Kathy Lockheart ~ Fatal Cure ~ Release Blitz / Teasers / Trailer / Excerpt


Title: Fatal Cure
Series: Secrets and the City #2
Author: Kathy Lockheart
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 31, 2022




Hunting the enemy is dangerous. Falling for him is deadly.



An aspiring DEA agent has one goal in life: to dismantle the drug organizations that destroyed her family. A drug kingpin has two rules that keep him alive: never get caught and never fall in love. Too bad for him, she’s about to break them both.


Fallon’s a survivor who will stop at nothing to catch the drug criminals that decimated her family, but when she lands the opportunity of a lifetime and joins a DEA task force, she uncovers the shocking truth about her past and realizes the criminal kingpin she’s hunting is closer than she ever imagined…
Dillon has a lot of enemies—enemies that would hurt anyone he cares about if he makes a mistake. Thus, he has two rules: never fall in love and never get caught. But when he’s rescued from certain death by a captivating woman named Fallon, he has no idea that she’s about to break them both or that they’ve become a target of the world’s most dangerous criminals.
Worse, a ruthless drug cartel makes a horrifying move that puts the lives of thousands of civilians, and the fate of the entire country, on the line. And time is running out…


Fatal Cure is Book 2 in The Secrets and the City series, which is made up of full-length standalone romantic suspense novels with no cliffhangers.




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I crossed my arms over my chest and said, “You beat up Proctor.”


Dillon wiped his nose with his thumb. “I’m sure whoever did it wanted to do far worse to him.”
“That’s not a confession.”
“Confessing a crime would put you in an uncomfortable position.”
I frowned. “I told you I hit him first.”
“I’m sure the only relevant fact to whoever did it was that he laid hands on you.”
“Strange that whoever did it was smart enough to leave no bruises on his face to avoid drawing unwanted attention to it. And even stranger that Proctor didn’t report it,” I said.
“A lot of guys feel embarrassed after getting their ass kicked.”
“He could change his mind,” I warned.
Dillon locked his steely eyes with mine. “Perhaps the assailant wore a ski mask. So that scumbag didn’t see his face.”
I glowered at him. “I don’t need you to fight my battles for me.”
“I know you don’t need me to,” Dillon said. “But anyone who messes with you can expect to deal with me.”


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Kathy Lockheart is an author of Romantic Suspense novels. Her books–which have a unique blend of emotional elements typically found in women’s fiction and the romance and danger elements found in romantic suspense–contain themes that include dark romance antiheroes, enemies to lovers alpha tropes, and forbidden romance angst. When she’s not writing, you can find her silently cursing the person who put fluorescent lights in dressing rooms.



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