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by Kara Kendrick

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Release Date: June 15, 2022

Cover Design:

Cormar Covers

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Military Romance

Trope: Second-chance-at love, grumpy-sunshine, small-town


Broody. Grumpy. Wounded.

After my last Army Special Ops operation implodes, I find myself medically discharged and alone. The fun bonus? Divorce papers from my ex.

All I own in this world is a boat anchored in small-town Starlight Bay. I figure I’ll hole up for the summer while I plan my next move. The last thing I expect is to fall for my customer on the first day of my new construction job.

She’s a curvy ray of sunshine and I have no business being with her—she’s too young, too sweet, too innocent. But the more time I spend with her, the harder I fall.

I should definitely walk away before we both end up getting hurt. Only problem? I’m in too deep and she just might be the one who can heal me.

The Heart of the Wounded Hero series was created to pay tribute to and raise awareness of our wounded heroes. Each of the over sixty authors involved have contributed time, money, and stories to the cause. These love stories are inspiring and uplifting, showing the sacrifice of our veterans but also giving them the happily ever after they deserve.

By increasing awareness through our books, we believe we can in a small part help the wounded heroes that have sacrificed so much.

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Seeing that asshole pawing at Willow really pissed me off. I probably should have tried to control my temper better, but I figured at least the creep learned a valuable lesson. He’d definitely think twice before getting into a woman’s personal space; he was lucky I hadn’t broken his bony little chicken arm.

Adrenaline still pumped through my veins as we walked through the square, heading towards Willow’s house, her soft curves tucked up against my body.

“This is me,” Willow said, pointing at a white-and-turquoise bungalow in the neat row of buildings.

The house looked like Willow, even from the outside, bright shutters popping in the moonlight and window box planters overflowing with hydrangeas. Even Willow’s house was cheerful.

Damn, what was I doing? Our personalities couldn’t be more opposite, yet I was drawn to her like a bee to honey.

As we reached the front door, she turned to face me. With her chin tipped up, her copper eyes sparkled in the soft glow of the porchlight.

“I had a great time tonight.” Her voice came out breathy, my entire lower body coiling and tightening in response.

“Me too.” I reached out, pushing a stray lock of hair from her eyes and tucking it behind her ear, her skin smooth beneath the rough pad of my finger.

I wanted this girl more than I’d wanted anyone in a long time.

I should definitely go. Get the hell out of here before I made a huge mistake.

I leaned in, pressing my mouth to hers gently. She melted into me, sighing, her hips swaying up against mine. She tasted sweet and savory, like how I imagined hot desire would taste, and I knew right then I had to have her.

“You want to come in?” she murmured, her words vibrating against my lips.

My cock twitched in my pants. Yes, I most definitely wanted to come in.

I nodded. “Sure.”

Willow unlocked the door, taking me by the hand and pulling me inside. She flipped on a light, locking the door from the inside.

“Glad to see you lock your door.”

“Habit from living alone. Plus, creepy guy freaked me out a little. I’m glad you walked me home.”

“No problem. If you’re ever worried about anything, call me. Anytime, night or day. I mean that.”

“Thanks,” she said, her cheeks flushing pink. She took off her jacket, laying it over the back of the couch. “You want something to drink? Want to watch TV?”

“Not really,” I said, stepping towards her, reaching for her hips. I pulled her body into mine, close enough to hear the breath catch in her throat right before I smashed my mouth up against hers. A soft hum of want escaped her lips, so I knew I’d read the room correctly.

“I want you,” I murmured, teasing her lower lip with my tongue. She answered by opening to me and I slipped into her mouth, exploring, while my hands roamed from her hips to her ass.

“Such a great ass,” I said, squeezing gently. She giggled, a light, sweet sound, sending a rush of blood straight to my cock.

Her hands fisted in my T-shirt, then wound their way around the back of my neck, lightly feathering my hair. Bolts of electricity tingled down my spine under her touch as she stroked my skin; my body was on fire and had chill bumps at the same time.

“I don’t usually do things like this,” Willow said, drawing back to gaze up at me, her pupils wide and dark with lust.

“Me neither.” I traced the outline of her cheek, down the creamy skin of her neck, out to her shoulder, then dropped my lips to kiss a lone cinnamon freckle. Her eyes fluttered closed at my touch and I rained kisses all the way down her arm, down her hand and out to the tips of each her fingers.

“Knox.” My name rolled off her full, pink lips, and it was the sweetest fucking sound I’d heard in a very long time.

“Willow.” My voice was rough, gravelly with need.

“Will you stay here tonight? With me?”

Her request caught me off guard and my heart rate surged into overdrive. I hesitated for a quick beat before answering. “Yes.”

Willow linked one hand in mine, clicked off the light, then led me through the shadows back to her bedroom.

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About the Author

Kara Kendrick writes fun and flirty Contemporary Romance destined to give you all the feels. A reformed English major, she also has a master’s in counseling and was an elementary school counselor in her pre-mom life.

She loves the beach, wine, and rock hard abs, not necessarily in that order. When she’s not dreaming up Happily Ever After’s, you can find her chasing after her boy-girl twins, working out semi-hardish, or walking her adorable Shiba pup with her husband, who’s not too bad himself.

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