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Book Review



Gibson’s Melody

Last Score #2.5

K.L. Shandwick






This novella compliments Gibson’s Legacy and Trusting Gibson (Last Score Series).

They say the past always catches up with you… For a guy like Rock God, Gibson Barclay, it wasn’t totally unexpected.

Everyone always knew living down the kind of legacy he’d created for himself was never going to be easy. But just when he thought there were no more skeletons to find, his wayward past raises its ugly head and sets his mind reeling.

Historically, nothing and no one had ever fazed this hotter than Hell rock star, but that was back in the days when he only had himself to consider.

Never one to shirk his responsibilities, Gibson takes the shocking news in his stride, but faces hurting the one person he loves above all else. When he shares his secret, can the love of his life cope with the inevitable changes to their daily lives and how can he balance his new responsibilities while managing to maintain the hard earned trust of his woman? .


˃˃˃ Series: Yes ˃˃˃ All Series Books Released: Yes


This story contains sexually explicit material, mature subject matter, and is intended for individuals over the age of eighteen.







My Review:


A novella in the Last Score series, where we catch up with Gibson and Chloe, now married, as Gibson’s past catches up with him once again.

Gibson and Chloe are as strong as ever in this novella, she is his whole world and the only person to really see him as he is. Chloe is still working through her own insecurities but knows deep down just how strong they are together as a couple.

Of course life throws some spanners in the works as usual – Chloe works hard for the foundation that her and Gibson run for abused mothers and children following on from her own abusive past. Piper becomes a part of the family as a result of this foundation – she has a heartbreaking story but Gibson and Chloe step up for her and become her family.

Gibson’s past catches up with him at one of his gigs – a woman from his past appears with a small girl who looks just like Gibson’s mum, and has his eyes. This is soul destroying news for Chloe, as she has fertility problems due to her abusive past. Another hurdle for them to get over, but they get through it in their own unique way.

A steamy little novella that will pull at your heartstrings, a great little addition to this series.

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