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by Naomi Springthorp

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: August 3, 2022

Cover Design:

Irene Johnson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope: 90’s throw-back romance, age-gap, searching for love, online dating, abandoned love


The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Though, as you’ll see, none of us were innocent.

I was an online junkie. But, my antics didn’t stay in the chat rooms. I was part of an online community that went rogue, real world, known by your face and not just your handle.

I’d like to say this is the first of a few encounters I was involved in. That would be a lie. From the motorcycle riding cutie with bad timing to the unexpected rock band manager—you’ll meet them all.

My goal was to have fun. I lived for the excitement and adventure. It was all my journey that lead me to where I belong.

This is where my confessions begin…

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When we got back to his loft, I ran for his bathroom and turned on the faucet. I found the right temperature and added bubbles. I placed candles around the room and lit them, and I mean I used the whole box of twelve. The room was lit up romantically. I stripped quickly and tied my hair up in a knot. I leaned in his bathroom doorway naked and gazed at him with intent, “Can you start some music in the bathroom and join me?” I catch myself biting my lower lip.

“I’ll be right in.”

I carefully slid into the deep tub and sank down into the bubbles. The music came on and Martin joined me in his bathroom. “You can’t wear clothes in the tub.” He laughed under his breath while he stripped and grabbed the condoms from his bedroom. “Will you put one of those on before you get in the tub, please?” He glared at me funny and did as I asked. I pulled my knees up to my chest, making room for him to get into the tub and watched him get settled in the warm water.

“The problem with this is that you’re way over there. I can’t kiss you from here.”

“I was just waiting for you to get in the tub.” I said as I move to his end, straddling him and kissing him while I make sure the condom stayed on. I hold it in place and slide down onto his hard cock, that’s getting harder as I take control. Once I’ve taken him all the way, I grind against him and kiss him. This is what I wanted. I don’t understand why certain things do it for me. Something about this man being in control of so many things and leading the life he does. Aware that he’s tired of industry people and trusts me to be in his life. He’s sensual and real, and he needs the same thing. He deserves to be wanted. I move on him slowly while I suck and nibble at his lips. My hands in his hair until my arms get cool and then I explore his chest. His hands unable to decide if they want to splay across my back and hold me to him or rest on my hips. I keep it slow—this is about the long make out session, and having him hard inside me simply makes it better.

“You’re beautiful, Kate. I’ve never been with a woman like this. You’re real and you want me, maybe as much as I want you.” He stopped and searched my eyes. I could read the thoughts in his head and I didn’t want to hear them. I’m not prepared to go there, but I do want him and there’s obviously something else between us whether I wanted to admit it or not. I answer him with my body, moving on him faster and squeezing him inside me while I kiss him passionately—essentially taking his words away. He responded with his hands on me. One holding the back of my head so he could devour me with his kiss and the other circling my clit perfectly and in time with my hips grinding against him. He pulled his feet back underneath him and I wrap my legs around him as he took control and leaned me back to my end of the tub, needing to be in control. He pushed into me over and over, harder and harder. The water moving around us like a tidal wave with every stroke. Martin claims me completely, moving his mouth to my neck and sucking gently. My breasts floating draw his attention and he takes my nipple in his teeth, sucking it into his mouth and sending me over the edge in pleasure out of nowhere.

“Martin!” I have a hard time breathing and I’m cumming hard around him.

“Oh fuck! You feel like… oh fuck, Kate.” He grabbed me and held me tight to him. “Be mine, beautiful.” Then quieter, “I never do this. I think I’m falling for you, Kate.”

I pretend I didn’t hear him and I’m lost in the sex, simply grasping for him while we come down. I want to tell him it’s just sex, but his face tells me that it’s more. He’s lost. He’s needed someone like me in his life. He needs real balance and I’m that for him. He’s had too much of the fake industry people and babysitting adults that should be able to take care of themselves, but then I guess they wouldn’t need a manager would they. I’m real. I don’t fit in with those industry people, but I can get along with almost anyone and I’m intelligent enough to handle conversation. When I think about it, I’m what he needs. Is he what I need? I don’t need anybody. I prefer to be self-sufficient and independent, but sometimes the L word creeps into my head or maybe an off the charts sexual connection and I think it might not be bad to be in a couple. Risking my heart isn’t an option. It hasn’t had time to heal. I’m lost and should pump the brakes. I need it to be real before I go there and Martin is too close to an unreal world for me to take that chance so quickly. Okay, so maybe my heart is leaning that way, but I can fight it. Right?

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About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author Naomi Springthorp is a born and raised Southern California girl. She’s a baseball freak who supports her team all season long and blatantly admires the athletes in those pants. Music has always been part of her life and she believes everything has a soundtrack. She loves her two feline fur babies, though they’re not quite sure what to do with her.

She writes Baseball Romance, Romantic Comedies, 90s Throwback, and Contemporary Romance–all with heat and sometimes a little sweet.

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