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Riley’s Biker

Royal Bastards MC
by Misty Walker
Publication Date: February 25, 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance





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From USA Today Best-Selling author, Misty Walker, comes the next book in her standalone RBMC series, Riley’s Biker: An Age-Gap, Motorcycle Club Romance.

It was supposed to be one night.
A quick-release before I went on my way.
So I’m not surprised when I wake the next morning to find the girl with the owl eyes gone.

But I am surprised to find something else missing.
My cut.

For a nomad like me, my cut means everything.
It’s more than leather and patches.
It’s who I am.
And she stole it.

The Royal Bastards are notorious for their brutal payback,
and Riley has earned her punishment.

It takes five years to track her down, my anger growing with each passing day.
Except when I finally do, I discover my cut wasn’t the only thing she walked away with.
There’s a little girl with all my features except one.
Those big owl eyes I can’t seem to forget.

My rage burns brighter, and my plans change.
I’ll still make her pay.

But how far can I take it when my enemy is the mother of my child?


*Riley’s Biker is the 4th book in the Reno Chapter of the RBMC. Each book stands alone but has interconnecting characters.
**Riley’s Biker is a dark romance with mature themes. Please check my website for a list of triggers.



My ARC Review:

This was the first book I’ve read in this series and found it easy enough to read as a standalone without getting lost in the who’s who and who’s done what before! A gritty, raw, age gap, mc read full of violence and a dirty talking alpha biker.

Coyote is a nomad biker, not patched in with any particular MC group, but not for lack of them asking. He has suffered loss growing up and has PTSD from a horrific incident that continues to plague him. As a result he lives outside in a tent and does not like to go indoors too often. He meets Riley one night after she has visited the MC where he is currently camped out, she’s upset and he goes out to help her. They have an immediate connection and she ends up staying the night in his tent before leaving before its light, taking his cut with her.

Fast forward 5 yrs, she’s now a single mum and finds herself embroiled in the lives of 2 rival MC clubs. Coyote has never forgotten her and has been looking for her since, telling everyone that he needs to find the woman who deceived him and stole his cut, like stealing a piece of him. In reality Riley has never been far from his thoughts, but for other reasons.

I enjoyed this MC read, there are lots of different characters in here all making up the bones of a great story. Coyote and Riley are made for each other and their chemistry is off the chart, they are opposites with her innocence and his very dirty talking mouth, but they fit together well. Lots of violence, some of it quite nasty, with red hot steamy scenes. A good read, I would definitely read more of these.







About the Author

Misty Walker is a romance author with books in multiple subgenres, including gay, biker, and contemporary.

She’s been in the book and audiobook industry for many years, though she’s only been publishing since 2019.

Misty currently resides in the high desert of Reno, NV with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys camping in her comfy travel trailer, reading, and writing.

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