants to claim her as his own?


This binge-ready collection contains three full-length sci-fi romance stories each with brand new material not found in previous editions. Each book has no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily ever after guaranteed!







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Book Excerpt from Book 1 Untamed Alien

Even though it’s impossible to make out much, my gut tells me something isn’t right. Vultos whines louder this time and the dark shape in the snow moves. It’s a soft, pained sound that cuts straight through me. Within seconds I’m moving forward, grabbing the small, cold bundle. Black hair spills from a hood when I pull her onto my lap. Suddenly I’m staring down at a young, delicate, female face with lips tinted blue from the cold and patches of snow crusted to her skin.

Vultos cries louder this time, snapping me from my state of inaction.

“You’re right, boy, let’s get her on your back and against your fur. She needs warmth…quickly.”

I lift her in my arms but can’t summon the strength to let her go. Instead, Vultos crouches down so I can mount him again while still holding the female tightly in my arms. Her pulse is strong though she’s unconscious, her skin cold to the touch. While I wait for the other two to return I wrap her in one of my extra furs while never letting go of her.

If this is how Chorlo decided to deliver the first female, we’re going to have words. She would’ve died out here if left overnight on her own. His carelessness will be dealt with. I knew better than to trust him in the first place.

The small female groans as she’s jostled about while I work to keep her covered and warm. Vultos begins to pace while we wait for Dhacar and Vrihith to return so we can make haste back to the warmth of the caves.

They’re never going to believe what we found.

My eyes are constantly drawn to her. She’s petite in my arms, looking especially fragile in her current condition. She has thick, black eyelashes crusted with ice and a small nose that is a harsh shade of red from the cold. Even still, she’s solid when I hold her and I have the inappropriate desire to see the rest of her body out of all of these clothes.

I can’t help it—it’s instinct.

And because of the situation with our clan I’ve never seen a naked female, let alone mated with one. None of my clan brothers have either. The few females we have left are the wise women and their mates have long ago passed.

She is the answer to so many of our problems.



Book Excerpt from Book 2 Fierce Alien


Zuvath is the first warrior I encounter along the path. “Get some rest,” I tell him, my voice breaking the uneasy silence around us.

His posture is relaxed as he leans against the side of the mountain, but his eyes are alert. He shakes his head slowly in response to my statement, fixing his attention to the skies around us. “Something is stalking through the skies. Hunting.”

I stare into the darkness, through the flakes of snow. “Drattur?” My bow is in my hands, arrow at the ready. Zuvath stills me, focused on something I still can’t see.

“No. Zexora.”

The zexora are winged carnivores that usually hunt in the surrounding forests. It isn’t often they’re a threat at the mountain. “Hmm. They don’t usually bother coming this far.”

“Thiku disrupted the order of things when he began offering the drattur sacrifices. Who knows what else he did to disrupt the natural flow of nature.”

The first whisper of wings reaches my ears and Zuvath draws his arrows. “At least three of them.” They’re moving closer now. Zuvath whistles a warning to the other warriors stationed on the mountain, but more than likely, they’re already aware of what’s headed our way. A black shadow breezes past our location, sending the falling snow into frantic swirls. My eyes have just tracked the passing object when another appears suddenly—sharp, snapping jaws attempting to take a bite out of me. I rear backward, losing my footing and slip on the snow-covered path.

“Dhacar!” Zuvath shouts.

I’m sliding down the side of the mountain when one of the creatures grabs ahold of me with its claw. I’ve dropped my bow so I reach for my sword, swinging in a swift arc and connecting with something solid. My stomach rolls as I drop, landing hard but at least I’m alive. Arrows whiz through the air around me as the warriors engage with the zexora. I’m about to force myself to my feet when a looming presence behind me gives me pause. The scent of blood hangs on the air. When I turn, black liquid oozes into the snow, dripping from the creatures limb. It stares at me with yellow eyes that glow in the darkness, seemingly assessing my worth.

As I force myself to my feet, it extends its wings and puffs its chest, sharp points visible along its thick skin. More arrows fly, the scent of death pungent in my nose. Adrenaline fuels me, though, as much as my desire to protect Lana who still sleeps inside the mountain, blissfully unaware of the dangers that surround us.

