Author Book Signing Event ~ Tattooed Bad Boys, York



Tattooed Bad Boys 2022

York Race Course

23 April 2022



So, just catching up with my Author Book Signings, I will have gone to 3 different signings in 3 months by the time I am done, whew!!  Keep an eye out for a big Summer Giveaway in the coming couple of months for items kindly donated by authors to give away to my readers!


This one is always a good signing to go to – it’s a nice, relaxed atmosphere, plenty of time to see everyone and actually have a chat with the authors, without being worried just how much of a queue there is behind you.


It was a lovely day and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone for the first signing since COVID struck, we had a good catchup with people I had previously met and a chat to the authors that I hadn’t met before.


I have posted some photos below with the authors I got to see on the day.





Author Stephanie Hudson




Author Samantha A. Cole




Author S.R. Watson and Author/Model Ryan Stacks




Model Drew Truckle




Author Catherine Wiltcher




Author Jessica Ames




Author Brooke Summers




Author Natasha Preston




Natasha brought a cut out model of Tom Hardy, who could resist a photo with him?!




Author James Grey




Author K.L. Shandwick




Author Krissy V




Author Chelsea McDonald




Author C.N. Marie




Author Annie Dyer




Author Harper Phoenix




Author Karen Proudlove with her PR lady from Bare Naked Words




Author Vicki James




Author Lynda Throsby




Author Claire C. Riley




Author A.S. Roberts





Author Emma Luna



I had both my daughter’s with me for this signing, Liane is my sidekick to every author signing and I couldn’t do it without her – but we also brought my youngest daughter along to this one as she wanted to know just what it was all about, and this being such a relaxed and easy-going signing was a great way to break her in, she had a great time!



So we made a girls weekend of our time away in York and stopped over for the night, going out for food and drink after the signing and then spending some time going around York and looking at the attractions and shops.



I try to review everywhere I go on Google, so I have put my review and my photos for everywhere we visited below for you to see, have a look at my Google reviews!!





This was my type of place!!  Rustic and charming, lots of different drinks available, I loved the mead selection, we tried a couple of different ones and they were really tasty!  Great rock music playing in the background, children are allowed in until 8pm.  We didn’t try any food but saw other people eating and it looked good!  Would definitely come back, worth a visit if you’re in York.






This is a fabulous Italian restaurant with top notch food and drink right in the middle of York.  It gets very busy, I would advise you to pre-book!  As well as seating inside there are seats outside with heaters.  Staff were friendly and courteous and the service was great.  The food we had was absolutely delicious!  I would definitely come back here to eat again!





Didn’t have the time to go inside on this visit, but highly recommend you do if you get the chance, it’s stunning inside!!  There is a beautiful garden attached that you can walk through – you wouldn’t know you were smack bang in the middle of a city in there!  Great place to sit and chill for a little while.  I love the gargoyles on the cathedral, they always fascinate me!






Definitely worth a trip here, but it does get very busy!!  Lots of great shops and boutiques, some very unique and quirky ones!  I love the architecture and the history of the area!  There are guides who will walk you about giving you the history.  The food area is great with plenty of choice and seating areas.  The market stalls are as fab and unique as the shops and are well worth wandering about having a browse.





One of the unique shops in the Shambles, if you want a quirky gift or a reminder of your trip to York then this is the shop for you!  Ghosts are made here, each individually made, they come in two sizes and each is different in the colour markings.  The story behind the gift, the shop experience, the shop workers dressed up, picking your ghost – all of these makes up this shopping experience.  It’s literally just one room, so of course there are only so many customers allowed in at once, so you could well be queuing to get into this shop – our wait time was around 30 mins, depends on how busy it is at the time.  I loved it, thought it was a great selling idea and a unique memento to take home with you!





They sell the best fudge in here!!  Loads of different flavours – the smells from the shop as you walk past entice you in!  Vegan fudge available here as well.  It’s a bit more expensive but worth the money for the quality.





Not every city has ancient walls you can walk around!!  Great scenery away from the bustling crowds.  Be a little mindful though, some places have a drop at the side without any fencing so keep an eye on any children you have with you!  A great way to get into the city centre, easy enough to do a full lap as well, some steep stairs along the way.



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