Might as well get this over with.

With a cry, I raise my sword and attack the zexora. I’ve fought many creatures in my time in this place, but never one-on-one with one of these. It favors using its sharp teeth so I’m forced to defend myself for the beginning. It isn’t until it grows frustrated that I seize the opportunity to strike near its wing. Quick slices before pulling back and getting out of the way of its jaws. An arrow strikes it in its neck, giving me a chance to cause damage to its chest. I slice my arm along its spikes, but bury my sword deep, a high-pitched scream escaping the creature as it scurries backward.

Finally more of my brothers appear, joining me in the fight. When the zexora lies still in the snow and the skies are quiet once again, I allow the fatigue to sweep through me as I fall to my knees in the snow.

“You need medical attention,” someone says.

My arm isn’t cooperating. It hangs limp at my side, blood dripping from my fingers. Still, we succeeded in protecting the mountain. Most importantly, Lana is safe.









This was my first read by Luna, and this 3 book set ticked all my boxes….. sci-fi / hot alpha barbarians / aliens, coupled with an exciting read and good world building.

It starts with the 3 heroines of our books – Marion, Lana and Diana – 3 sisters who have volunteered to help set up the first human colony on Xavren, escaping from under their father’s horrible ways at the religious cult where they lived on Earth. They were promised to have jobs and homes, little did they know they were being sold off to become mates!

On arrival at Xavren they are shepherded into a confine with little shelter from the snow and cold. Marion is lured away from the shelter by one of the leaders that brought the humans there and attacked. Luckily the leader of the barbarian clan, Brotak is already on his way to see how the humans are faring and finds Marion barely alive in the snow. He didn’t know what was going to happen to the first female his clan was promised, but upon seeing Marion he knew he was claiming her for himself.

Things don’t go massively well for our first couple! Brotak and his clan have nearly no females, none of mating age, and he does not know what to do with her. Both Brotak and Marion have never been with another, both are virgins, and both know next to nothing about how a relationship works. Brotak gives in to his barbarian side and takes Marion without much thought, of course he regrets it afterward, but they have a lot to learn together!

In book 2 Lana ends up pairing off with Dhacar, who is Brotak’s right hand man, and in book 3 Diana ends up with Vrihith.

All 3 books are different, with each of the girls having a different background story, pairing up with 3 very different barbarians. There is a common theme running through the books with the barbarians claiming their mates, but being very protective and sweet with them also, with lots to learn along the way. I loved the world building and the alien predators on this world, along with the different clans and how they were separate from the city and its leaders. A thoroughly enjoyable read for me, I look forward to reading more from Luna.




Brutal Alien
Barbarian Clans of Xavren Book 4







I hate everyone but her.


It has been a year since the second transport of humans arrived and trust is in short supply. They keep to the settlement, determined to create their own community without the untrustworthy aliens who got them into this mess. All of them except for Ellen. She breaks the rules for me—sneaking out to hunt together, riding our komoth and even hiding away in secret caves where she lets me touch her secret places.

I want her but no one knows what we get up to when we’re alone. If we were discovered, it could ruin the fragile peace between our kind.


I’ve always been a people pleaser and that personality trait extends to Xavren. The barbarians are my friends but so are the humans. They rely on me. They count on my leadership. If I mated with a barbarian, they would see it as the ultimate betrayal to what we’ve accomplished and what we’re striving toward.

Zuvath has taught me how to survive here. Always the brooding grump, he’s different with me—correcting my bow form when we hunt, watching me closer than he needs to, saving the best pieces of meat for me. Somehow he’s become more important to me than anyone else…and I can’t tell a soul about it.

When we stumble on a foolish plan by the humans, we’ll use our strong bond to try to prevent disaster.

Brutal alien is book four in the Barbarians of Xavren Series. It is a steamy sci-fi romance, no cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA guaranteed! It can be read as a standalone.







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Luna Kingsley writes steamy sci-fi and paranormal romance. She lives for happy endings, a high level of steam mixed with a little bit of sweet. When she’s not writing she’s attempting to keep up with her two active boys on all their adventures. With her faithful rescue dogs at her side, she’s dreaming up “out of this world” romances with irresistible sexy aliens.


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